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Monday, March 12, 2001


Gill is solely at fault for turmoil at Local 5

Once again, your Feb. 27 editorial has it wrong about the turmoil at Local 5. You blame Tony Rutledge for Local 5 being placed under trusteeship by the international union, stating, "Rutledge was willing to bring the local's operations to a halt in order to undermine Eric Gill."

It's true there has been friction between Gill and supporters of Rutledge. But the facts present a different picture.

The international union (IU) sent an independent, highly qualified special master to Hawaii for three months to look into Local 5's problems. Some of the things the master wrote in his final report, published two months ago, were:

Bullet "Gill has been the chief contributor to the local's continuing state of unrest."

Bullet "Despite Gill's assertions to the contrary, he has failed to demonstrate any effectiveness as Local 5's negotiator."

Bullet Local 5 committee members in the collective bargaining pro-cess "were often surprised because they found out what was going on from statements or interviews issued by Gill for publication on TV or in the press."

Bullet Gill "has created a perception of ethnic favoritism prompting charges that the local is being split along ethnic lines."

Bullet "Gill fired virtually every experienced and valuable business agent and organizer, and in his/her stead has made some highly questionable appointments."

Bullet "Gill and his staff are bypassing shop stewards in their dealings with members."

Bullet "Gill more often than not has assumed the posture of being in sole control of the union's operations, taking actions as if his decisions had no limits."

Moreover, in a letter to Gill earlier this month, IU President John Wilhelm blasted him for "attempting to railroad the membership in approving the new collective bargaining agreement with the Hawaii Council of Hotels."

Wilhelm felt so strongly about this that he did the unusual: He wrote the Hilton's Peter Schall, chief negotiator for the hotels, and asked that they "not enter into any collective bargaining agreement with Mr. Gill acting on behalf of Local 5."

These letters and the special master report make it clear who's at fault for the turmoil at Local 5. It's not Tony Rutledge, the executive board, the collective bargaining committee or shop stewards. It's Eric Gill.

Arlene Ilae
Former Executive Board Member
Local 5



"It's really sad to see that a
former trustee would sue the agency,
trying to extract money from beneficiaries,
when you're supposed to be
protecting the trust."

Rowena Akana
Responding to a Circuit Court lawsuit filed by former
Trustee A. "Frenchy" DeSoto, claiming that she was
denied a helper to enable her to fulfill her
duties during her term


"I have erred, and I wish
to commence paying my debt to
society as soon as possible."

Noboru Yonamine
Changing his plea in Ewa District Court from
"not guilty" to "guilty" after originally contesting
the charge of driving under the influence
of alcohol. Yonamine has a previous
DUI conviction.

Volcanoes Park doesn't need to be enlarged

More commercializing on the Big Island? Do we really need it (Star-Bulletin, Feb. 27)?

I personally don't think Kahuku Ranch should be sold to expand the Volcanoes National Park. Who needs more tourist attractions? More bed & breakfasts?

Who uses them? Tourists! Is that all we care about? Wouldn't that take businesses away from major hotels already on the island? And what of the current bed-and-breakfasts? Wouldn't this somehow affect them, too?

Outside of gift shops, coffee shops and others currently in Kona, Naalehu, Hilo and the existing Volcanoes park, is this considered necessary?

Tourists. Ah, yes. Their spending does bring in revenue for Hawaii. But why do they really come here? To see Hawaii, in all her glory and beauty.

The pristine landscapes, untouched beaches, the Hawaiian way of life and the mana are essential to Hawaii and her people.

Could this be part of Governor Cayetano's anti-Hawaiian campaign?

Look at Kunia, Waipahu, Ewa and Makakilo. It's terrible! It's downright ugly. And it's embarrassing! The same could be for the Big Island as well.

Say no to the sale of Kahuku Ranch for the expansion of Volcanoes National Park and future commercializing.

Doreen Kapea
Lemoore, Calif.

Thanks for support following accident

We have been truly overwhelmed by the warmth and love all of you continue to provide us during this challenging time. We are certain that your prayers and wishes have helped in June's recovery to this point.

We humbly ask for your continued prayers and well-wishes but that you refrain from coming to the hospital. The physicians tell us June must rest over the coming weeks in order to allow his body to heal.

Now is a time for June to focus on his recovery and for our family members to reserve their strength for him.

We are truly blessed to have you as our extended ohana and June looks forward to seeing all of you when he is fully recuperated.

Thank you for your understanding and loyal support.

Diane and June Jones

Gambling creates many problems

I am a retired sociologist who has written many articles and books about social problems. Gambling clearly is a primary problem, because it produces numerous other serious problems everywhere it is legal.

Those who benefit from "gaming" ignore its harmful effects. Here are just a few of the many gambling-connected tragedies:

Bullet Las Vegas is number one nationally in suicides, women killed by men, gambling addictions, divorce and high school dropouts. It is number three in bankruptcies and abortions; number four in rapes, out-of-wedlock births and alcohol related deaths; number five in crimes; number six in locked-up prisoners; number 50 in voter participation.

Bullet For children, legalized gambling would be attractive and destructive. In Atlantic City, 64 percent of the students of a high school had gambled at local casinos.

Bullet Despite a Massachusetts state law prohibiting the purchase of lottery tickets by those under age 18, a state survey found that 47 percent of seventh-grade children had bought lottery tickets.

Bullet The Iowa Department of Human Services has reported an enormous rise in adolescent gambling addiction since the state's legalization of casinos.

If you don't want those terible things to happen here, tell your legislators that you oppose legalized gambling in Hawaii.

Jerome G. Manis

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