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Tuesday, November 20, 2001

has first defeat

FUKUOKA, Nov. 20 (Kyodo) -- Yokozuna Musashimaru failed to make it a perfect ten as he fell to his first defeat on Tuesday at the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament against veteran Daizen at Fukuoka Kokusai Center.

The Samoan-born grand champion had another untimely lapse of concentration, slipping up against the 36-year-old journeyman to fall back into a three-way tie for the lead on Day 10 of the 15-day tourney along with Takanonami and Tochiazuma.

Musashimaru (9-1) has yet to lift an Emperor's Cup this year, having been plagued by a series of upsets against unheralded opponents and yet again failed to deal with a mere rank-and-filer.

No. 6 maegashira Daizen (5-5), who was called back for one false start, was chomping at the bit at the face-off and slammed into the yokozuna the second time around, shoving him off balance before muscling him over the straw bales.

Ozeki hopeful Tochiazuma (9-1) won by injury default after No. 10 maegashira Hayateumi pulled out from the tourney earlier in the day and the sekiwake got a day off and the unexpected bonus of a share of the lead.

Takanonami is fighting down at No. 10 maegashira having slipped down the rankings since his demotion from ozeki last year but continued to show his form of old and had too much cunning for Buyuzan (5-5).

The Futagoyama stable grappler stayed clear of Buyuzan's initial charges and simply waited for the right moment to pull the No. 15 maegashira to the dirt to register his ninth win.

Hayateumi, who began the tourney with eight straight wins, withdrew after injuring his knee and shoulder in suffering his first loss of the meet to Takanonami the previous day and is expected be out of action for three months.

Meanwhile, Mongolian Kyokushuzan (8-2) moved up to within one win of the pace after a victory over Aminishiki (6-4) but survived a scare up against the ropes before escaping to shove out the No. 15 maegashira.

Kaio's woes continued as he fell to his third straight loss, Kotomitsuki (5-5) was the latest to lord it over the local favorite.

The sekiwake, showing the sumo that brought him overall victory in the fall, got a grip on the ozeki's belt after the charge and muscled him out to leave the Fukuoka-born wrestler just three more defeats away from demotion at 5-5.

In the day's other bouts, Asashoryu (7-3) used his guile to dispose of Kotonowaka, the slippery komusubi wriggling out of a bear hug to trip up the No. 4 maegashira, whilst fellow Mongolian Kyokutenho (5-5) lost to ozeki Musoyama (7-3).

Hayateumi pulls out
with multiple injuries

FUKUOKA, Nov. 20 (Kyodo) -- Rank-and-filer Hayateumi, who had shared the lead with yokozuna Musashimaru, pulled out of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament on Tuesday after suffering injuries to his left knee and left shoulder in Monday's bout.

Hayateumi was slammed onto his back by Takanonami, who swept the No. 10 maegashira with a leg trip in their bout at Fukuoka Kokusai Center, for his first loss nine days into the 15-day meet.

The Oitekaze stable grappler suffered torn ligaments in his left knee, a damaged kneecap and a broken collar bone, requiring three months of medical treatment, Oitekaze stable officials said.

Hayateumi, a former sekiwake, withdrew from a basho for the first time since the New Year's tourney and forfeits his bout against Tochiazuma on Tuesday, leaving him with an 8-2 record at Kyushu.


FUKUOKA, Nov. 20 (Kyodo) -- Results of makuuchi division bouts Tuesday, the 10th day of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament at Fukuoka Kokusai Center (+ denotes juryo division wrestler):


Tamarikido 6-4hatakikomiHigonoumi 4-6
Otsukasa 6-4okuridashiAogiyama 3-7
Kobo 4-6yorikiriKitazakura 3-7
Takanonami 9-1hikiotoshiBuyuzan 5-5
Kyokushuzan 8-2oshidashiAminishiki 6-4
Oginishiki 2-8yoritaoshiTochisakae 3-7
Chiyotenzan 5-5oshidashiHamanishiki 2-8
Tochinonada 6-4shitatenageToki 6-4
Takanowaka 3-7oshidashiWakanoyama 5-5
Tosanoumi 3-7oshidashiTamakasuga 4-6
Wakanosato 5-5uwatenageTokitsuumi 1-9
Tamanoshima 3-7oshidashiAkinoshima 4-6
Asashoryu 7-3kirikaeshiKotonowaka 5-5
Dejima 5-5oshitaoshiKaiho 5-5
Tochiazuma 9-1defaultHayateumi 8-2
Musoyama 7-3oshidashiKyokutenho 5-5
Kotomitsuki 5-5yorikiriKaio 5-5
Daizen 5-5yorikiriMusashimaru 9-1

Juryo Division

Sentoryu (5-5) Takanotsuru (4-6)
Jumonji (5-5) Kuniazuma (5-5)

Wednesday's bouts

Tamarikido x - x +Oikari
Kobo x - x +Jumonji
Aogiyama x - x +Takatoriki
Aminishiki 1 - 1 Kitazakura
Otsukasa 1 - 2 Tochisakae
Kyokushuzan 0 - 0 Buyuzan
Higonoumi 2 - 4 Chiyotenzan
Tamakasuga 0 - 0 Hamanishiki
Wakanoyama 1 - 8 Kyokutenho
Oginishiki 3 - 4 Tosanoumi
Takanowaka 2 - 4 Akinoshima
Tokitsuumi 1 - 1 Tamanoshima
Wakanosato 5 - 4 Dejima
Kotonowaka 5 - 3 Kaiho
Asashoryu 2 - 0 Takanonami
Tochinonada 2 - 4 Kotomitsuki
Kaio 12 - 7 Tochiazuma
Musoyama 1 - 3 Daizen
Musashimaru 10 - 0 Toki

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