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Akaka bill will affect all Hawaii residents

An article in the Aug. 14 Star-Bulletin, "Gubernatorial hopefuls address Hawaiian concerns," said that all three Democratic candidates support the Akaka Bill (granting native American status to Hawaiians), and the transfer of some income-producing lands to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs.

Andy Anderson, Ed Case and Mazie Hirono were all very enthusiastic about handing over more of the state's assets to OHA and this potential native government. When and if all this comes to pass, the citizens and taxpayers of Hawaii will be handed a colossal bill -- there will be a cost for this largess, and not only in money.

I have no argument with these politicians supporting the Akaka Bill or anything else, but where is their responsibility to the rest of the citizens of this state, the majority, to inform us what effect this will have in our lives and economy?

And shouldn't the Star-Bulletin be asking these questions of the candidates for the rest of us citizens? There appears to be a pervasive conspiracy of silence whenever politicians cozy up with OHA and sovereignty organizations.

Art Todd

Say aloha to palms at Royal Hawaiian

Vintage picture postcards extolled the beauty of Waikiki with romantic scenes of its sand, surf and sky, highlighted with coconut palms silhouetted by a mesmerizing moon. Coconut trees as tall and majestic as the best of these grace the lawn at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Come quickly and visit this cozy corner where time stands still. Soon many of these palm trees that are said to be too tall, old, and fragile will be removed. These trees are said to pose perils to caretakers and passers-by. Gone will be the delightful pastime of watching these trees lift their leafy heads over the parapets of the Pink Palace and playfully peer at what progress has wrought on the rest of Waikiki.

Come commune with these living icons of the past, pay homage and bid them a fond farewell. And pray that all of the coconut palms that are razed in Waikiki will be replaced.

Richard Y. Will

Column on problems at condo was accurate

Rob Perez's July 14 column on One Kalakaua, the senior assisted-living condominium, was unbiased and objective.

Richard Hartmann and Bill Wong, members of the building's board of directors, gave their opinions (Letters, Aug 9), and I would like to present the other side of the story.

Past President Alice Clay and Board member Lila Chun Chrystal tried mediation first, but the very next day the then-vice president changed his mind. Board president Hartmann acquiesced, "We do not need a managing agent (as required by law), we are well managed now by our knowledgeable, efficient, and highly motivated executive director, Karen Moscatello."

Clay and Chrystal then sued, not for millions of dollars, but to stop the board from trifold violations of the declaration.

The majority of the board members and their cohorts used disdain and fear to remove these two directors.

As for obtaining 107 signatures opposing the appointment of a master and favoring mediation, the names also were obtained by intimidation. In fact, 25 owners each invested $1,000 to find out what the board was really doing.

My husband, Dr. Arnold Widder, and I sold our condo because of the lack of fiduciary responsibility of the majority of the board, and the control by the executive director.

Exorbitant expenditures for medical employees and the biased procurement of Sound Health to run our assistance-in-living department could have been avoided by hiring independent medical contractors, as suggested by our managing agent.

Brenda S. Widder

Greens are neither nutty nor stoned

Charles Memminger's Aug. 14 "Honolulu Lite" column states that the Hawaii Green Party is "pro pot." If Memminger had read the party's platform, he would know that this statement is not true.

Memminger writes that "many Republicans and Democrats ... consider the Green Party a huge bowl of flakes with a few nuts thrown in for good measure." Actually, I have heard some Democrats make that statement about the Republican Party. Come to think of it, the Republicans say the same thing about the Democrats. Oh well, each to his own bowl.

Jack C. Morse

Waipio's players are in league of their own

I spent Sunday morning watching Hawaii's kids from Waipio play in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pa. The Hawaii team was not winning, but it mattered little. The coach was heard telling his players, "So what ... go out, play and have a good time!"

I was struck by the fact that every time the national television eye of ESPN swept the face of moms from the opposing Texas team, they all proudly wore orchid leis. I am sure the Texas team did not bring its own leis down to the game.

To the Waipio Little League team, coaches and parents, you are the greatest! You guys (and girl) are all huge winners! You have shown nothing but class during the year and the World Series. May I say, "YOU ROCK!"

Blaine Fergerstrom

Cost of living drives away good citizen

This month I'm helping a friend pack her bags to leave the islands because she cannot keep up with the cost of living in Hawaii. This friend was born and raised in Honolulu, and it's very sad to see her leave.

It has become obvious that the average citizen can not keep up with the high cost of rent and food, (not to mention gasoline).

How much more money can the government of Hawaii keep squeezing out of the citizens who live and work everyday, just to get by?

Norman Burden

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