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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Arab nations could have helped Afghans

What does America owe Afghanistan? Our technology and resources won an end for them in their 20-year war. Yet, this doesn't seem to have satisfied them. They feel we were supposed to have rebuilt their nation, too.

Many in America agree with this point of view. What I can't understand is why?

Don't some of the richest people in the world live in these countries, like the Bin Laden family and thousands more? Why don't these men, who are rich beyond our comprehension, build up their nations?

They can't hate us for being in Saudi Arabia, as well as hating us for not taking over Afghanistan. They accuse us of destroying Iraq, but Saddam lives in palaces while he chemically annihilates his neighbors.

We pay billions to these nations every year to make life better for their people and every nation buys their oil. Yet all these trillions make no changes in the lives of the people who are left to starve and die.

Yet they hold us responsible. Why?

Beatrix Shishido

Will mayor will grab Waikiki beach next?

I always get a charge out of John Flanagan's columns but this one (Star-Bulletin, Talk Story, Nov. 4) managed to send my pacemaker into overdrive.

The great Mayor Harris land grab is under way and people act as if it were of actual benefit to the depression we are in here and not just some program that will benefit his buddies.

Eminent domain was not created for this purpose. It should benefit the people of the state, not just the John Kelley family. If you really believe that the mayor is doing something constructive, then he should immediately consider grabbing the land on Waikiki beach between the Hilton Hawaiian Village and the Outrigger Reef and give it to the Hilton. Then we could have the mayor condemn the land up on that hill where the grade school is, I think it is called Kamehameha Schools.

Can you imagine the number of fantastic condos we could build there once we get rid of the school? There is also the Lahainaluna hillside on Maui where even more condos could be built.

Perhaps we also could get hizzoner to condemn the Hawaii Convention Center and put in a Kentucky Fried Chicken. I understand most of them are successful.

I would also want the Aloha Tower property condemned. It could be turned into one heck of a parking lot.

I am sure that there is someone at the state who could think of some constructive use for the state Capitol building. Perhaps that retired partner from Microsoft could turn it into a Hawaiian music museum.

As the old saying goes, be careful what you condemn, you could be next.

Arnold Van Fossen


"It took the state forever to get us services."

Jennifer Colby

Mother of 6-year-old TJ, a cancer patient, and advocate for more and better tutoring services for children suffering from serious illnesses that often keep them out of school for long periods of time

"The Taliban, they were cruel people, and the whole city clapped and cheered when they retreated. The first thing I did was take my turban off and throw it away. I am going to enjoy my freedom."

Muhammad Humayun

23-year-old pharmacist in Taloqan, Afghanistan, on the atmosphere in his town after northern alliance troops liberated it from Taliban rule

It's smart as well as patriotic to go solar

Let's help Hawaii's local economy by following San Francisco and go solar. Residents there voted to transform their city into the nation's largest producer of sun-generated electricity approving a $100-million bond issue to install as many solar panels on rooftops as the entire nation does each year.

Hawaii and our national news media, Green Peace and local electric companies must convince our government to fast-track funding and 100 percent tax rebates for installation of solar panels on as many American homes as possible. Currently fewer than 1 percent of households in the United States have solar water heaters. In Israel, 85 percent of households have them because a law requires them.

The U.S. Army solar water project in Hawaii will place 650 solar units on the roofs of Helemano military housing units and on buildings at the Waianae Army Recreation Center. This project will save them a quarter of a million dollars a year annually in electrical costs for water heating.

Green Peace has a national poster of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney on the heads of dinosaurs that state they are fossil fools.

President Bush's next patriotic speech should include the goal of cutting our country's reliance on Middle East oil by 50 percent with alternate energy sources and technology that all cars will get at least 50 miles per gallon and insist the United States go solar.

Show your patriotism and help Hawaii go solar. Our state can be the largest producer of sun-generated electricity while creating useful job opportunities. Currently solar water heaters are not 100 percent tax deductible because of the utility company's complaints of loss of income.

Tom Sebas

Recycling will help solve landfill problem

Everyone fusses over where to put a new landfill and still most of the people of Hawaii do not want to recycle!

Wake up! We are on an island, running out of space for just about everything. Change your ways for the better.

Yes, we will still need a landfill, but it won't fill up nearly as fast if we recycle. Recycling is not only good for the islands, it's needed to keep our planet clean.

Doing your little part will help. Now don't get me started on littering ...

Stephen C. Kohn

Tim Chang shows good sportsmanship

I congratulate University of Hawaii quarterback Tim Chang for being a team player. Anyone who has played competitive sports knows that Chang wants to be in there and contribute to the team. Even hurt he has the confidence to do it. Most leaders on sports teams want to grab the ball and drive on to victory.

Sports, like life, is not always fair but Chang being the leader he is will lead his team to victory on the field or in life. We should be praising all our island athletes who work hard in the classroom and on the field including the coaches who give their time to our young people. I salute you.

John Ornellas
Lanai City, Lanai

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