Kalani Simpson


By Kalani Simpson

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Cast your vote for
Hawaii’s best sportscaster

THE YOUNG MEN having a discussion couldn't decide the matter among themselves, so they decided to seek an expert opinion. This was important.

"Uncle Tony," one said. "Who is the best sportscaster?"

They expected a quick pronouncement. They thought it would be settled right there.

But he surprised them. "That depends," he said.

Uncle Tony is a wise man.

You can't just rush into a decision like this.

Who is the best local sportscaster?

I don't know. I haven't signed up for cable yet. My TV gets one channel: Blockbuster.

But you know. You've watched them every night. You study their moves and their nuances. Some are better reporters. Some have more style. A few, you just like more than the rest. You have an opinion.

Let's hear it. Cast your vote for best local sportscaster, and your reasons why, at

Go ahead, throw in radio guys if you want.

We'll count the votes, write about it, include some of your comments (anonymously).

I get a good column while you do all the work, and the best sportscaster gets recognized. Maybe we'll help somebody get a raise.


...that there is a newspaper offering to pay $1 million for a picture of Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki naked.

I am willing to go as high as $2.87 for a photo of Star-Bulletin sportswriter Paul Arnett without a hat on.


Take the Sidelines Quiz:

1. We don't know who the new University of Hawaii baseball coach is because:

a) He's already got another job somewhere and has to be discreet while he decides if he wants to take this one.

b) It's not a done deal yet.

c) UH isn't sure itself who the new coach is going to be.

d) All of the above.

2. In men's volleyball, the correct pronunciation of "libero" is:

a) "Li-ber-o."

b) "Lee-bro."

c) "L-Train."

d) "Wrong-shirt boy."

3. Now that St. Louis School product Dominic Raiola has been drafted into pro football, the 6-foot-1, 303-pound center needs a nickname for the NFL. It should be:

a) "The Dominator."

b) "The Poi Pounder."

c) "Captain Insano."

d) "Um, that's 'Captain Insano' in strictly the most complimentary sense, of course."

4. In men's volleyball, "rally scoring" is:

a) Stupid.

b) Really stupid.

c) An abomination.

d) Well, maybe not quite that bad, but still pretty stupid.

5. The UH baseball team:

a) Battles with a lot of heart.

b) But kills itself with too many mistakes (although they did take two-of-three from Rice).

c) Should go back to the green and orange uniforms.

d) All of the above.

6. When the strike is over:

a) Interscholastic League of Honolulu teams and athletes will have the advantage because they have been playing and practicing all this time.

b) Oahu Interscholastic Association teams and athletes will have the advantage in the shortened season because they are "hungrier."

c) Unfortunately, the strike will not be settled in time.

d) Strike?

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