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Kokua Line

By June Watanabe

Saturday, June 24, 2000

vehicle decal
hard to get

Question: My son needed to get a replacement reconstructed vehicle decal because the rear bumper of his car was repainted and the paint shop took off the decal. I called the city Motor Vehicle Reconstruction Permit Station to find out the procedure to get a new decal. I was told to bring in the decal that was taken off, the previous reconstructed vehicle permit paperwork and car registration. As I write this, my son faces going back a FOURTH time. Three different inspectors told him (and me) three different things, each time finding different things wrong. We needed to show vehicle ownership papers; we didn't need ownership papers. We had to take the spoiler off; we didn't need to take the spoiler off. We needed to fill out a replacement decal application and have it notarized; we didn't need a notarized application. It wouldn't cost us anything; we ended up paying $15. My complaint is that if the reconstructed vehicle inspectors were doing their jobs properly, anyone who diligently tried to pass inspection would not have to go to the station more than twice. My son and I have to go back for a fourth time. This is just ridiculous! Are they making sure of their job security or do they just like the feeling of power?

Answer: We edited down your lengthy, detailed complaint considerably but think the flavor of your frustration shows.

David Mau, the city's assistant administrator for motor vehicle and licensing, said it was difficult for him to comment specifically about your case because you didn't give your name and there apparently aren't any records showing someone having to come in four times.

He asked that you call him at 532-4325 to follow up.

But Mau explained the general procedure for obtaining a vehicle reconstruction permit this way:

An applicant must have a vehicle registration, safety inspection certificate and no-fault insurance card. Ownership papers are not required.

"Other documentation/receipts are required based upon the parts/modifications made to the vehicle," he said. All rejected applicants are provided with a rejection slip indicating what corrections need to be made before a permit can be issued. That's kept on file.

"When a vehicle with a prior recon permit is reinspected, all items are checked the same as all first-time vehicles," Mau said. "This is to ensure no modifications were made after the original permit was issued."


To Charles Bohe who found my son-in-law's wedding ring, turned it into the police department and took the time to place a found ad in the newspaper. My daughter and son-in-law were visiting from Germany and swimming at Kailua Beach when he lost it almost two months ago. They were certain they would never see it again, but thanks to Charles, they were pleasantly surprised recently. -- Leigh Kitamori


To the gentleman in the black Acura coming off H-1 town-bound onto Pali Highway at 6:45 a.m. June 1. You came close to hitting me as you crossed two solid lines to get to the left-turn lane. The name calling was very mature and really showed me that maybe I was wrong, maybe your style of driving is what the world is coming to. I sure hope not. Maybe some time in a burn ward or working with accident victims, you might be motivated to learn the rules of the road or have at least a little respect and courtesy. -- No Name

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