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Veto debate is proof of healthy democracy

It is refreshing to see the debate between the governor and the leaders of the state Legislature concerning her 50 vetoes. Once you get past the usual partisan rhetoric, the voters are receiving a discussion of the two parties' differences on vital state issues. This is a major benefit of a viable two-party system: Voters have a choice. Perhaps out of this clash of ideas our political leaders eventually will compromise and come up with bipartisan solutions. If not, the voters can choose between the two parties' candidates in 2004.

When you have one party with control of state government for too many years, its leaders become arrogant and complacent. It is easy to listen only to special interests and campaign donors. It is easy to sit on large majorities in the Legislature and just enjoy the perks and the power. Ignoring a problem or reacting to a problem only after it has become a crisis has been the policy for too long. Our state leaders need to be proactive, not reactive.

Now that we have the beginning of a two-party system in Hawaii, two strong parties can be a check and balance on each other. The winners are the people of Hawaii.

Theodore Taba

Opponents of carrier are un-American

"Isle carrier would be bull's-eye for terrorists" (Letters, July 2) is wrong, wrong, wrong. Those who object to the presence of the U.S. military spin the same old rhetoric.

The U.S. military presence has not increased around the world; it has decreased by about 25 percent in the past 10 years. The U.S. Navy had 600 ships 15 years ago and now there are fewer than 325.

The 9/11 terrorist attacks were a direct result of too little U.S. military presence around the world. People who are against the military presence created the situation that led to the attacks. They should be classified as providing help and support to the terrorists and their activities should be classified as un-American.

The U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, Iraq and Korea ensure that the terrorists will not attack America again. We must build the military presence around the world to ensure the safety of Americans everywhere. Homeporting an aircraft carrier in Hawaii will help to ensure world peace and would strike terror in the black hearts of the terrorists.

Many people (ex-communists, if there is such a thing) want us to think that the terrorist attack was caused by America and that we should stop protecting America against the terrorists. To them I say, "Get out of Hawaii and America if you don't like what we do."

Benjamin Toyama

UH is 'jonesing' for a shot at football fame

I want to add my voice to the chorus of protests about University of Hawaii football coach June Jones' absurd $800,000 salary. What a slap in the face to loyal, longtime UH professors such as Terence Knapp, who has served the university for 33 years and was honored for his work by the state Legislature. These noble educators are left in the dust as UH "joneses" for an elusive moment of football fame.

Jerry Tracy
Ocean View, Hawaii

Beach event money could fund TheBus

I find it interesting that while the city can't provide $6 million to fund a useful and valuable service -- TheBus, which is one of the best bus systems I have ever used, including on the U.S. mainland and in Europe -- it can continue to fund the last remnants of Mayor Harris' defunct gubernatorial campaign, the Sunset on the Beach "circuses."

David Jones

Parents, please don't let teenagers drive

Parents should refuse to sign the consent form for their children to get driving permits or licenses. A great number of Hawaii teenagers who drive or are licensed to drive in Hawaii cause accidents that kill innocent people and themselves. In fact, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety says 16-year-old drivers have the highest crash risk. In addition, immaturity and inexperience behind the wheel often are the cause of single-vehicle, run-off-the-road type accidents. Also, driver education is insufficient.

In Hawaii, a child at the age of 15 1/2 is allowed to get his or her permit with parental consent and take driver's education; thereafter getting a license in 90 days.

Consequently, Hawaii has a problem with teenage speeding and racing. Several teenagers die every year as a result of late night or early morning speeding.

Parents should consider carefully if they are signing an application for a permit, a license or a death warrant. The choice is ultimately theirs.

Leimomi Ernestburg



What should be done about those triangle-shaped concrete islands created when the city makes two-way streets one way?

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