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Friday, November 24, 2000

Isle Pages

This listing of new books about Hawaii or by Hawaii writers is published on the last Friday of each month.

Bullet "Hawaii's War Years 1941-1945," by Gwenfread Allen (Pacific Monograph), softcover.

Gwenfread Allen began writing "Hawaii War Years 1941-1945" less than five years after World War II ended and published her work in 1950. With the support of the Hawaii War Records Committee of the University of Hawai'i she was able to chronicle in extensive detail the military, political, economic and social impact of the war here.

She reported the highs and lows of life on the home front and documented bureaucratic bungling and turf wars between governmental entities and the private sector. It is frank and fascinating.

Allen tells of the shock felt by some here on seeing Caucasians performing manual labor, and of the fear that too many "Negroes" might want to stay after the war. She writes of Territorial Attorney General J. Garner Anthony's heroic campaign to end military rule in Hawaii, the incident on Ni'ihau in which a Japanese-American resident aided a marooned Japanese fighter pilot following the attack on Pearl Harbor, and reveals that the civil rights of Italian- and German-Americans were curtailed along with those of Japanese-Americans in 1942.

Allen's account holds other surprises. More than 40,000 island men of all races joined the armed forces and there were complaints that the Army was emphasizing the successes and sacrifices of Japanese-American soldiers while ignoring the loyal service of island men of other races.

Pacific Monograph principal Burl Burlingame makes no concessions to contemporary political correctness in keeping Allen's work intact. He also adds no information that was not available 51 years ago. This makes the book a valuable reference on the perspectives of the era.

The new edition does not include photographs from the 1950 edition, and its condensed index is less comprehensive than the original. The photos will be available in a companion volume. Restoring the original index to the next printing would be advisable.

John Berger
Special to the Star-Bulletin


Bullet "Hula Girl," by gael P. Mustapha (Island Heritage), paperback, 124 pages, $4.95

Nothing unexpected happens in gael P. Mustapha's "Hula Girl."

The book is a fairy tale written for adolescent girls with simple characters and simple lessons for life.

It tells the story of Kehaulani Pelekane, a 12-year-old who is chosen to represent her halau in the Miss Keiki Hula Competition, an event to which the book is dedicated.

Kehau lives in Keaukaha on homestead land outside of Hilo. Her family is supportive, loving and totally nondysfunctional. Her father and siblings play ukulele, Tutu sews quilts, Grampa makes fish nets, Mama weaves lauhala baskets. Everyone goes to church bearing plumeria lei strung after a dinner of poi, stew, fish, rice and fresh pineapple.

The family has taken in cousin Momi, who was getting into trouble in Honolulu and was sent to Keaukaha to straighten out, which she does. Papa has taken under his wing, Joe, the son of one of his workers, who also needs to straighten out, which he does.

Kehau's kumu hula is ailing and confides to the girl that this will be the last competition she will have her halau enter. Of course, this revelation puts pressure on Kehau to do well in the contest.

Mustapha, who lived in Hawaii for 30 years, demonstrates her knowledge of life in the islands, using little details locals would recognize: Saloon Pilot crackers and saimin, nicknames like "Honey Girl" and the constant rainfall in Hilo. She also includes in the story line little history lessons about the influence of Western culture on native Hawaiians.

"Hula Girl" hardly challenges the sensibilities of young readers, but has charming moments and illustrates Mustapha's love of hula.

By Cynthia Oi, Star-Bulletin


Bullet "Never Let 'Em See You Sweat: A Tranquilizer for Presenters," by Phil Slott (Ad-Land Press), hardcover, 200 pages, $15.95.

Phil Slott was a successful ad man who created such memorable slogans as the U.S. Navy's "It's not just a job, it's an adventure," and Gillette's "Never let 'em see you sweat." He suffered a motorcycle accident in 1993 in Kohala that left him unable to walk, talk or remember his wife's name. He fought his way back and is now able to share some of his hard-won tips of presentation for would-be speakers and executives in a little handbook, using the words of his Gillette campaign.

