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Wednesday, July 5, 2000

By Dennis Oda, Star-Bulletin
John Gray takes a water break during a talk at Unity Church.
Gray says the best way to keep healthy is to drink
a gallon of water a day.

‘Venus & Mars’ guru
offers earthly health tips

By Nancy Arcayna
Special to the Star-Bulletin


John Gray has helped millions of men and women improve their relationships through his Mars and Venus principles, but now he's dealing with such Earthbound issues as health and healing.

"Practical Miracles for Mars and Venus," due in early September, will elaborate on the subject. The book will include information on life changes, lasting love, success and health with an added spiritual touch.

"My next book was supposed to be 'Mars and Venus in the Workplace,' " he said, during a visit last week to conduct a "Natural Energy Healing" session at Unity Church. "A practical miracle is when you decide to make a change and have the power to follow through. Live everyday as if you will live forever," said Gray.

His direction changed after the death of his mother. "She was a spiritual guide for me my entire life, so I wrote the book in her honor," he said.

"I am a successfully spiritual guy. I was a practicing Hindu monk for nine years. The lifestyle was wonderful but what they learned in 30 years, we can now learn in a matter of minutes."

"We don't the need old-fashioned miracles anymore. You need to take control and learn to assert your own energy. Sometimes you can heal yourself ... sometimes you need other people."

Personal health problems are what led Gray to believe in miracles.

"I got an eye infection in my left eye and went through all the modern ways of healing and nothing helped."

Gray became blind in his left eye and doctors claimed there was no way to correct or cure the problem. "I didn't give up," he said. "I went to a variety of healers around the world and within a few months, I had regained most of my vision.

"I was so amazed by the effectiveness of the natural healing energy that I traveled around the world learning new techniques.

"After studying a variety of ancient and modern traditions of healing, I simplified the technique so everyone can use it. My method of healing accelerates the body's own healing system. It's all about the decisions and choices one makes.

"Doctors are the first to say that we are dependent on medicine. People do whatever they please and then seek a quick fix from a physician," he said.

Yet, health is not something we should take for granted.

His message is needed, he said, because people often believe there is only one way to do things.

In addition, he said most people continually seek easy answers. If things are too complicated or difficult, an individual is less likely to follow through. They won't have the patience or ability to do it.

Although Gray's sessions encompass chanting and a kind of fervor associated with religion, no religious belief is necessary to practice his teaching, which follows commonly known dietary and health principles.

The importance of drinking water, which flushes toxins from the body, was his emphasis during his healing session. "The average person needs to drink a minimum of a half gallon of water a day to be healthy," he said. "Hawaii is one of the most dehydrated places."

He also recommended eliminating refined sugar and processed foods, which he considers poison to the body, from one's diet. He said processed foods lack the minerals and nutrients bodies crave, and some people rely on stimulants such as caffeine and sugar to give them instant energy while filling the body with toxins.

"The techniques can decrease the side effects of medicine and chemotherapy, assist with de-stressing the body and lessen recovery time," he said.

"The whole point of healing yourself and others is to work towards remaining vibrantly healthy."

After the session, Suzanne Cameron-Stover, one of the attendees, said, "John Gray has such strong energy. He's so charismatic that he sucks you in. It's not hocus-pocus."

Another student, Candyce Awai, said, "The sessions were beneficial. The most valuable thing was learning how to release energy. I could feel my body become less stressed and things were flowing.

"You have to look at it like a rechargeable battery and awaken the person's self-healing capacities."

Others felt a release of past emotional pain.

"We paired up and discussed what hurt in our childhood, because things in the past cause our blocks. It was a stripping of a heavy, huge layer and the shedding was profound. Bonding with people and having quality spiritual conversation is really beautiful," said attendee Chuck Priest.

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