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Election 2002


Say a final aloha to Patsy on election day

On Nov. 5, I will do something I've done many times over the past 20-plus years -- vote for a person I admire, respect and genuinely like: Patsy Mink.

This time will be different, however. Rather than vote for what I believe the future will bring, I will vote to honor the candidate who has many fought so long and valiantly for our Hawaii and country.

There could be no greater final honor than to make this election a landslide. Please join me. Patsy, Aloha Nui Loa.

Larry Solomon

Democrats weren't honest about Mink

Call me cynical, but by allowing Patsy Mink to remain on the primary election ballot when she was obviously in failing health, and by not replacing her in the allotted time after the primary when her death was imminent, the Hawaii Democratic Party's motive was to hold out for a special election when it could put a stronger candidate up for the congressional seat.

Perhaps one of their losers from the primary or general elections would have a good chance and never mind that this ploy will cost taxpayers about $2 million for a special election and keep us underrepresented in Congress for months.

Of course, the voters can show these people that we refuse to fall for their arrogant and self-serving plan, as well as save ourselves money that is needed elsewhere, by electing the Republican candidate in the general election.

Robert Chanin

Thank you for years of service, Patsy Mink

Thank you, Patsy Mink, for the many years of passionate, dedicated service you have given the citizens of Hawaii and in particular the women of Hawaii. Passion in politics and sometimes in life is not understood. You were brave enough to follow your instincts as the humanitarian that you are. Thank you.

Thank you for remembering those in the military who fought for our country's freedom. I remember how you tried to set the record straight by removing the financial burden of penalties for their medical health care. This is just one example of how your passion and your humanitarian instinct played out in your life.

Thank you for the day we met in Kapolei. I will always remember you telling me that you read a column I had written in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, "Choosing gay son over church." Your words of encouragement remain with me today. When we spoke, you didn't look over your shoulder to make sure no one heard us, you spoke with quiet passion in the words from one mother to another. Those words still ring in my ears when I think of you. Thank you.

You were the first one I voted for in this past election, only to realize that I had spoiled my ballot since I wanted to vote for my son who was running as a Republican in another race. Of course, I had to pull another ballot, but I knew you would understand and even smile at my vote. The meaningful thing is that I voted for you in my heart. You stand for what is good about the United States. You stand up for what is correct. You stand up for your voters. Those of us who understand also stand up for you. Thank you for giving us a choice. Thank you for being you.

Carolyn Martinez Golojuch
President, PFLAG-Oahu
League of Women Voters

Hirono shares blame for education failures

Almost daily there are media reports about how poorly our kids are doing in school compared to their peers elsewhere. We are also reminded often about how the percentage of state dollars going to public education continues to decline -- from 13 percent to 8 percent for the University of Hawaii during eight years of the Cayetano-Hirono administration. Yet when Republican candidate for governor Linda Lingle points out these facts, Hirono says Lingle is "putting our people down."

The past eight years of a failed education policy and/or the lack of any true educational leadership from Ben Cayetano and Mazie Hirono helped contribute to this mess and have surely played some part in keeping people down!

Can anyone really say our schools are better now than eight years ago? Talk to to any teacher who has had to fight for a better salary, school books, equipment and/or a clean and safe environment.

Change is needed. We must allow someone else an opportunity to lead. Hirono is a hard-working public servant; however, she must accept some responsibility and blame for failures of the past eight years, and not cheapen her chances for election by making such statements. And just who are, "our people?" Isn't Lingle one of "us" as well?

Vinnie Linares
Kula, Maui


Bill 53 is a gun aimed at Hawaiians

Words can destroy. We see this clearly in Bill 53. The words "owner occupant" have been loaded in the gun of lawmakers and pointed at destitute and orphaned children. The question is, who will pull the trigger?

If this bill is passed, a few will increase their wealth while many children are likely to lose benefits provided through the Queen Liliuokalani Trust. I find it disturbing that political means continue to be used to oppress Hawaiians, impoverish Hawaiians and take land from the Hawaiians. It seems terrorism in the homeland includes political manipulations to accomplish what a few people think is right. Osama bin Laden thinks he is right. Those who support Bill 53 think they are right. We see the victims of one, but not of the other.

I pray that the City Council takes a closer look at the victims and votes no on Bill 53. I urge the people of Honolulu to look more closely at this issue and help defeat it.

Cynthia White

Whatever happened to Osama bin Laden?

I thought this war was about getting Osama bin Laden, al-Qaida and the Taliban for the 9/11 attack. Bin Laden is seldom mentioned anymore by President Bush's spinmeisters. Do they think people have short memories?

Since Bush has failed to accomplish this mission and an election is near, the focus is now on Saddam Hussein and "freeing" of the Iraqi people. Taking control of the oil fields is more accurate.

Last year's U.S. attack on Afghanistan was about destroying al-Qaida and the Taliban. Now that this has failed, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld says it was always about freeing the Afghan people. He told us last year that he would never lie to us. Yeah, right.

Rumsfeld is only saying that in case he fails to get Saddam.

Ronald L. Edmiston

America is already at war with Iraq

Senator Inouye says, "To attack a nation that has not attacked us will go down in history as something that we should not be proud of."

He must be talking about our attack on the Bosnian Serbs because that statement clearly does not apply to Iraq. While there is no hard evidence that Saddam Hussein had a direct connection to 9/11, he is now harboring terrorists including al-Qaida. That was enough for us to topple the Taliban. Is Inouye "not proud" of our efforts in liberating Afghanistan?

We have been at war with Iraq for more than a decade. They shoot at our planes; we blow up their radar installations. They try to assassinate President George Bush (also an act of war with no known statute of limitations); we send a few cruise missiles in Hussein's general direction.

After the liberation of Kuwait, Hussein signed a peace agreement. He has since chosen to defy the terms of the agreement. If the Japanese or Germans had remilitarized in 1947, we would have put a stop to it and it would not have been a preemptive attack, it would have been a continuation of World War II.

Serious historians will look on our war with Iraq as a 12-year struggle that was won under the leadership of both President Bushes, with Bill Clinton as an ineffectual side note. This is what has the "we don't play politics" Democrats all in a dither.

Jack Parsons

Kahle can count on cops who swear to God

As a member of the Honolulu Police Department, I am sad and disappointed that our service oath no longer makes any reference to God.

Speaking to several of our brother and sister officers, they too are angered at our department's willingness to give in to Mitch Kahle's demands to eliminate any reference to God.

If Kahle ever needs police assistance, he might want to request officers from the 141st recruit class or higher, because the 1,800 remaining officers shall carry out our duties, so help us God.

James Shyer
Ewa Beach

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