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Monday, May 7, 2001

Cheech & Chong
meet crack seed

"Why don't you write a column on crack seed?" a friend visiting from the mainland asked.

I already have, I said. I've written all about crack seed, how it is salty, sour, shriveled up little pieces of fruit pit that I find disgusting.

No, he said. Write about CRACK seed, like seed for growing crack cocaine. Get it?

I did. I was embarrassed that I hadn't thought of it myself. But when you live in one place so long, you lose that outsider's perspective on things. The more I thought about crack seed from a mainlanders view, the funnier it got. I pictured an old Cheech and Chong routine. You know, like Cheech is just returning to Los Angeles after a vacation in Hawaii. Chong meets him in a beat up hippie van. Cheech jumps in frantic and says, "Floor it, man!"

Chong: You must have scored some good stuff, man! Were the cops on your tail?

Cheech: Check it out, man. (He opens a carry-on bag stuffed with all manner of crack seed.)

Chong: That doesn't look like weed, man. I thought you went to Hawaii to score some righteous buds.

Cheech: This is better, man. This is crack seed.

Chong: Crack seed?

Cheech: Yeah, man. Hawaii's a hip place. They just sell this stuff in the stores. I couldn't believe it. Little kids buying it right out in the open.

Chong: So, we're gonna grow our own crack, man? We'll be rich. What kind of crack are we gonna grow?

Cheech: All kinds, man. Look here, I got Li Hing Mui, Cherry Seed, Sweet Sour Whole Seed and, check this out, Brown Ginger.

Chong: Brown Ginger. What's that?

Cheech: It's code, man. You know, like the pakalolo? They got Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, Kaneohe Krud ... Well, the crack seed has all kinds of different names.

Chong: So how do you grow crack, man. Like, in a closet with grow lights?

Cheech: No, man. I figure they never seen a crack plant in L.A. We'll just plant it out by the freeway.

Chong: How do you know it's good stuff?

Cheech: I tested it, man.

Chong: You smoked one of those seeds, man? They look hard to light.

Cheech: No, dude, I watched the little kids checking theirs. They lick it. So I licked some of that Rock Salt Plumb, the Shredded Mango and one called Wet Lemon, which was pretty gross.

Chong: So, it's good stuff?

Cheech: Powerful, man. My mouth just seized up. Couldn't open it for an hour. Then I had to drink a gallon of water.

Chong: That's heavy, man.

Cheech: Those Hawaii dudes are hard core, man. Sometimes, they don't even wait for the crack to grow. They just sit around all day eating the crack seeds.

Chong: Total heads, huh?

Cheech: Yeah, man. They must have built up a tolerance.

Chong: Hey, man, I'd like a little hit off of the that Sweet Sour crack seed. Just a taste.

Cheech: OK, man, but be careful. (Chong licks the dried plum.)

Chong: Wow, man, that's righteous! Let me have another lick.

Cheech: No, man. Not while you're driving.

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