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Friday, June 30, 2000

Island Heritage
The text takes a back seat to the photographs in
"Reflections of Kaua'i" by Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi,
with photos by Ann Cecil.

Isle Pages

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THIS listing of new books about Hawaii or by Hawaii writers is published on the last Friday monthly.

Bullet "Sailing the Dream," John F. McGrady (Coconut Info), 336 pages, $19.95

John F. McGrady was a dentist in Washington state who decided "to cast away" his practice and sail away into the sunset with his "soul mate" on a 34-foot boat.

For three years, the two traveled the West Coast and the Pacific, looking for adventure. Of course, the voyage "changed their lives forever," according to his publicity material.

McGrady writes that by his mid-30s, he had married, divorced, achieved "material wealth and excellence in career," but wanted more. When his father died at age 54, he says, "I re-evaluated my values."

He fell in love. "Davey came to me, or rather the universe had us come together." They bought a sailboat and soon were sailing every chance they had.

Then, "Like a chick developing in its shell, the idea of sailing away ... slowly grew and took shape in our minds. The time was ripe."

From the first few pages, it is evident that writing isn't McGrady's strongest talent. Nights are "pitch black," the ocean "roars," winds "howl," sweat "beads up." But he seems enthusiastic and appears to have a genuine desire to share his message of "freewill and choice."

Bullet "Floating Lanterns & Golden Shrines: Celebrating Japanese Festivals," Rena Kranso, illustrated by Toru Sugita (Pacific View Press), 49 pages, $19.95

The elements of Japanese culture are presented simply in this book for children 8 to 13. It reviews seven Japanese celebrations, including Cherry Blossom, New Year's, Children's Day and Obon festivals interspersed with information about arts and daily life, folk tales, games, crafts and foods.

The book also presents a condensed version of Japanese history and the Japanese-American experience. The illustrations are colorful and will likely appeal to the keiki.

Bullet "Reflections of Kaua'i," Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi, photographed by Ann Cecil (Island Heritage), 112 pages, $24.99

Nice pictures, travelogue information and a few legends make up this coffee-table offering.

Cheryl Chee Tsutsumi's text is flat and unflavored, possibly because the book's focus is the photographs. But while Cecil's pictures clearly display the beauty of Kauai, there is no artistry, no emotional value. The usual tourist sights and sites cover page after page.

The few shots that include Kauai's people hardly reflect the lifestyle and ambience of the island. It's the kind of book geared toward tourists or for leafing through while passing time waiting in a doctor's office.

Cynthia Oi, Star-Bulletin

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Local Best Sellers



1. "Hide and Seek in Hawaii," Jane Hopkis & Ian Gillespie, Mutual Publishing (3)
2. "Hawaiian Flowers Cut-out Paper Dolls," Yuko Green, Island Heritage (1)
3. "Hawaiian Marine Life Color & Activity Book," Yuko Green, Island Heritage (2)
4. "Limu -- The Blue Turtle," Kimo Armitage, Island Heritage (6)
5. "Golden Children of Hawaii Cut-Out Dolls," Yuko Green, Island Heritage (4)
6. "Goodnight Gecko," Gill McBarnet, Ruwanga Trading (5)
7. "Baby Honu's Incredible Journey," Tammy Yee, Island Heritage (7)
8. "Fishes of Hawaii," Susan & Thomas Kelly, The Bess Press
9. "The Musubi Man: Hawaii's Gingerbread Man," Sandi Takayama, The Bess Press
10. "Baby Honu Saves The Day," Tammy Yee, Island Heritage


1. Sam Choy's Kitchen, Sam Choy, Mutual Publishing (2)
2. "Viewbook Oahu," Douglas Peebles, Naturally Native (10)
3. "Growing Fruits in Hawaii: Also Herbs, Nuts and Seeds," Kathy Oshiro, Bess Press
4. "From the Skies -- Kauai," Chris Cook, Mutual Publishing
5. "Maui's Hana Highway," Angela Kay Kepler, Mutual Publishing (5)
6. "Hawaii," Douglas Peebles, Mutual Publishing (9)
7. "Ohana Style Cookbook," St. Francis Medical Center, Island Heritage
8. "Unbearably Good! Mochi Lovers Cookbook," Teresa Devirglio-Lam (7)
9. "Maui on My Mind," Rita Ariyoshi, Mutual Publishing
10. "Hawaiian Style Cooking," Rhonda Lizama, Kahaunani Kauai


1. "Hawaiian Journey," Joseph Mullins, Mutual Publishing (2)
2. "New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary," Mary Kawena Pukui et al., University of Hawaii Press (3)
3. "Glen Grant's Chicken Skin Tales," Glen Grant, Mutual Publishing (5)
4. "Obake Files," Glen Grant, Mutual Publishing (6)
5. "Obake: Ghost Stories In Hawaii," Glen Grant, Mutual Publishing
6. "Hawaiian Names, English Names," Eileen Root, Press Pacifica (8)
7. "Waikiki Yesteryear," Glen Grant, Mutual Publishing
8. "By Wind, By Wave," David L. Eyre, Bess Press (1)
9. "Hawaiian Dictionary: Hawaiian-English and English-Hawaiian," Mary Kawena Pukui & Samuel H. Elbert, University of Hawaii Press
10. "Hawaii Volcanoes Story & Scenery/Revised," Glen Kaye, KC Publications


1. "Hawaii's Story," Lydia Liliuokalani, Mutual Publishing (2)
2. "Myths and Legends of Hawaii," W. D. Westervelt, Mutual Publishing
3. "Betrayal of Liliuokalani," Helena Allen, Mutual Publishing (9)
4. "Mark Twain In Hawaii," Mark Twain, Mutual Publishing (7)
5. "Ancient Hawaiian Civilization," Glen Grant (introduction), Mutual Publishing
6. "Hawaiian Legends of Ghosts," W. D. Westervelt, Mutual Publishing
7. "The Tattoo," Chris McKinney, Mutual Publishing (1)
8. "Pearl Harbor: The Way It Was," Scott Stone, Island Heritage (8)
9. "Polynesian Family System," E. S. Craighill Handy, Mutual Publishing
10. "Honolulu Mysteries," Glen Grant, Mutual Publishing


1. "Pocket Guide To Hawaii's Flowers," Leland Miyano, Mutual Publishing (3)
2. "Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Birds," H. Douglas Pratt, Mutual Publishing (2)
3. "Hawaii's Fishes," John Hoover, Mutual Publishing (9)
4. "Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Trees and Shrubs," H. Douglas Pratt, Mutual Publishing (4)
5. "Hawaiian Lei Making Step-by-Step Guide," Laurie Shimizu Ide, Mutual Publishing (1)
6. "Poakalani Hawaiian Quilt Cushion Patterns Vol. II," Poakalani and John Serrao, Mutual Publishing (7)
7. "Poakalani Hawaiian Quilt Cushion Patterns Vol. I ," Poakalani and John Serrao, Mutual Publishing (5)
8. "Hawaii Blossoms," Hargreaves & Hargreaves, Island Heritage
9. "Hawaii's Floral Splendor," Angela Kay Kepler, Mutual Publishing
10. "Handy Hawaiian Dictionary," John F. G. Stokes, Mary Kawena Pukui, Henry P. Judd, Mutual Publishing

These are best-selling books in Hawaii during May 2000. Figures are courtesy of the Hawaii Book Publishers Association and Bookline distributors, and reflect sales by Hawaii-based publishers. Numbers in parentheses indicate a title's previous ranking.

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