Slott serves up easy-to-digest advice in simple language, starting with a bunch of "nevers," such as "never be pointless," "never be ignorable" and "never ignore the other guy."

All this assumes the audience is receptive to your message, but even if they aren't, Slott offers ways to deflect criticism and hecklers. Anyone who works for OHA, Bishop Estate or government could probably use a copy of the book.

By Nadine Kam, Star-Bulletin

Local Best Sellers


1. "Hide and Seek in Hawaii 2, " Jane Hopkis & Ian Gillespie, Mutual Publishing
2. "Hawaiian Flowers Cut-out Paper Dolls," Yuko Green, Island Heritage
3. "Hawaiian Marine Life Color & Activity Book," Yuko Green, Island Heritage
4. "Golden Children of Hawaii Cut-Out Dolls," Yuko Green, Island Heritage
5. "Hide and Seek in Hawaii," Jane Hopkis & Ian Gillespie, Mutual Publishing
6. "Goodnight Gecko," Gill McBarnet, Ruwanga Trading
7. "Twas the Night Before Christmas," edited by Valjeanne Budar, Bess Press
8. "Aloha Bear 123 Counting Workbook," Yuko Green, Island Heritage
9. "State of Hawaii Coloring Book," Wren, Bess Press
10. "Baby Honu's Incredible Journey," Tammy Yee, Island Heritage


1. "Hawaii Big Island Revealed, 2nd Edition," Andrew Doughty and Harriet Freidman, Wizard Publications
2. "The Hiker's Guide to Oahu, Revised Edition," Stuart Ball, University of Hawaii Press
3. "Maui on My Mind," Rita Ariyoshi, Mutual Publishing
4. "Hawaii's Spam Cookbook," Ann Kondo Corum, Bess Press
5. "Ohana Style Cookbook," St. Francis Medical Center, Island Heritage
6. "Kauai Movie Book," Chris Cook, Mutual Publishing
7. "Pidgin To Da Max," Douglas Simonson, Bess Press
8. "Hawaiian Style Cooking," Rhonda Lizama, Kahaunani Kauai
9. "Hawaii's Natural Wonders," Douglas Peebles, Mutual Publishing
10. "Ultimate Kauai Guidebook, 3rd Edition," Andrew Doughty and Harriet Friedman, Wizard Publications


1. "Hawaii's Best Spooky Tales 4," Rick Carroll, Bess Press
2. "New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary," Mary Kawena Pukui et al., UH Press
3. "Hawaii's Best Spooky Tales 3," Rick Carroll, Bess Press
4. "Glen Grant's Chicken Skin Tales," Glen Grant, Mutual Publishing
5. "Hawaii's Best Spooky Tales 2: More True Local Spine-Tinglers," Rick Carroll, Bess Press
6. "Hawaii's Best Spooky Tales: The Original," Rick Carroll, Bess Press
7. "Hawaii's Best Spooky Tales: True Local Spine-Tinglers," Rick Carroll, Bess Press
8. "Numbah One Day of Christmas," edited by Valjeanne Budar, Bess Press
9. "Waikiki Yesteryear," Glen Grant, Mutual Publishing
10. "Hawaiian Quilt, Spiritual Experience," Poakalani and John Serrao, Mutual Publishing


1. "Pearl Harbor: The Way It Was," Scott Stone, Island Heritage
2. "Mark Twain In Hawaii," Mark Twain, Mutual Publishing
3. "The Tattoo," Chris McKinney, Mutual PublishinG
4. "Shoal of Time: A History of the Hawaiian Islands," Gavan Daws, UH Press
5. "Myths and Legends of Hawaii," W. D. Westervelt, Mutual Publishing
6. "Hawaii's Story," Lydia Liliuokalani, Mutual Publishing
7. "Stories of Hawaii," Jack London, Mutual Publishing
8. "Betrayal of Liliuokalani," Helena Allen, Mutual Publishing
9. "Hawaiian Reader," A. Grove Day (editor), Mutual Publishing
10. "Hawaiian Historical Legends," W. D. Westervelt, Mutual Publishing


