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Tuesday, August 21, 2001

Patti Foshee holds a crystal cluster which enhances
healing within groups. It clears living and work
space of negative energy.

Crystal arts seek
peace of the rock

Some say that stones
have a healing power

By Nancy Arcayna

Some go to bed with them. Others carry them in their backpacks. Some even rub and squeeze them so they will feel better. No, we are not talking about teddy bears. Crystals are what these folks treasure.

Nonbelievers may consider the pet rocks a bunch of phony baloney. But to many new-agers, they are indispensable.

During a recent workshop, eight individuals met at the Honolulu Church of Light, sitting in a circle in a dimly lit room at a table brimming with crystals, in hope of gaining insight and developing spirituality by delving into a mysterious world. Several of the attendees brought their own crystals that they had tucked in their pockets or bags.

"Crystals are living energy," said Patti Foshee, who has practiced reiki and crystal healing for the past five years. "In shamanic cultures, it is believed that everything is alive and has consciousness.

"I used to do psychic readings but wanted more meaning in my life. People came to me so I could tell them what to do. My clients just wanted me to feed them a fish. And I learned that most people already know what they want to do anyway. It's much more meaningful to present workshops and classes where people can learn skills to enhance their own lives."

Foshee explained that choosing a crystal is not an easy task. "Sometimes we experience a feeling of harmony with certain people. It is the same thing with crystals," she said. "Hold the crystal in your left hand, and see how it makes you feel. Once you begin to feel your own energy and love, you've made friends with your crystal."

Since ancient times, crystals have played a part in the healing and enlightenment of humans, animals and plants. Healers, witch doctors, prophets, therapists and channelers have all used crystals for healing purposes. According to several Web sites, some people even believe that the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon is caused by crystals from the lost city of Atlantis, emitting energy from the bottom of the ocean.

The many outlandish tales associated with crystals cause many to look at use of crystals as witchcraft or pure bunk. Jerry Fujioka, one of the workshop participants, was a nonbeliever whose mind was changed after attending an earlier workshop.

A collection of crystals used by Patti Foshee
during healing sessions.

"My whole body was vibrating (which he attributes to the crystal he held in his hands). I thought people noticed me shaking, but I looked around and everyone was meditating.

"There was no vibration today ... maybe it's because this is a different crystal," he said.

Reiko Ibano has received a lot of crystals as gifts and wanted to learn to use them in a more powerful way. "The healing business in Japan is already booming," she said.

Malia Wagner, another workshop attendee, was worried about her past lives and a family curse, which she believes is the root of her struggles today. She sleeps with a crystal every night. "I have a leg injury, and if I use the crystal, in the morning the pain is gone," she said.

She purchased a large crystal in India. "I picked it up and could feel a heartbeat. I passed it to a lady next to me and asked her if she could feel anything, and her reply was 'No, but it's awfully pretty.' That is when I knew it was right for me. I brought it back and programmed it to heal the Hawaiian Islands," she said.

At the end of the class, Wagner hopped up on the table for a healing session.

"The setup (of crystals on the body) is basic and used for clearing, charging and balancing all of the major chakras. This creates a five-pointed star around the body, providing a protective force field," said Foshee as she placed several stones on Wagner, who claimed to "feel wonderful" after the session ended.

"Chakras (the body's energy centers) often get blocked, out of balance or even go backward," Foshee said. "The crystals emit an electromagnetic force that is harmonious with all types of healing.

"The most important thing to remember about crystals is that they hold and magnify whatever you put into them. They continue to hold this intent until you clear them and cleanse them. They are basically neutral, waiting for you to reprogram them with a new intent," she said.

"If a crystal is not programmed, it still magnifies energy in the space where it sits. Never argue around crystals, because it will magnify your anger," she warned.

A crystal with a long, slanted, sloping facet with a triangle on the opposite side may be used to remove debris from the body. Crystals that have at least two or three triangles on the tip or point of the crystal are used to put in energy and light wherever they are needed, she said.

Although Foshee claims her method can be used to relieve pain and cure ailments, Sharon Shigemasa, the public information officer at the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, said her organization is not familiar with this procedure in the treatment of disease.

"We normally do not recommend anything that doesn't have scientific proof," Shigemasa said, suggesting that people call the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine at 1-(888)-644-6226 if they have questions about alternative treatments.

"There will always be people that say, 'Yeah, right.' It's not necessary for them to believe in crystals, crystal healing or anything else for that matter. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't work. If they (nonbelievers) want to give it a try, I'd like to see what they experience.

"But if they are open to it, that's fine, too. It's really important for all of us to respect each other's beliefs," said Foshee.

The basic crystal layout for a healing procedure

Crystals needed:

>> Five quartz crystals, each with a single tip, so the energy can flow through the point.

>> Six small healing stones that correspond to the colors of the chakras. Red is used for the base chakra, orange for the spleen or creative chakra, yellow for the solar plexus chakra, green or pink for the heart chakra, blue for the throat chakra, indigo for the brow or third-eye chakra, and violet or white for the crown chakra. Small quartz points may be placed around chakra stones to enhance energy flow.

>> One "take-out" crystal, used to remove unwanted or negative energy.

>> One "putting-in" crystal, to insert light and fill empty areas.

A person should lie face up. Beginning with the five quartz crystals, place a quartz crystal in each hand, facing toward the wrist. Place one crystal at the instep of each foot with the point facing inward. Place the remaining crystal at the crown. A clear or amethyst quartz must be used in the crown area.

Next, place the six healing stones on the appropriate chakras. The small quartz points may be used in areas of need. When placed around the chakras, they should form a cross.

The taking-out crystal is used next to remove unwanted energy by placing it over each chakra crystal. Then, the putting-in crystal inserts light.

Patti Foshee suggests starting at the base of the chakra, rotating the crystal in a clockwise motion to create a balance. Once the procedure feels complete, move on to the next chakra. The main goal is to channel healing light and love to the receiver, she said.

Crystal workshop

What: Crystal healing workshops
When: From 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday and Aug. 30
Where: Honolulu Church of Light, 1539 Kapiolani Blvd.
Cost: $20 per workshop
Call: 952-0880

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