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Asashoryu remains
undefeated for 4-way tie

TOKYO >> Yokozuna Asashoryu defeated Tochinonada today to improve to 3-0 at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament.

Aminishiki, Dejima and Takamisakari also won to keep pace and are tied with the yokozuna with perfect records.

Asashoryu has beaten Tochinonada four of the past five times they have met and is now 5-2 against him overall.

Ozeki Musoyama and Kaio picked up their first victories, while ozeki Tochiazuma, who was also coming off a loss, beat Tosanoumi to improve to 2-1.

Ozeki Chiyotaikai suffered his first defeat, falling to Takamisakari.

Yokozuna Musashimaru, or Hawaii's Fiamalu Penitani, has yet to recover from surgery on his left wrist and is absent for the fourth straight meet. So Chiyotaikai represents the main threat to Asashoryu at the summer basho.

Day 3

Kasuganishiki (2-1) def. Otsukasa (1-2)
Asasekiryu (2-1) def. Takanotsuru (0-3)
Akinoshima (2-1) def. Yotsukasa (1-2)
Asanowaka (2-1) def. Aogiyama (0-3)
Wakanoyama (2-1) def. Toki (2-1)
Kotoryu (2-1) def. Buyuzan (2-1)
Iwakiyama (2-1) def. Shimotori (0-3)
Aminishiki (3-0) def. Jumonji (2-1)
Kasugao (2-1) def. Tamarikido (2-1)
Gojoro (1-2) def. Hokutoriki (0-3)
Kaiho (1-2) def. Miyabiyama (0-3)
Takanonami (1-2) def. Kyokushuzan (1-2)
Dejima (3-0) def. Kotonowaka (1-2)
Kyokutenho (2-1) def. Wakanosato (2-1)
Kaio (1-2) def. Tamanoshima (2-1)
Takamisakari (3-0) def. Chiyotaikai (2-1)
Tochiazuma (2-1) def. Tosanoumi (1-2)
Musoyama (1-2) def. Kotomitsuki (0-3)
Asashoryu (3-0) def. Tochinonada (2-1)

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