Kokua Line

By June Watanabe

Thursday, May 10, 2001

Drivers should merge
before end of onramp

Question: I read the "auwe" the other day about the proper way to merge onto the freeway. I am totally confused. I have always gone to the end of the ramp. I merge when I get to the end of the ramp thinking I am doing the right thing. But that driver says I should stop at the entrance and then accelerate. To me, that creates a problem. Which is correct? Please let me know.

Answer: That driver ("Kokua Line," May 2) was correct.

A former Hawaii resident also contacted us after seeing the "auwe," saying he is glad to be living in Atlanta, where "people are a little more traffic savvy." He said people stopping at the end of the onramp "used to be one of my pet peeves also during my 20-plus years in Hawaii."

Asked to explain what the rule is, John Lovstedt of the state's Motor Vehicle Safety Office pointed us to Page 78 of the Hawaii Driver's Manual.

Here's what it says:

"Observe traffic in the entrance lane. If it is congested, slow down or stop near the entrance. DO NOT MOVE SLOWLY TO THE END OF THE ENTRANCE LANE AND STOP. It is very difficult and dangerous to attempt to enter freeway traffic when you are stopped at the end of the entrance lane.

"When the entrance lane is clear, use your turn signal to indicate that you are going to merge into the freeway traffic lane; then increase the speed of your vehicle to match that of the freeway traffic.

"Look to see if there are any oncoming vehicles in the freeway near lane. If not, move into the freeway near lane and maintain your speed. If there are oncoming vehicles, slow your vehicle slightly and move in behind the oncoming vehicle."

Q: I called other Star-Bulletin numbers to see if they were going to sell newspaper tubes, since I was notified that I could no longer receive my paper in my mailbox. I know that is illegal, but at least I always knew where the paper was. I looked around at the local hardware stores and can't seem to find one. Will the Star-Bulletin be providing one or a least give me a place where I can buy it?

A: You can buy Star-Bulletin newspaper tubes for $6 each by calling 529-4848.

"Barring an overwhelming demand, we should be able to provide tubes to most customers upon request," says Mark Lewis, circulation manager for Oahu Publications. "This will be an item we will regularly keep in stock. However, if there is a high demand, some customers may have to wait until the next shipment arrives."

Q: Can you have the city remove a dead monkeypod tree at Kapahulu and Date streets? It's been bare for months. We called several weeks ago, and the city has done nothing so far.

A: The tree will be scheduled for eventual removal and replacement, according to a spokesman in the city Department of Parks and Recreation's beautification division.

Although the tree does look dead, it is still green at the base, he said. Workers hope the tree, a transplant that has been in that location for a while, will re-sprout. However, although there is no indication of any disease, it doesn't look like it is rejuvenating, the spokesman said.

Still, there is no sense of urgency or danger in removing the tree immediately, he said.

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