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Monday, July 10, 2000

stumbles on 2nd day
of Nagoya sumo

Opening day

NAGOYA, July 10 (Kyodo) - Yokozuna Musashimaru stumbled to defeat at the hands of komusubi Tosanoumi while two of his ozeki stablemates, Miyabiyama and Musoyama, also crashed in second day upsets at the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament on Monday.

Grand champions Akebono and Takanohana, meanwhile, posted easy victories and defending champion Dejima, the third of the Musashigawa stable's vaunted ozeki trio, also won on the second day of the 15-day tourney at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium.

Musashimaru, returning from a knee injury that forced him out of the entire summer tourney in May, appeared to be in control of his match, forcing Tosanoumi to the edge of the ring off the initial charge.

The komusubi, however, pulled the hard-driving Samoan-born wrestler over the bales at the last moment, leaving both wrestlers at 1-1 and capping a disastrous day for Musashigawa wrestlers.

In an earlier bout, sekiwake Kaio, campaigning for promotion to sumo's second highest rank, shoved out Musoyama in a close encounter for his second win while the ozeki, needing eight wins to retain champion status, slipped to 1-1.

Newly promoted ozeki Miyabiyama looked lost against seasoned veteran Akinoshima as the wily top maegashira dragged the 22-year-old grappler to the ring's surface and tagged him with a second straight loss.

Dejima, the winner of last year's basho in Nagoya, saved a bit of face for the stable being hailed as the latest powerhouse in sumo by thrusting out komusubi Tamakasuga.

In other bouts, yokozuna Akebono, who has gone more than three years without winning a championship, rammed out sekiwake Takanonami for a second win while fellow grand champion, seeking to end a two-year winless spell himself, threw down top maegashira Tochinohana.

Ozeki Chiyotaikai bounced back from Sunday's defeat at the hands of Takanonami by registering a frontal push-out victory over No. 2 maeagashira Toki.

In only his second bout in the makuuchi division, American No. 13 maegashira Sentoryu, or Henry Armstrong Miller, barged out 14th-ranked Aogiyama to add to his opening-day victory.

Also in earlier bouts, Mongolia's Kyokushuzan was bundled out of the ring by Kotonowaka for his second straight loss while compatriot Kyokutenho continued to impress, using a thigh-grabbing push down to topple No. 8 maegashira Takatoriki and notch a second win.


NAGOYA, July 10 (Kyodo) - Results of makuuchi division bouts Monday, the second day of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium:

Won -- Technique -- Lost

Sentoryu 2-0 -- tsukidashi -- Aogiyama 0-2
Aminishiki 1-1 -- sotogake -- Kinkaiyama 1-1
Takamisakari 2-0 -- yorikiri -- Shikishima 0-2
Tokitsuumi 1-1 -- yorikiri -- Otsukasa 1-1
Chiyotenzan 2-0 -- oshidashi -- Hamanoshima 0-2
Daizen 2-0 -- oshidashi -- Minatofuji 0-2
Kotonowaka 1-1 -- tsukitaoshi -- Kyokushuzan 0-2
Kyokutenho 2-0 -- watashikomi -- Takatoriki 1-1
Hayateumi 1-1 -- tsukiotoshi -- Kaiho 1-1
Kotoryu 1-1 -- sotogake -- Higonoumi 1-1
Oginishiki 1-1 -- uwatehineri -- Tochinonada 0-2
Wakanoyama 2-0 -- oshidashi -- Asanowaka 1-1
Tochiazuma 2-0 -- yorikiri -- Takanowaka 0-2
Chiyotaikai 1-1 -- oshidashi -- Toki 0-2
Kaio 2-0 -- yorikiri -- Musoyama 1-1
Dejima 2-0 -- oshidashi -- Tamakasuga 0-2
Akinoshima 1-0 -- uwatedashinage -- Miyabiyama 0-2
Akebono 2-0 -- oshidashi -- Takanonami 1-1
Tosanoumi 1-1 -- hikkake -- Musashimaru 1-1
Takanohana 2-0 -- uwatenage -- Tochinohana 0-2

New ozeki loses
on opening day
of Nagoya sumo

NAGOYA, July 9 (Kyodo) - Newly promoted ozeki Miyabiyama was slapped down by Tochiazuma and fellow sekiwake Takanonami dragged down ozeki Chiyotaikai in two opening-day upsets at the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday.

