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Fire them all and let others have their jobs

Get replacements for the striking bus drivers quickly. There are many people who would love to have the jobs of bus drivers (and the pay).

Get rid of the greedy drivers and the union goons.

Donald Allen

City, state squander vital funds on fun

The only thing missing from University of Hawaii football coach June Jones' state contract was the promise of 72 virgins in paradise ("UH unveils Jones' current contract," Aug. 19). It's a sharp contrast to what's being offered to bus drivers.

Mayor Harris is Hawaii's own Marie Antoinette. While city infrastructure crumbles and core services are cut to the bone, the mayor says, "Let them eat Brunch on the Beach."

Government should stop spending so much time, money and resources on entertainment and get back to business.

Holly Huber

At least Jones earns it, not like our politicians

Leave June Jones alone already. It's his good luck that he's receiving the kind of money he's getting. I say more power to him!

I can't see paying these useless politicians we have in office who do nothing for the taxpayers but give them grief and who fatten their own pockets at our expense.

A.B. Kamahele

He was great, but not American

Libraries are supposed to be one of those few places where patrons can leisurely peruse books of fact and fiction, a place where learning and knowledge are paramount. Knowing this, I would see America's library, the Library of Congress, as the mecca of such places. While doing some research on LOC's Web site, I came across a section named "Meet Amazing Americans." I decided to take a look and see who had made the list. Along with famous names like Thomas Jefferson and Cesar Chavez, I was surprised to find a name I did not expect -- King Kamehameha I.

As a sanctuary of literary and historical data, I think the LOC needs to do some fact finding. Without belaboring the history, King Kamehameha I died in 1819 and Hawaii wasn't illegally annexed to America until 1898. In short, I don't see how King Kamehameha I can be considered an "Amazing American" when he passed more than 70 years before the annexation. I will, however, agree that he is surely a notable Hawaiian.

Lopaka Purdy

Neighbor isle gas prices are through the roof

The newspapers' gas price listing never includes prices on the Big Island. On Highway 111, between the 80-mile marker and Kailua-Kona, the three gas grades sell for $2.30, $2.40 and $2.50. I never hear a word from our legislators about this outrage.

Our Republican governor, whose administration is top-loaded with former Chevron/ Texaco employees, refuses to sue Chevron/Texaco for the $563 million it owes Hawaii.

No wonder we invaded Iraq. We've sold all of our own government to special interests and need to increase our inventory.

Robert G. Devine
Ocean View, Hawaii

Dial 'M' for money to re-elect Bush

It's so wonderful to see the Republican Party and President Bush have decided to support the American economy by using a phone bank in India to make fund-raising calls. To Americans. For money for Bush. For his re-election.

Of course, considering how well they've managed the economy so far, it's no surprise.

Denny McPhee


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