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Thursday, December 7, 2000


Gore ignores votes of servicemen and women

The effort of Al Gore to spin the issue of "uncounted" votes in Florida must be corrected. Those 10,000 supposedly uncounted votes in Miami-Dade County are falsely depicted.

Those ballots were counted twice. That they may not have shown a vote for president proves that some people may have simply decided to support "none of the above." Voting instructions were quite clear.

On the other hand, military absentee ballots that were thrown out for lack of a postmark were never counted. It is disappointing that our respected war veteran, Sen. Dan Inouye, has remained silent on the disenfranchisement of our service men and women.

Janice Pechauer

Gore thinks American people are stupid

I've never supported Al Gore and I'm glad that I didn't. I'm not so upset about the fact that he turned out to be a whiner but that he insults the intelligence of American citizens.

Whom is he kidding by saying that all he is trying to do is uphold the democratic process? In his twisted mind, this simply means he should be declared the winner of the election at all costs.

Gore wants to appeal the results because he's a sore loser. His ego was damaged and he can't handle it.

Leighton Ito

A primer to help understand Gore's logic

During this election controversy, many people may be having trouble understanding exactly what Al Gore and the Democrats are saying. Here is an interpretive guide on their true intent:

Bullet It is not about who wins or loses, it's about our democracy. (As long as Gore wins.)

Bullet Every legal vote must be counted. (As long as it is for Gore.)

Bullet The Florida secretary of state should have included partial counts and should have accepted late counts. (Because we are Democrats and meaningless Sup-reme Court deadlines or election laws don't matter to us.)

Bullet It is important that we determine the intent of each and every voter. (Since we know everyone intended to vote for Gore, even if they voted for Bush.)

Bullet The butterfly ballot is confusing. (Albeit only to Democrats. Hey, nobody said we were smart.)

Bullet The rule of law must prevail. (And if it doesn't prevail for Democrats, we'll sue. Why? Because we can.)

Bullet Every legally cast absentee military ballot must be counted. (Not!)

This should clear up any confusion about what Gore and the Democrats are really saying and thinking.

Mark Middleton



"I just look forward to learning what goes on and what I can do as a board member."
Carol Gabbard
After induction ceremonies at the Supreme Court building while, outside, gay activists were publicly protesting her election. They are worried that her previous political involvement in fighting same-sex marriage in Hawaii will manifest itself during her tenure.

"There's no one who's going to be intimidated. We're going to attack and be very aggressive."
Dave Shoji
Confident that the Wahine can defeat Long Beach State tonight in NCAA West Regional play at the Stan Sheriff Center

Republicans will stop at nothing to steal office

Following an unrelenting eight-year Republican effort to destroy a very successful presidency, we're watching a Republican theft of the White House.

The rich and powerful friends of George W. Bush's daddy -- assisted by brother Jeb, Florida Secretary of State Harris and Judge Sauls -- have mounted a dizzying array of efforts to prevent ballots from being counted. If properly counted, they would be sufficient to put Al Gore in the White House.

This is a naked in-your-face rape of democracy that is likely to be quantified after the thieves have gained the White House. When viewed from the perspective of the last eight years, it's obvious that Republicans are willing to destroy democracy to achieve power. And to think that we thought the communists were our enemies.

Rick Lloyd

Specialized dental services are vital

The Queen's Medical Center Dental Residency Program and Clinic is the only one of its type in Hawaii. Closure of this program due to lack of funding in June 2001, as had been planned, would have eliminated unique services that this program provides:

Bullet 24-hour emergency dental care coverage, of which many cases involve trauma and severe dental infections in adults and children.

Bullet Dental care for the poor, medically fragile, physically and mentally disabled.

Bullet Postgraduate education and training for civilian dentists in hospital dentistry and caring for severely ill patients.

Bullet Dental consultations for patients in the hospital.

Bullet A dedicated team of dentists and physicians who donate hundreds of hours every year.

In a time where access to care is a major issue for the very same population that the Queen's Dental Program serves, this 40-year-old program fills a great need. For anyone who is involved in an accident or develops a severe illness or disability in the future, this program could prove crucial to their health.

As a past graduate of this program and one of its many volunteer dentists, I feel the continuation of this program is worth funding for the benefit of everyone.

Angela M.A. Chin, D.M.D.
Queen's Medical Center

Hawaiians must unite against David Murdock

As a member of a kamaaina family with a history of more than 125 years in the islands, I am appalled at the self-annointed pomposity and outright greed displayed by David Murdock.

He describes his plan to rape Lanai as a desire to "improve things" and to make it "the most beautiful place in the world." What gall! Does Murdock truly think he can improve on what God has created? I hope Pele activates every "dormant" volcano, beginning with Diamond Head.

Murdock's bottom-line is greed at the destruction of an island, with high-rises erected to the glory of this vain demi-god. There will be luxury homes plopped onto the fertile soil of once productive and beautiful pineapple fields, and needless golf courses for the rich and aimless.

I call for every Hawaiian who wants to stop any further destruction of the natural beauty of the islands to unite and write congressmen, senators, the secretary of the Interior and President Clinton to confiscate Lanai and protect it from the likes of Murdock.

Tim Dahlberg
Phoenix, Ariz.

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