All three yokozuna, including Musashimaru who missed the entire summer tourney with a knee injury, and Musashigawa stablemates Dejima and Musoyama all posted victories as the 15-day tournament at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium in Nagoya got under way.

Miyabiyama, the newest member of the Musashigawa stable's "grappling gang of four," however, could not keep pace with his senior mates as he struggled to force out the quickly retreating Tochiazuma.

The Tamanoi stable sekiwake took advantage of Miyabiyama's eagerness and slapped down the ozeki debutante for the upset win.

Takanonami, meanwhile, seeking to regain the ozeki status he lost after going 6-9 in May, got off on the right foot by pulling down Chiyotaikai to the dirt for the first of 10 wins he needs to return to sumo's second highest rank.

At sumo's ultimate rank of yokozuna, Musashimaru overpowered top maegashira Akinoshima, showing no ill effects of the injury to his right knee that kept him out of the summer tourney in May.

Yokozuna Takanohana backed out komusubi Tamakasuga for an easy opening-day win and Akebono made it 3-for-3 for the grand champions by marching out the other komusubi Tosanoumi in the day's final bout.

Out-of-form defending Nagoya tourney champion Dejima made light work of top maegashira Tochinohana with a frontal push-down while Musoyama also came out victorious by shoving out No. 2 maegashira Toki.

Musoyama, like junior stablemate Miyabiyama, was also making a debut, of sorts, at ozeki after missing the entire summer tournament in May with an injury to his right hip.

Mongolia's Kyokushuzan, determined to make a fine showing this tourney, could not match fellow No. 8 maegashira Takatoriki for sheer power as he was backed out of the ring.

Compatriot and stablemate Kyokutenho, wrestling one rank higher, however, registered a force-out win over No. 7 maeagashira Kotonowaka.

American No. 13 maegashira Sentoryu, or Henry Armstrong Miller, rammed out 13th-ranked Aminishiki to win his first bout in sumo's elite makuuchi division.


NAGOYA, July 9 (Kyodo) - Results of makuuchi division bouts Sunday, the first day of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament at Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium:

Won -- Technique -- Lost

Kinkaiyama 1-0 -- oshidashi -- Aogiyama 0-1
Sentoryu 1-0 -- oshidashi -- Aminishiki 0-1
Otsukasa 1-0 -- tsukiotoshi -- Shikishima 0-1
Takamisakari 1-0 -- uwatenage -- Tokitsuumi 0-1
Daizen 1-0 -- uwatedashinage -- Hamanoshima 0-1
Chiyotenzan 1-0 -- yorikiri -- Minatofuji 0-1
Takatoriki 1-0 -- oshidashi -- Kyokushuzan 0-1
Kyokutenho 1-0 -- yorikiri -- Kotonowaka 0-1
Kaiho 1-0 -- kubinage -- Kotoryu 0-1
Higonoumi 1-0 -- oshitaoshi -- Hayateumi 0-1
Wakanoyama 1-0 -- oshitaoshi -- Oginishiki 0-1
Asanowaka 1-0 -- hikiotoshi -- Tochinonada 0-1
Kaio 1-0 -- tsukiotoshi -- Takanowaka 0-1
Musoyama 1-0 -- oshidashi -- Toki 0-1
Dejima 1-0 -- oshitaoshi -- Tochinohana 0-1
Tochiazuma 1-0 -- tsukiotoshi -- Miyabiyama 0-1
Takanonami 1-0 -- katasukashi -- Chiyotaikai 0-1
Musashimaru 1-0 -- oshidashi -- Akinoshima 0-1
Takanohana 1-0 -- yorikiri -- Tamakasuga 0-1
Akebono 1-0 -- yorikiri -- Tosanoumi 0-1

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