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Friday, September 8, 2000


Voters must kick out wayward incumbents

The New York Times article, "Antigovernment backlash sweeps state of Vermont," in your Sept. 5 issue was like a breath of fresh air. It reported that the citizens of that state were furious at their legislature for mandating higher property taxes and stricter property regulations, while approving civil unions for homosexuals.

Under the rallying cry, "Take back Vermont!", Yankees are vowing to turn the wayward politicians out of office in November for passing laws against their collective will. One hopes a similar grass-roots rebellion will take place in our state and, indeed, in our nation.

The Rev. Fr. Lawrence B. Wheeler

Don't dwell on past injustices

In reply to Lance Collins' Aug. 31 letter, "Admission Day should be time for mourning," let's not dwell on the past but all go forward. Together, we can make Hawaii a better place to live.

Howard Shiroma

For better life, we need better leaders

We have read many opinions on Senator Akaka's bill, but I am still waiting to read the suggested solutions to the issues on hand.

As a person who is 75 percent Hawaiian and who has lived my entire adult life in the United States, the right to vote has always been a great blessing to me.

I definitely expect all voters to come together so we can make the operation of this system of government move in the direction for the good of our aina and not ourselves.

We need to get individuals into politics who will put our aina first. We must get politicians out of government who have been tainted with the disease of corruption.

Get new blood into office, someone who doesn't owe his or her vote to others in the game.

A. Kalanui Wakinekona
El Toro, Calif.

Bush will ruin U.S. like he did Texas

I read with great interest how George W. Bush, a proponent of the phony "compassionate conservatism," is now trying to explain his terrible record as governor of Texas with respect to children's health.

As governor of Texas, Bush opposed expanding the Children's Health Insurance program. This hurt many needy Hispanic children in Texas, most of whom live in Third World conditions.

Texas ranks number two for child poverty. And now Governor Bush wants to do for the whole country what he's done for Texas!

His idea of "compassionate conservatism" is to comfort the financial elite, to cut programs for the needy and to do so with a smile. Isn't he sweet?

My advice to those in the country club set who have already ordered champagne to celebrate a Bush victory: Save the bubbly for another time. The celebration is going to be ours!

Bob W. St. Sure

Cars outside garages should be taxed

The solution to traffic and parking congestion is very simple. It's called good and safe planning by our city planners.

If you can't put your vehicle under a permanent covered carport or garage, then the city should add a surcharge to those cars.

This would keep our narrow streets from turning into parking lots and making it difficult for emergency vehicles to pass.

It will also make it easier to see the children and other pedestrians crossing the streets and have fewer blind spots for cars exiting their garages.

Alvin Wong
Pearl City

All newscasts should come on exactly at 10

I have been visiting the mainland, where television news organizations are so confident of their news products that they do not hold you hostage by running their network programming past the appointed hour for the late-night news to assure that viewers will stay tuned.

If a local TV station needs more time to run commercials at night, each should pad it into its newscast, which could then run from 10-10:35 p.m. Then all the stations would be on time.

Bob Zimmer

Soaring over news of direct San Diego flights

The news that both Hawaiian and Aloha airlines are looking into direct flights between Honolulu and San Diego is wonderful for the large Asian/Pacific Islander community here, where much of the brain drain from the islands ended up over the last two decades.

San Diego boasts a large community of Hawaii transplants who are active in the Hui O Hawaii, several hula halaus, canoe clubs and other island water sports like surfing. We also have two popular plate lunch hangouts -- Island Boy Grille and Da Kine's.

In the past, University of Hawaii football, volleyball and basketball teams have visited San Diego and drawn large crowds. Also, island entertainers like Michael Paulo (who lives in Los Angeles), Na Leo Pilimehana, Frank De Lima, Kalapana and many others have frequented San Diego on concert tours.

Steven A. Yagyagan
Former Waialua resident
San Diego

New alma mater for Rainbow-less UH

The shocking dismissal of the Rainbows nickname by the University of Hawaii football team demands a revision of the school's alma mater:

In green Manoa Valley,
The sky has turned to gray.
Phobic, priggish demagogues
Have chased the Rainbows away.
The flag of freedom was lowered
Where brotherhood once ruled.
Truth and integrity have been sacked
By shallow merchandising fools.

Richard Y. Will



"There is a spiritual connection
for me, something beyond what
I can describe or explain.
I belong here. I do."