1. "Hawaii's Best Mochi Recipes," Jean Watanabe Hee, Mutual Publishing
2. "Student Atlas of Hawaii," James O. and Sonia P. Juvik, Thomas R. Paradise, Bess Press
3. "Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Birds," H. Douglas Pratt, Mutual Publishing
4. "Things Hawaiian: Guide To Language," Albert Schutz, Island Heritage
5. "Pocket Guide To Hawaii's Flowers," Leland Miyano, Mutual Publishing
6. "The Illustrated Atlas of Hawaii," Daws Bushnell & Berger, Island Heritage
7. "Atlas of Hawai'i Third Edition," Sonia P. Juvik & James O. Juvik, UH Press
8. "Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Trees and Shrubs," H. Douglas Pratt, Mutual Publishing
9. "Poakalani Hawaiian Quilt Cushion Patterns Vol. I ," Poakalani and John Serrao, Mutual Publishing
10 "Hawaii's Birds," Hawaii Audobon Society, Island Heritage

These are best-selling books in Hawaii during last month. Figures are courtesy of Hawaii Book Publishers Association and Bookline distributors, and reflect sales by Hawaii-based publishers.

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"The Hawaiian Christmas Tree"
Borders Ward Centre, 596-8995
By Dawn Adrienne, 4 p.m. Sunday.
Hawaii's Seeds and Seed Leis: An Identification Guide
By Laurie Ide.
Bullet Waldenbooks Pearlridge, 11:30 a.m. tomorrow.
Bullet Waldenbooks Windward Mall, 3 p.m. tomorrow.
Bullet University of Hawaii Bookstore, 5 p.m. Nov. 30.
"Hide and Seek in Hawaii, 2"
By Jane Hopkins and Ian Gillespie.
Bullet Waldenbooks Ala Moana, noon tomorrow.
Bullet Waldenbooks Pearlridge, 1 p.m. Sunday.
Bullet Bestsellers Downtown, 12:30 p.m. Tuesday.
"Hawaii's Best Mochi Recipes"
By Jean Watanabe Hee.
Bullet Waldenbooks Ala Moana, 1 p.m. Sunday.
"The Mystery of Mr. Nice"
By Bruce Hale.
Bullet Borders Ward Centre, noon-1 p.m. tomorrow.
Bullet Borders Waikele, noon-1 p.m. Sunday.
"Pests of Paradise" and "Poisonous Plants of Paradise"
Borders Ward Centre, 596-8194
By Susan Scott and Craig Thomas, 2 p.m. tomorrow.
"Tikki Turtle's Quest"
Borders Ward Centre, 596-8194
By Gil Barnet, noon Sunday.
"The Story of the Scots in Hawaii"
Iolani Palace, 532-1050
By Rhoda E.A. Hackler, 1:15 p.m. Dec. 1.


Borders Ward Centre, 596-8194
Bruce Hale and Chet Gecko, noon tomorrow. Booksigning to follow.
"Hawaiian Christmas Tree"
Borders Ward Centre, 596-8194
4 p.m. Sunday. Dawn Adrienne's story of when the first Christmas trees were brought to Hawaii.


AAUW Multicultural Book Group
6:30-8 p.m. fourth Monday of month. Discussion of books and literature on women's issues.
african american literary book group
1132 Bishop St., Suite 1404; 528-5037
African literature, 6:30-8:30 p.m. the second and fourth Monday of month. Call to confirm attendance.
Science and Fantasy Fiction Reading Group
Borders Ward Centre; 591-8995
7 p.m. last Thursday of month.
Writers Support Group
Borders Waikele; 676-6699
3 p.m. first Friday of month.

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