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Ozeki Asashoryu dominates

TOKYO, Jan. 16 (Kyodo) -- Ozeki Asashoryu demolished his Mongolian brethren Kyokutenho to remain the only undefeated wrestler Thursday while yokozuna Takanohana staged an injury comeback with an all-too easy win over journeyman Toki at the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament.

In a lopsided affair, Asashoryu gave his second-ranked compatriot a small dose of the boiling aspirations propelling him juggernaut-style toward becoming the first Mongolian yokozuna at Tokyo's Ryokoku Kokugikan.

Unmerciful, the Takasago-stable ozeki grabbed Kyokutenho (3-2) by the belt soon after the face-off and spun him in a whirlwind that sent the No. 2 maegashira crashing to the clay surface with a hard thud.

Asashoryu, who with 13 wins or more and back-to-back Emperor's Cup titles could be promoted to yokozuna, pulled ahead of the pack with a spotless 5-0 record.

Takanohana, who pulled out with a shoulder injury Monday only to announce his return two days later, had few worries against the winless No. 2 maegashira Toki in the day's final bout.

Toki got the edge immediately backing up the yokozuna with a stiff arm to the throat but when Takanohana resisted, the second-ranked wrestler meekly retreated over the edge.

Takanohana, who sat out the Kyushu meet in November because of a chronic knee injury, got his career 700th win and stands at 3-1-1, despite speculation that his sumo days might be numbered.

A listless Tochiazuma (0-5) could still find no signs of life as the ozeki was slammed to the clay in an arm throw by third-ranked Dejima (4-1).

Musoyama (2-3) brought further embarrassment to the ozeki camp, falling easily to No. 3 maegashira Kotonowaka (1-4) in a frontal crush-out.

In the earlier bouts, 14th-ranked Kasugao from South Korea bounced back from the brink of defeat to shove down 10th-ranked Gojoro (3-2) and stayed one win off the pace.

No. 9 maegashira Takamisakari (4-1) showed more of his popular bravado as he proceeded to topple 11th-ranked Kasuganishiki (2-3) to the raucous applause of fans.

Meanwhile, seventh-ranked Shimotori (3-2) defied the laws of gravity, teetering on the edge to perform a backward pivot throw on fifth-ranked Iwakiyama (3-2) for the most spectacular technique of the day.


Technique Lost

Tamarikido 3-2 yorikiri +Takekaze 1-4

Tochinohana 3-2 yorikiri +Oikari 2-3

Kobo 3-2 default Tamakasuga 0-5

Otsukasa 3-2 yorikiri Jumonji 1-4

Kasugao 4-1 oshidashi Gojoro 3-2

Takamisakari 4-1 yoritaoshi Kasuganishiki 2-3

Takanotsuru 4-1 yorikiri Kotoryu 4-1

Tochinonada 1-4 yorikiri Wakanoyama 1-4

Kyokushuzan 3-2 hatakikomi Akinoshima 1-4

Hokutoriki 2-3 tsukidashi Tamanoshima 2-3

Shimotori 3-2 utchari Iwakiyama 3-2

Tosanoumi 4-1 hatakikomi Kaiho 4-1

Takanonami 3-2 hatakikomi Tokitsuumi 2-3

Kotomitsuki 3-2 yoritaoshi Wakanosato 3-2

Takanowaka 3-2 oshidashi Aminishiki 1-4

Asashoryu 5-0 uwatenage Kyokutenho 3-2

Dejima 4-1 oshitaoshi Tochiazuma 0-5

Kotonowaka 1-4 oshidashi Musoyama 2-3

Takanohana 3-1-1 oshidashi Toki 0-5

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