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Musashimaru surprised
on first day of tourney

TOKYO >> Musashimaru, or Hawaii's Fiamalu Penitani, was surprised at the start of the Autumn tournament today when Takanonami got behind him and pushed him out for the upset.

The yokozuna had beaten Takanonami four times in the past year and was never challenged. he takes on Kotoryu tomorrow.

Yokozuna Takanohana made a triumphant return to the ring, beating Takamisakari by yorikiri (frontal force out).

Chiyotaikai, who won the last tournament, his second after a 3 1/2-year drought, did not get off to a good start today either. He lost to Tosanoumi by an embarrassing hatakikomi (slap down).

Tochiazuma, Kaiho, Kotonowaka, Dejima and Aogiyama are all sitting out because of injuries.

This is Musashimaru's 66th consecutive tournament, which ties him for 10th place on the career list.

Day 1

Ushiomaru (1-0) def. Iwakiyama (0-1)
Asanowaka (1-0) def. Tochinohana (0-1)
Akinoshima (1-0) def. Otsukasa (0-1)
Wakanoyama (1-0) def. Kyokushuzan (0-1)
Kasuganishiki (1-0) def. Daizen (0-1)
Tamakasuga (1-0) def. Gojoro (0-1)
Kotomitsuki (1-0) def. Aminishiki (0-1)
Hokutoriki (1-0) def. Tokitsuumi (0-1)
Tamanoshima (1-0) def. Buyuzan (0-1)
Takanowaka (1-0) def. Tochisakae (0-1)
Kyokutenho (1-0) def. Kotoryu (0-1)
Wakanosato (1-0) def. Toki (0-1)
Asashoryu (1-0) def. Shimotori (0-1)
Musoyama (1-0) def. Tochinonada (0-1)
Miyabiyama (1-0) def. Kaio (0-1)
Tosanoumi (1-0) def. Chiyotaikai (0-1)
Takanohana (1-0) def. Takamisakari (0-1)
Takanonami (1-0) def. Musashimaru (0-1)

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