Secrets to Success

John-Paul Micek

Release profits
that are hidden
in your business

Ever knock down a row of dominoes? Want to know what that has to do with creating reliable profit-generating systems in your business? Everything! Let me explain.

Knocking down a row of dominoes is a chain reaction, right? You just tip the first one over and they all fall down. The first domino leads to the second, the second to the third, and so on. No matter how many are in the row, or where the row might turn, knocking the first one over is all it takes to knock them all down. It's easy, right?

The hard part is getting the little buggers set up the right way. It takes hours, A certain amount of practice and skill is required to build elaborate rows, yet a child can set it in motion in the blink of an eye if it's been built right. Properly built, tipping over the first one triggers a process that can't be stopped! It's the same thing with reliable systems in your business.

If you've been in business providing your clients' services or products for at least six months -- you already have the resources needed to create profit-generating systems in your business. You just need to identify and detail the systems already in place. Then, fine-tune them for optimal performance. If you don't, you'll always be struggling to reinvent the wheel while you eke out sub-par profits.

What's the first step?

First, let your business coach know what you'd like to do. He or she has the expertise to guide you step by step throughout the entire process. Here's where you can get started today.

I want you to stop thinking about your company as one business. Instead, see it as six small companies -- six key areas that determine your ultimate level of profitability, success and freedom. Ask yourself how you're doing in the following six areas:

1. Personal Performance (What are you doing to consistently perform at optimal levels?)
2. Marketing (How do you reliably attract qualified prospects to your front door?)
3. Sales (What process do you use to convert qualified prospects into paying clients?)
4. Client services (How do you ensure that paying clients are transformed into raving fans?)
5. Team building (What procedures do you have to recruit, retain and motivate peak performers?)
6. Leadership (How do you accurately communicate the vision/goals of your company in such a way that it motivates every member of the group and sets your team up to win?)

Now, simply take the six keys and put each one at the top of its own page. Write down as many repetitive procedures performed in each area that you can think of. Keep these pages close by for the next five days, adding to your lists as things "pop out" at you.

Next, ask the most trusted people on your team to do the same thing. This is the first step in developing powerful systems for your business. When it's done, you'll have pulled your dominoes out of the box and you'll have the pieces you need "to play" (oops, I mean "to profit.").

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John-Paul Micek is a small-business strategist
and chief operating officer at RPM Success Group.
Reach him at
or toll-free at (888) 334-8151.

Deborah Cole Micek, chief executive officer
of RPM Success Group, is a business success coach
and life strategist. Reach her at
or (888) 334-8151.


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