By Dave Donnelly

1969: Jimmy Pflueger
provides lucky rabbit,
foot and all

MEMBERS of the Rod & Gun Club asked Jimmy Pflueger to bring his "bunny" to the club's meeting at the Red Vet last week. Jimmy sent a note explaining that Lisa Baker was not a bunny, but a Playmate: "My Playmate, and you asked for a bunny. This is a bunny -- your bunny." Accompanying the note was a live white rabbit with a pink ribbon. (March 31, 1969) ...

MELTING Pottery: When the Jaycees treated circus performers to a Chinese dinner at Wo Fat's the other night, somebody noted that there were seven nationalities gathered at the table: Mexican, German, Hungarian, Austrian, Yugoslavian, Arabian and Japanese -- but not a Chinese in the lot ... And here's another Chinese dinner item: Ernest Rivera, of Western Airlines, led his 118 member Viajes Fronterizos tour from Mexico from their Holiday Isle Hotel headquarters to Waikiki Lau Yee Chai for their first meal in Hawaii. Wonder if the chef came up with tacos foo yong? (April 3, 1970) ...

COMMON beach scene: Paul Bragg leading the Health & Happiness Exercise Club through their rigorous paces. Bragg will be a big part of the National Health Federation convention here April 14 and 15. He's often referred to by a term that we'd like to permanently shelve along with environmentalist and futurist: Bragg is called a "life extensionist." April 4, 1973) ...

A FELLOW stopped by the State Library the other day and, for reasons known only to him, used the Xerox machine there to make a facsimile of a $100 bill. The reason it's known that he did that is because he walked out and left the original in the machine! He'd make a swell counterfeiter! Proving there are honest people in the world, however, somebody discovered the bill in the machine and turned it in to the librarian. Sure enough, the gent soon came huffing and puffing back to the library to ask, "Did anybody find a $100 bill here?" And to prove it was his, he produced the facsimile copy. (March 30, 1976) ...

LOCAL dentist Dr. Ken Cardoza is still hospitalized following a head-on collision with an Army bulldozer. He was cruising along on his way to the Mokuleia polo matches when a bulldozer, bearing down on a vehicle in front of it, swerved across the center line and smashed directly into Cardoza's car. The dentist suffered a broken ankle, knee, nose and jaw in the accident, but true to his profession, he instinctively twisted the rearview mirror around to check his teeth and see if they were intact. They were. But it'll be another six to eight weeks before Cardoza will be checking other people's teeth. (March 31, 1976) ...

DAPPER Harry Dove, of Universal Motors, has done it again. To help illustrate the strength of Wedgewood china -- made in his native England, of course -- Dove managed to place a 4,000-pound XJS Jaguar (also made in England) on four Wedgewood teacups. You can see for yourself as the car on the cups is on display at the Ala Moana Liberty House. Dove says the Wedgwood folks have staged similar stunts with a Rolls-Royce in England, but they couldn't get a Rolls through the Liberty House doors, so now we have a cat, rather than a bull, in the china shop. Rolls and teacups would seem to go together, though. (April 2, 1978) ...

THE April issue of Life magazine contains a photo essay called "Eleven American Poets," featuring photographs by Annie Leibovitz and short works by each poet, one of whom is UH professor Galway Kinnell. Leibovitz photographed Kinnell underwater off Diamond Head, something of a poetic image in itself. (March 31, 1981) ...

WHEN Tom Selleck and his "Magnum P.I." cast and crew checked into the plush Helmsley Palace in New York this week, they were greeted with a warm "Alooooha." The GM of the Helmsley Palace, you see, is Manfred Braig, the former manager of the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, and he was happy to see a touch of Hawaii in the Big Apple. Selleck and company were stopping over in New York on heir way to London to film a two-part "Magnum," which will open the 1985-86 season. Braig is no stranger to celebrities. When not looking after the "Magnum" folks' needs, he was catering to the queen of Thailand, a guest in the hotel. (April 3, 1985)

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