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Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Lingle and party are still Republicans

Whoa, Nellie! I can hardly believe my eyes when both daily papers applaud newly found virtues of candidate Linda Lingle and her "New Republicans," who have suddenly discovered the Democratic Party's venerable platform of inclusivity, compassion and accomplishment.

During the next arduous 18-month campaign, Hawaii's long-suffering voters should know:

>> Party does count, no matter what the hype says. Social-fiscal conservatives are simply not going to support a liberal agenda for native Hawaiians, environmental security, gays' or women's rights. As amply evident on the national scene, you eventually gotta dance with who brung you.

>> Political opportunism is not a philosophy or an implementation plan. As noted by a respected Republican friend, "If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it ain't an elephant or a donkey."

>> Common sense and humor will help, and Hawaii's residents will all benefit from the opportunity to get involved, informed and motivated. We are safe reading Corky Trinidad's cartoons.

>> Finally, if Lingle wants to pursue a kinder, gentler agenda, she should join the new Democratic Party and build on Hawaii's successes and challenges for the next 50 years.

Paula Z. Helfrich


"It should serve as a reminder that freedom has never come free."

Alan De Coite,
Maui resident, who has turned his passion for restoring military aircraft and vehicles into a museum on Maui's military history.

"The glamour of the job wears off real fast. You're going to get dirty."

Norman Hahn,
Honolulu City and County paramedic, on the difficulty of retaining paramedics, who leave for higher-paying jobs with private ambulance services or decide that the demanding work, which exposes them to hazardous diseases, is not for them.

Sowell will reap parking lots

I don't know from what oil rig Thomas Sowell ("Greener-than-thou crusade has human casualties," Star-Bulletin, May 24) fell off, but he's definitely fallen from grace. Sowell calls people who object to 50 acres of rainforests being bulldozed to extinction every minute "green bigots" and "pagan nature worshippers."

What might Sowell's religion be? Not Muslim, for Allah is the Compassionate One toward all of Earth's creatures; not of the Chinese philosophy, "we form one body with heaven, Earth, and all living things..."; not with Hinduism, where the supreme Rama "wandered the forests with its flowering plants, fruit-bearing bushes, elephants and monkeys"; and certainly not Buddhism, where karuna, (compassion), is a supreme cosmic power.

Nor can Sowell be a Christian. If a wild-eyed green bigot told Sowell that the kingdom of God "is like a mustard seed, which when sown upon the ground...grows up and becomes the greatest of all shrubs and puts forth large branches, so that the birds of the air can make nests in its shade," he'd say, "Kingdom of God in a mustard seed? Heresy! Put him away!"

Sowell's apparent God is the GNP with its prayers for parking lots. One day he'll ascend to realize that we're all God's creatures, and that to wantonly destroy a living species is to silence forever a divine voice.

Howard C. Wiig

Visitors want to know more about Hawaii

What a powerful article on tourism ("Tourism: How much is too much," Star-Bulletin, May 27)! How I wish I had read this before our trip there in April.

Hawaii touched my soul in such a special way. The person who made our trip so memorable was a cab driver named Manny. He talked of his land with so much love and tried to impart as much knowledge to us as he could in a short time.

Until I read your article I had no idea what the lei signified. We need more education in how to be a good guest to your beautiful islands. Mahalo and aloha.

Shirley Sadowski
Lompoc, Calif.

Tye family's pain is understandable

As an officer with the police department, I can sympathize with the family of Tamara Tye. I know it looks horrid when the killer of your daughter is released after an apparent DUI arrest. Believe me, I know how they feel because the alleged killer of Honolulu Officer Dannygriggs M. Padayao was released after his arrest also.

Sometimes, there are things that are more apparent in an investigation that the general public is not privy to. I do hope Tamara's family members find justice and closure for their daughter.

William McCoy
Ewa Beach

Tax exemption makes schools vulnerable

I don't know who can take the credit for getting this IRS-sanctioned Kamehameha Schools travesty back under fire, but I've done what I can to get this before the public by writing letters to the media and to the IRS.

I've made it clear that Kamehameha Schools, which is supported by every taxpayer from Hawaii to Alabama to Washington state bars the door to non-Hawaiian children. I've pointed out that this "at least one Hawaiian ancestor" rule that Kamehameha Schools claims as proof that it isn't racist is just calculated subterfuge and, under closer examination, really proves that they are. If Kamehameha Schools was a non-taxpayer-supported activity, I wouldn't care who they admit, or how it administers its funds.

A lot of folks didn't come out of their bomb shelters to have an opinion on Rice vs. Cayetano until after the U.S. Supreme Court made clear to them that American citizens cannot be discriminated against by race and ethnicity in the voting booth. Then it all seemed so simple and straightforward.

Are these same fearful, politically correct cowards going to reserve their opinions until the Supreme Court once again decides that you can't bar certain American children from taxpayer-supported and funded schools? I'm sure the principles (and 14th Amendment) will all seem so basic after the court explains it to them.

Kevin Gagan

Hawaii Kai Post Office won't harm heiau

We wish to thank John DeLima (Star-Bulletin, May 16) for expressing his concerns over the possible destruction of historic sites by the planned development adjacent to the Hawaii Kai Post Office. We also wish to reassure him that no historic sites will be destroyed by the proposed developments.

We believe that DeLima is referring to Hawea Heiau, which was on Kaluanui Ridge. Hawea Heiau was reported partially dismantled in 1930. It appears that by the 1960s much of the remaining site was destroyed during road construction for the development of the Mariner's Ridge subdivision. Development of the Kalele Kai Condominiums did not affect the heiau, as they were built on fill lands put in that area during the development of Hawaii Kai in the 1960s.

Furthermore, the landowners of the proposed development adjacent to the post office have complied with all applicable laws concerning historic sites. The recorded location of Hawea Heiau is mauka of this area.

We invite DeLima and any other interested residents to visit our office in Kapolei in order to review the reports and correspondence on file concerning this part of Hawaii Kai.

Don Hibbard
Historic Preservation Division
State Department of Land and Natural Resources

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