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Election 2002

After the election

Dems worked hard to lose 27,000 votes

Your front-page story "Hawaii Democrats reeling after getting dose of their own medicine" (Star-Bulletin, Nov. 7) reports that Lorraine Akiba and the rest of the Democratic leadership are wondering what they did wrong in the campaign to have garnered 27,723 fewer votes this year than Cayetano received in 1998.

Akiba and the others should give the people of Hawaii a little credit. It's not what the Democrats did during the campaign that cost them the election; it's what they did in the eight years leading up to the election.

Robert Chanin

Dobelle erred big time in endorsing Hirono

University of Hawaii President Evan Dobelle has exhibited incredible obtuseness by having publicly endorsed Mazie Hirono for governor. Dobelle knew full well that the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly endorsed Lingle. Why create discord? Dobelle should be doing everything possible so all of his constituents feel like they're paddling the same canoe.

The UH Board of Regents should put him on probation or administrative leave. If the BOR approved Dobelle's decision to endorse Hirono, the BOR should put itself on probation. If the BOR didn't know beforehand that Dobelle was going to endorse Hirono, then UH has a major internal communications problem. Where does the buck stop?

Alan T. Matsuda

Hawaii woke up with a new attitude

The day after the election, I saw it virtually everywhere: Hope. You can see it in their eyes, maybe it was a bigger smile or a taller walk. But it's there, and it wasn't there before. When you have it, you will always go 10 steps farther than if you didn't have it.

It's a long road ahead. As long as there is a healthy supply of hope, we'll persevere as we make the hard changes ahead.

Eric Rosso

Dems should stop complaining so much

Some Democrats still insist that George W. Bush lost the last election. The party that wins the White House almost always loses seats in the midterm election. Logically, then, the Democrats' whining about the last presidential election cost them control of the U.S. Senate, too. The law of unintended consequences strikes again.

Jim Henshaw

Let's all hope Lingle keeps her promises

I would like to congratulate election victors Linda Lingle and Duke Aiona. I hope that Lingle remembers the promises she made to the Hawaiians during her campaign.

Her grass-roots efforts paid off and soon it will be time for her to step up to the plate and make good on those promises. I wish her well and I look forward to some positive changes.

Lahela Jarrett Holmwood


Local money shouldn't go to mainland store

The largest Wal-Mart in the nation is planned for the Keeaumoku superblock in my neighborhood. While the city is preparing to approve the corporation's building permits, some local residents are objecting.

What we needed was to come together as a community to decide if the majority of residents want this Wal-Mart. No environmental impact study was conducted, no community input was asked for. If Wal-Mart is so "neighborly," as it claims to be, then why didn't it ask our community for our input?

Last year alone, Wal-Mart brought in $200 billion in revenue. With that came nearly 5,000 lawsuits. Hawaii doesn't need to send our hard-earned money to this huge monolith.

Should we support Hawaii business?

Yes, let's do that instead of sending our money to a giant mainland corporation.

Naomi Arcand

Rell's amazing life captured in film

"Heart of the Sea", a documentary about Hawaiian legend Rell Kapoliokaehukai Sunn, was an excellent film by Charlotte Lagarde and Lisa Denker. We were one of the thousands fortunate enough to find a seat at last Saturday's Sunset on the Beach in Waikiki, where the film was unveiled.

This deeply moving piece truly captured the life of Rell Sunn, an exceptional woman who touched the lives of many around the world. Thank you, Charlotte and Lisa.

Candy, Mark and Mishan Suiso

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