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Musashimaru in
crowd one off lead

TOKYO, Sept. 12 (Kyodo) -- Takanohana suffered a setback in his comeback from injury as the yokozuna went down to his second defeat against a rank-and-filer at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament on Thursday.

Takanohana lost to Kotoryu in the day's penultimate bout at Tokyo's Ryogoku Kokugikan to fall two wins behind early leader Asashoryu, who remained unbeaten with a win over Tosanoumi.

Takanohana (3-2) had withdrawn from a record seven consecutive tourneys after securing his 22nd Emperor's Cup in May last year as he bids to recover from a career-threatening knee injury but he looked a shadow of his former dominating self against Kotoryu (1-4).

The No. 3 maegashira, who headed into the bout without a victory at the meet, went on the offensive immediately at the charge and pushed the yokozuna to the straw bales before slapping him down in the dirt.

Newly promoted ozeki Asashoryu kept up his spotless record by downing sekiwake Tosanoumi (3-2) to move into the sole lead, but had to get out of jail for a second straight day.

Tosanoumi gained the upper hand from the face-off and looked to be heading for victory as he headed the Mongolian towards the edge of the ring, only to be felled by an underarm throw on the ropes.

Meanwhile, grand champion Musashimaru (4-1) powered his way out of a tight spot in his bout against komusubi Takamisakari (0-5) to head a list of 10 wrestlers one off the lead.

Musashimaru let the Azumazeki grappler take a two-handed grip on his belt but then twisted him out for the victory.

Joining the log-jam of fighters at 4-1 were ozeki trio Kaio, Chiyotaikai and Musoyama.

Kaio, needing eight victories to remain at sumo's second-highest rank, moved halfway to the mark after steamrollering over top-ranked maegashira Tochinonada (0-5)

Chiyotaikai kept calm to force out top-dog maegashira Miyabiyama (2-3) while Musoyama shoved out No. 2 maegashira Toki (2-3) in a matter of seconds.

Sekiwake Wakanosato muscled out old-timer Takanonami (2-3) for his fourth win.


Technique Lost

+Kobo 3-2 shitatenage Ushiomaru 2-3

+Senshuyama 3-2 tsukiotoshi Wakanoyama 4-1

Tochinohana 4-1 yorikiri Kyokushuzan 3-2

Daizen 1-4 oshidashi Asanowaka 3-2

Gojoro 2-3 oshidashi Akinoshima 1-4

Tamakasuga 4-1 oshidashi Kasuganishiki 3-2

Tokitsuumi 1-4 uwatedashinage Otsukasa 1-4

Kotomitsuki 4-1 oshidashi Hokutoriki 3-2

Takanowaka 4-1 oshidashi Aminishiki 3-2

Kyokutenho 3-2 hikiotoshi Tamanoshima 2-3

Shimotori 1-4 uwatenage Buyuzan 0-5

Wakanosato 4-1 yorikiri Takanonami 2-3

Asashoryu 5-0 shitatenage Tosanoumi 3-2

Musoyama 4-1 oshidashi Toki 2-3

Kaio 4-1 yoritaoshi Tochinonada 0-5

Chiyotaikai 4-1 oshidashi Miyabiyama 2-3

Kotoryu 1-4 hatakikomi Takanohana 3-2

Musashimaru 4-1 yorikiri Takamisakari 0-5

Friday's bouts

Ushiomaru x - x +Hayateumi

Wakanoyama 3 - 1 Tochinohana

+Iwakiyama x - x Otsukasa

Daizen 7 - 3 Akinoshima

Asanowaka 3 - 7 Tamakasuga

Kotomitsuki 3 - 0 Kyokushuzan

Gojoro 0 - 0 Aminishiki

Tamanoshima 0 - 0 Kasuganishiki

Tokitsuumi 2 - 0 Buyuzan

Hokutoriki 0 - 0 Takanowaka

Miyabiyama 4 - 3 Kotoryu

Wakanosato 9 - 4 Tochinonada

Chiyotaikai 9 - 0 Toki

Asashoryu 1 - 0 Takamisakari

Kyokutenho 4 - 6 Musoyama

Kaio 22 - 25 Takanonami

Musashimaru 0 - 1 Shimotori

Tosanoumi 7 - 19 Takanohana

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