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No paint or other liquids
should go into the trash

Question: One Saturday, after doing some errands, we noticed white paint all over the bottom of the passenger side of our car. We started back to Pupukea where we live, and noticed a trail of paint going up the road. We followed the trail and ended up behind a garbage truck. Running out the back of the truck was white paint. We stopped the driver and told him what happened. He apologized, but it was not his fault. We again followed the paint trail down Kamehameha Highway toward Haleiwa, where it ended around Chun's Reef. It's uncertain where the paint came from. Can you enlighten people as to why paint should not be put in garbage cans? If the city is being charged for dumping toxic waste, so should the people who are doing it. It would be great if they went to every person's house to check to see who has paint in their garbage cans, to find out who did it. Paint is now all over the roads up in Pupukea. Thank goodness it was latex, because we were able to get it off without damaging the paint on our car. But it breaks my heart to see people destroying the land with no thought about what the effect will be on our land. My car can be repainted, but the land will get destroyed for future generations.

Answer: The rule is: No liquid, paint or otherwise, should be tossed out with the trash.

Paint in general should be dried out by using an absorbent material, such as rags, sawdust or shredded newspaper, before being sealed in a bag and put out with a trash.

An oil-change box also works well, said David Shiraishi, city refuse collection administrator.

If the paint happens to be lead-based, then it should be considered hazardous waste, he said. In that case, people should contact the city's household hazardous waste office (call 692-5411 or e-mail for an appointment for disposal, which is scheduled quarterly.

The next date is Saturday, July 12. Appointments must be scheduled no later than Friday, July 4.

These are the items that should be disposed of by contacting the city: acetone, arsenic, boric acid, chlordane, DDT, Dieldrin, fertilizers, formaldehyde, gasoline, herbicides, hydrochloric acid, insecticides, kerosene, lead, lighter fluid, mercury, paint stripper, paint thinner, Paraquat, Pentachlorophenol, Paris green powder, photographic chemicals, rust remover, solvents, swimming pool chemicals, turpentine, Varathane and wood preservatives.

Q: Regarding complaints about the fireworks at the Aloha Tower Marketplace (Kokua Line, June 16): I've been meaning to call about the fireworks that go off at 5 or 5:30 a.m. for the Honolulu Marathon. It, too, just jolts everyone up. I live up Pacific Heights and have friends closer to downtown, and we're all upset about this. This happens every year. Can't something be done about that?

A: Address your complaints to the Honolulu Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau, 831-7764, which issues fireworks permits.

HFD Battalion Chief Lloyd Rogers said the bureau is attempting to resolve noise and time issues regarding aerial fireworks displays in general. In the case of the Honolulu Marathon, "we can't do anything about the time," because the race starts at a certain time every December. However, he suggested less-noisy devices could be used and that marathon organizers would be asked to warn the public about the planned fireworks.


Regarding the fireworks noise going off in the middle of the night at the Aloha Tower Marketplace -- what about the races that begin with a cannon shot (Great Aloha Run) early in the morning? When the first race after 9/11 began and I was awakened by the cannon, I thought terrorists had attacked Hawaii. That is a very frightening thought to have when jolted out of a sound sleep. The promoters of these events should realize that the world has changed since 9/11 and we, the public, perceive loud noises differently. A little consideration, please. -- D.C.

We got no response to two phone messages and an e-mail sent to the Great Aloha Run office about your complaint. You can call the Great Aloha Run office directly at 528-7388 to let them know how you feel. The race is sponsored by Carole Kai Charities.

Meanwhile, the city, which issues the permit for the race, says it "does not regulate this activity," while the state Department of Health's Noise, Radiation and Indoor Air Quality Branch says the cannon shot "does not constitute a violation" of the state's noise law.

In determining whether noise like a cannon blast would be considered excessive, the standard is to survey the situation for 20 minutes. If the noise went on for at least 10 percent of that time -- or two full minutes -- that would be considered a violation, said Russell Takata of the noise branch.

"Even though it's loud, it doesn't meet the duration requirement for a violation," he said of the cannon blast, which lasts "less than a second."

Takata said his office has not received any complaints about the cannon.


To the person complaining about firefighters using the Salt Lake District Pool (Kokua Line, May 28). The pool is a city and county public pool. Likewise, the firefighters of Station 30 are city and county public servants. They have all the rights and privileges to maintain stamina and fitness and to practice water safety in any pool close to their station. I would not like to be in a burning house or accident while they're down at Ala Moana Beach doing their required activities. So, to that person complaining, if you see fire trucks in the park, go somewhere else or see what those firefighters have to go through just to save a life. Be a good citizen and support our firefighters and police. They are the chosen few who sacrifice their lives everyday for you and Hawaii nei. -- Norma Kiehn, on behalf of the widow and family of the late firefighter Joseph F. Kanekoa, Station 32


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