Lily Kahumoku
On how the sophomore left-side hitter from
Lubbock, Texas, is captivated by
her Hawaiian heritage


"There is no way we can
settle the ceded lands issue in
two months and they know it,
those who are saying this."

Governor Cayetano

Disputing the talk by some Office of
Hawaiian Affairs trustees that he wants
to replace them before the next election with
his own appointees so Cayetano can
influence the ceded lands issue

Membership, not Rutledge, wants Gill ousted

We refute some points made in your Sept. 6 editorial, "Power struggle grips hotel workers union."

The duly elected officers of the executive board of Local 5 have tried in vain to run the union in a manner that best represents its members. But Eric Gill has repeatedly ignored the wishes of both the membership and our board.

Gill conducted a general membership meeting that denied members the chance to speak and voice their concerns. He went so far as to turn off microphones and declared that he wanted things done his way, without regard to those who pay his salary through union dues.

Another error on your part: Arthur Rutledge did NOT retire from Local 5, but the Hawaii Teamsters, Local 996. The assertion that the senior Rutledge retired in favor of his son is wrong and misleading.

It is we, the members of Local 5 and not Tony Rutledge, who are opposing Eric Gill. Why? Lack of representation, loss of units and his dictatorship are the primary reasons.

Another reason: Member grievances of Kaiser were put on hold. We did not have an agent for months to represent us. We did finally get an agent who has little if any experience in labor management relations.

Shop stewards like me know what is really going on. We will opt for trusteeship instead of the lack of leadership and representation that we no longer have under Gill. The movement to oust him is by us -- the dues-paying members and NOT Tony.

James Kellogg

Candidate didn't deserve to run as a Green

I love Corky's editorial cartoons and usually they are right on target. But the one on your Aug. 21 front page is an unfortunate exception. It refers to the Aug. 14 trial in Kona Circuit Court where Darryl "Buck" Wheat sought to run as a candidate of the Hawaii Green Party for mayor of Hawaii County.

Corky's caption spoke of "votes" and "membership" and ignored the issue at trial: Can someone run for public office as a Green even though he/she knows nothing about the party's platform?

Wheat admitted at trial that he knew nothing about the platform of the Hawaii Green Party, yet he pretended to be a Green candidate.

One of the differences between the Democrats and Republicans, on the one hand, and the Hawaii Green Party, on the other hand, is that the Greens require their candidates for public office to support the Green platform. The Democrats and Republicans couldn't care less; anyone can run as a Democrat or Republican just by signing up as a party member.

While everyone is invited and encouraged to join the Hawaii Green Party (contrary to Corky's cartoon caption), a person cannot run for public office as a Green without going through the party's screening process to determine whether he/she understands and supports the platform (see the party's Web site at Not only did Wheat fail to read the platform, he declined to go through the screening process.

Jack C. Morse
Hawaii Green Party

Dog attack shows need for stronger laws

Friday, Aug. 4, was a horrifying day for me. While walking my cocker spaniel, Pepper, two larger dogs approached us from across the street. Neither was collared or leashed.

When they attacked Pepper, I was unable to subdue them. Fortunately, a good Samaritan named J.C. stopped his truck and came to our aid. If not for his intervention, I'm positive Pepper would have been killed.

My screams and Pepper's yelping attracted the neighbors, who were caring and helpful. My heartfelt thanks to all who got involved. Special thanks to Dr. Lissa Kam, who reassured me and cared for my four-legged child. Pepper is healing well and is back to his usual friendly and trusting self.

In my efforts to contact the owner of the attacking dogs, I learned that the Hawaiian Humane Society is prevented from giving me this information. My only recourse is to pursue the matter through civil action.

Hopefully, this incident will heighten both public awareness and the need for legislation to require animal owners to be morally, legally and financially responsible for the actions of their pets. We need to work harder to get a vicious dog ordinance passed.

Mavis Kim

Cayetano is out to undermine OHA

Why does Governor Cayetano want to oust the Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustees so badly? What are his goals?

With the ouster of the trustees, Cayetano can appoint almost anyone into their positions, basically giving him total power over OHA's assets. Suddenly, he would be able to settle long-term disputes over money owed to OHA.

For instance, fees are owed OHA for the use of land under Honolulu Airport. How nice it would be for the state to settle that with a lump sum payment, and to deposit all future monies into government coffers.

Cayetano is about to pull off one of the greatest scams in OHA history. He can settle many of his problems with OHA and not worry about public opinion. After all, what does he care? He's going to get a cushy legal job after leaving office.

Dale Hackbarth

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