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Political sign-holders do cause accidents

Bonita Newland writes (Letters, June 10) that there is no evidence of any serious car accidents because of political sign holders, but I think the public would agree that the political sign-holders are a distraction to drivers.

Consider the game of basketball. What does the crowd do behind the backboard when an opposing player is about to shoot a free throw? They wave objects and their arms frantically to distract the shooter.

Political sign-holders, wheth-er they're waving or not, distract drivers. I've witnessed and have been nearly involved in a rear-ender because of politicians and their supporters standing on the side of road holding and waving their signs. It should be outlawed.

Mel McKeague

Kaanana, Chow stood up for their beliefs

Do not stand out. Conform no matter what the personal cost. Is this really the message we should be sending to our students, our future?

Nobody has ever accomplished anything worth remembering by conforming. Every great person in history is remembered because they had the moral fiber to stand up and be counted. They questioned rules that were illogical and fought to have them changed. That is what we have seen in Keala Chow ("McKinley lets male-born student graduate in dress," Star-Bulletin, June 8) and Ivy Kaanana ("Maui grad caught with her pants on," Star-Bulletin, June 1).

Instead of congratulating and encouraging them, we have people telling them to be quiet and fall in line. I am grateful for Keala, Ivy and Ivy's mother for the strength of character they have shown by making their stand, fighting the good fight and winning.

Given the fact that these ladies are standing up for themselves at this young age, imagine what they are going to be able to accomplish as they continue their journey through life after graduation. This world would be a much better place if there were more people like these young ladies.

Michael J. Golojuch Jr.

Hirono is the only real Democrat in race

Self-described 47-year Republican Fred Cavaiuolo (Letters, June 7) says Ed Case "sounds like a Republican." I would call Case a Republicrat: He votes like a Republican, but now runs for the governor's office as a Democrat.

Another Republicrat is Andy Anderson, a life-long Republican running for governor as a Democrat. The only real, people-first Democratic candidate for governor is Mazie Hirono. That's why I will vote for her.

Jerome G. Manis

We need to get serious about global warming

Congratulations on placing Gary Kubota's "Erosion shrinks beaches on Maui" front and center on page 1. This problem needs front-and-center attention. While the story gave good coverage to the short-term reasons for erosion (sea walls and shifting wave patterns), short shrift was given to the tsunami-size reason -- global warming.

As we spew more and more heat and carbon dioxide from our tailpipes and power plants the Earth becomes warmer and warmer and Antarctica's ice drops into the sea. The latest chunk to break away was a Delaware-sized iceberg. Low Pacific atolls are being abandoned as sea water creeps into agricultural land; Louisiana's bayous are disappearing at the rate of a football field every 15 minutes.

Higher ocean levels encroach on beaches. Antarctica's gigantic Ross Shelf is weakening. If it drops into the sea, Waikiki's beaches are history. Insurance companies worldwide now take global warming seriously -- they are tired of rebuilding Miami time after time as warmer oceans generate more hurricanes. Perhaps it's time for all Hawaii residents to demand better leadership on this issue. We can cool Hawaii down -- all that's missing is vision and leadership.

Howard Wiig

Leaders put our rights under lock and key

We must each do our part in President Bush's war. Please check under your bed to make sure that the communists have been properly replaced by terrorists.

While you are doing that, Attorney General John Ashcroft will remove the U.S. Constitution to a safe place and repair any deficiencies it may contain. It will be returned after the war is over, sometime in the indeterminate future.

Del Pranke
Pahoa, Hawaii

Female priests will fix Catholics' problem

The best cure for the Catholic's shameful problem with priests and sexual abuse is right under their noses. It's called female priests.

Gordon Chung
Hawaii Ka

Editorial reflected pride of Filipinos

Thank you for a well-written editorial June 10: "Community Center is hallmark for isle Filipinos." The editorial made me proud to be true-blooded Filipino. The new FilCom Center in Waipahu is a colossal and lasting monument to the Filipino people in Hawaii, in our native land and for Filipinos worldwide. Filipinos can hold their heads up high.

Dr. Rudy Singson

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