Wednesday, June 6, 2001

911 callers describe
Wahiawa shooting

By Rod Antone

Honolulu police have released excerpts of 911 emergency calls recorded Sunday before a police sharpshooter shot and killed 20-year-old Dustan Long of Wahiawa. Police said prior to that fatal shot, Long had shot and wounded two other males at a party and then later fired twice at police responding to the scene.

The calls were made mostly by Long's neighbors.

One call came from Wahiawa General Hospital, where the two shooting victims were taken for treatment. Police Chief Lee Donohue said during a Monday press conference that these initial calls were made between 2:10 and 2:18 a.m. Sunday.

Police: Police, can I help you?

Caller No. 1: Um, hi, I think there's a fight outside of our house on our road.

Police: What's the address? How many people?

Caller No. 1: I don't know, there's like a whole bunch inside and everybody's swearing and I heard somebody hit somebody.

Police: Can you see...

Caller No. 1: No, I'm not going to go outside. No.

Police: OK, we'll get somebody over there.

Caller No. 1: OK, thank you.

Those at the party said Long and his girlfriend had gotten into an argument, which escalated until it became a fight that involved other people. During that fight, witnesses said, one of Long's friends was knocked out and it was then that Long fired a .22 caliber rifle into a car leaving the party.

Police: Police, can I help you?

Caller No. 2: I live in upper Karsten (Drive), Wahiawa. There's a guy shooting off a gun, there's a party up here somewhere.

Police: How many gunshots you heard?

Caller No. 2: What?

Police: How many gunshots you heard?

Caller No. 2: Four.

Police: Four?

Caller No. 2: Yes.

Police: You know a description of the guy?

Caller No. 2: I don't know who these people are.

Police: Can you give me a description of the person holding the gun, though?

Caller No. 2: I (just) heard the shots.

Police: You just heard it.

Caller No. 2: Yup, and I heard people yelling. There's a party or something, a graduation party.

Police: We have officers on the way.

The next caller identified herself as the relative of one of the shooting victims. She said she was standing next to the car when the shots were fired.

Caller No. 3: I'm calling from Karsten Drive. There was a graduation party across the street.

Police: Yeah.

Caller No. 3: My nephews were parked in our driveway, and something was happening, a commotion or something, and as my nephews were leaving, a kid that lives across the street went shoot one gun, a BB gun. I don't know what it was but he went shoot at my nephew them.

Police: Anybody got hurt?

Caller No. 3: Huh?

Police: Anybody got hurt?

Caller No. 3: I don't know.

Police: Where's your nephew them?

Caller No. 3: They drove away, but I was standing right there and he shot at my nephew them. ... I'm kind of shaken up because, you know, I was standing near to the car when they were backing up and the kid shot the gun. I don't know what kind of gun, but I could have gotten shot.

The caller went on to tell police that she believed the shooter was still across the street in his home. Another caller said he heard "five or six shots" that sounded like "pow, pow, pow, pow." He described the scene of the party as "everyone screaming" and that all he saw were "lots of cars."

The final phone call is from the hospital.

ER Staff: Hi, this is Wahiawa ER, and we just received couple guys that came in that claimed that they got shot.

Police: OK. Anybody that was at the scene?

ER Staff: I don't know, they just drove here. They just walked in.

Police: OK, so you don't know where they came from.

ER Staff: No, nothing.

Police: OK, we'll send someone right over.

ER Staff: Thanks.

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