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Termite swarm
stops ‘Kisses’

It was quite the unexpected event Saturday night on the "50 First Kisses" set at the La Mariana restaurant on Lagoon Drive, when the production turned on its lights and a massive termite swarm engulfed the set, forcing a shutdown of what was going to be an overnight shoot. The scene with star Adam Sandler meeting a blind date will instead be shot in California.

Five weeks of Hawaii filming wrapped on Monday. No media were allowed on set during production but the last week loosened up a bit. Director Peter Seagull joked in a pineapple field that "people don't realize that these fields are (also) crops of pot, which is supplying the entire crew with pineapple-pot cake and they are as high as kites." Nearby, ponytailed and goateed co-star Rob Schneider praised, in a Filipino accent, the healthy benefits of macadamia nuts, telling buddy Sandler they're not fattening at all. "Hey dude," Sandler asked: "How's your stock market thing going? I hear you bought some stock in that s---." "Well, I made a small investment in and I think it's going to work out," Schneider replied.

Sandler's next stop is Sea World in Vallejo, Ca., for filming with a walrus. ...

While Hawaii's film and TV production work this year has been huge, there's nothing scheduled here through December. Forget rumors that the mega-budget Sony pic "Fertig," "Guam Goes to the Moon," and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's "Kamehameha" biopic will happen this year. ...

Five reality shows filmed on the Big Island last year and NBC execs who scouted the island last week are considering another one that would begin next month. Comedian and "Celebrity Mole: Hawaii" winner Kathy Griffin will host the relationship drama "Average Joe," with at least nine episodes scheduled for filming.

A beauty queen and former NFL cheerleader will move into a multimillion-dollar estate with the expectation that at least 16 potential Prince Charmings will try to win her heart. The beauty discovers the handsome princes are Average Joes -- great hearts but average looks. Each week, the woman learns more about her suitors during group and individual dates. Along the way, she eliminates some, and Griffin comments on the men's behavior and personalities.

(Hmmm, "Average Joe" pretty much continues the relationships Griffin forged as a character on the NBC sitcom "Suddenly Susan.") ...

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