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Maybe the bus strike isn't so bad after all

Submitted with aloha, here are some observations in my Ala Moana business and residential neighborhood concerning Day One of the bus drivers' strike:

>> No clogged intersections at Ala Moana Boulevard and Atkinson Drive, Hobron Lane, Kalia Road or Kalakaua Avenue.

>> Not a single bus was seen running the red lights at these intersections.

>> Full taxi cabs were on the streets, instead of a herd of empties violating every traffic law.

>> Traffic actually flowed from 3-7 p.m. to and from South Street to Kalakaua Avenue.

>> People who used their turn signals were welcomed to merge with no huhu.

>> The business places I frequented were fully staffed and in better-than-usual humor.

I have been in business in this neighborhood since 1974. Today it seemed the clock had been rolled back. I think anyone who can remember that era will agree that today was a pleasant change.

Rex Herren

Subsidize TheBus with tourism funds

TheBus is a wonderful system. It works so well that it was deemed "best in the nation" twice in recent years. We must be careful not to maim or destroy this prize creation through overzealous expansion plans, on one hand, or price hikes and curtailment of services on the other.

TheBus provides the public with an efficient, low-priced service. It cuts congestion and should continue to be subsidized after careful consideration of costs and pricing.

One source of funding should be the state's subsidy to the visitor industry. It may be far wiser to spend some of these millions to improve the product and its infrastructure, rather than on marketing, when Hawaii cannot afford both.

Spending this money to improve a vital part of Hawaii may be better than telling the world to visit a beautiful state that is deteriorating because we are using our limited money to advertise rather than to improve Hawaii. Improve it and they will come!

Richard Will

Boot irrelevant player from Hawaiian Airlines

When the trustee of Hawaiian Airlines refused to advance funds to Hawaiian Holdings Inc., I at first thought that represented another hurdle in the recovery of the airline. It resulted in the halting of stock trading -- a brave action.

As I analyzed the situation further, it appeared that this was a good move by the trustee. Back in sail-shipping days when ships made long voyages around the world, a ship's owner would appoint a supernumerary to represent his interests. The definition of supernumerary is "a person or company serving no apparent function." This person just occupied space at an unnecessary extra cost for the ship.

This is exactly the situation we have now with Hawaiian Holdings representing an unnecessary supernumerary for Hawaiian Airlines. Considerable duplication of effort on both sides includes two complete boards of directors.

Eliminating the supernumerary would be an early step toward cutting costs and hastening the completion of the bankruptcy.

W.W. Robinson

Patriot Act protects us from terrorism

Your heart is in the right place, but your mind is out in left field -- way out ("Restore civil liberties curbed by Patriot Act," Star-Bulletin, Aug. 20). You have forgotten that terrorists have no laws and no commandments other than to destroy whomever they despise -- unequivocally.

The last paragraph of your editorial is right on, stating, "Non-citizens can be jailed and denied assistance ... without being charged with a crime." Why not? If they can pass a background inspection, they should be home free.

I -- and everyone who spent time in the U.S. military -- had to pass this background inspection and we are none the worse for it. In these times, it is perfectly logical to protect ourselves from future 9/11s, shoulder-fired missiles and explosive-laden cement trucks.

The very least you could do is tell us how you would protect us, not how you would not. I have yet to see, hear about or read about any U.S. citizens who have literally had their civil liberties taken away from them since 9/11 because of the USA Patriot Act.

Enlighten us. What state, what circumstances and when? Examples, rather than glittering generalities, are preferred.

Don Neill

(Editor's note: Jose Padilla, a U.S. citizen, is being held as an enemy combatant in a military jail in South Carolina for alleged involvement in an al-Qaida plot, while an appeals court considers a federal judge's ruling that he has the right to challenge his detention and consult a lawyer.)

U.N. help is needed for success in Iraq

The president was correct when he said, "We are in a war on terrorism." It is an insidious enemy requiring different approaches in its destruction.

For example, the United Nations has expertise in food distribution and humanitarian aid.

Can the Bush administration continue to go it alone in Iraq when it is clear we are straining our military resources? The Army is doing an impossible job in a tinder-box environment, but how long can this continue?

Paul Bremer, the civilian administrator, says things are under control and improving, but who is controlling? A jolt to this fairyland analysis was the bombing of the U.N. headquarters in Baghdad.

President Bush should stop chasing around the country fund raising and give priority to a review of the Iraq policies. This is not the time for arrogance and posturing, but for recognition that stabilizing Iraq needs the U.N.'s contribution.

Anthony Locascio


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