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Saturday, September 16, 2000

People have spoken on same-sex marriage

Your Sept. 13 editorial, "State should recognize same-sex partnerships," is in total disregard of what the voters have settled once already.

This is not an "aloha" issue. This has absolutely nothing to do with "aloha."

Frank McCafferty

Editorial shows need for two newspapers

If proof is needed that Hawaii needs the voice of the Star-Bulletin, your Sept. 13 editorial on the need for the Legislature to revisit the question of domestic partnerships for committed same-sex couples provides it.

Full rights and benefits, not special rights as the voices of intolerance have claimed.

Richard Miles

Don't spoil Olympic surprises

No, no, no! I don't care how much the Star-Bulletin prides itself on how it is able to supply same-day Olympic coverage (Cindy Luis column, Sept. 13). That's fine, and I don't expect the print media to follow NBC's lead in this.

What I do object to, however, is your insistence on shoving this information in our collective faces by placing the Olympic results above the fold on the front page, where the reader cannot fail to see it.

I want the option of skipping your sports coverage until I am ready for it. Unless it is truly a front-page story -- like Marion Jones winning five gold medals, for example -- please don't list the winner or the score in the front section to allow those who want to wait to enjoy the TV coverage.

Susan Jaworowski

Hawaiians worldwide are in mourning

Today is one of the saddest days in history for all native Hawaiians, no matter where they live around the world.

The latest happenings at the Office of Hawaiian Affairs -- particularly non-Hawaiian candidates being able to run for the board, coupled with the "forced" resignations of the nine trustees -- cause me to experience a feeling reminiscent of 107 years ago, when Queen Liliuokalani was overthrown and imprisoned.

I, for one, am enraged that we are once again being told what, where, how and who will guide our destiny. These interlopers include the Supreme Court justices, federal and local politicians, a non-Hawaiian rancher on the Big Island, and a former teacher and non-Hawaiian from the East Coast who thinks he's learned a whole lot about us and our way of life.

We don't need wannabe Hawaiians telling us what's in our best interests. We've had everything stripped from us, including our lands, culture, way of life, language and even our dignity. Now, even our right to govern our own affairs is being taken away.

Political change is more important than ever. Make it happen now.

Merv "Dutchy" Kahumoku
Anchorage, Alaska

Cayetano thinks he's always right

Is Governor Cayetano a control freak? It looks like he always wants things his way. When will he realize that he is overstepping his bounds?

He is flexing his powers a little too much. He's got to stop this childish behavior when it comes to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and say, "It's no big deal."

Alan Kim



"It was as close to hell
as I can imagine. I was willing to do
whatever it took to get back
to the other side."

Susan Gregg
Describing how she took cyanide in an
unsuccessful suicide attempt and went on
to become an author and teacher
of the Toltec philosophy


"They haven't been able
to do a very good job agreeing among
themselves. If you get one or two
non-Hawaiians in there,
it will (be) worse."

Bob McCaig
Worried that electing non-Hawaiians to the
Office of Hawaiian Affairs board
will create chaos

Oahu lost big when it lost its HART

We face traffic jams today because we have lost our HART.

Most public libraries have several volumes detailing the proposed Honolulu Rapid Transit Program, which included a completed Environmental Impact Statement from July 1992.

This beautiful plan covered a 16-mile route from Waiawa to Pearl City to Pearlridge, and then a fourth station, which was to be at Aloha Stadium.

Among 22 stations one could also find Aloha Tower, both Ward and Ala Moana shopping centers, and it all ended at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

The entire length would have only taken 33.4 minutes to travel and was expected to cost $1.76 billion or about half the cost of H-3.

Unfortunately, the present plan to put in a much lower-cost electric vehicle system riding on our overcrowded streets will not save any time.

A new independent transit system is needed similar to HART or the monorail at Epcot Center, because Oahu's roadways are already past capacity at peak hours.

Wally Bachman


Warriors should be in green and white

The UH football team took the field Saturday night dressed almost all in black. The tickets and media guide were black, and the cheerleaders were dressed in black. Both the basketball and baseball teams have gravitated to black in recent times. In addition, the baseball team has used orange trim for years.

Fact: The UH colors are green and white.

Michigan State's colors are also green and white. But when Charley Bachman was hired as its football coach in 1934, his Spartans wore black jerseys and gold pants (just like McKinley High), replacing the green and white ensemble worn for decades.

MSU remained black and gold until Bachman was fired in 1947. Biggie Munn then became coach and Spartan teams have worn green and white ever since.

As for UH, could this become, as Yogi Berra might say, deja vu all over again?

Lyle Nelson

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