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Monday, June 19, 2000

dominates SPJ awards

The afternoon paper takes 12 of
the top prizes in the Society of
Professional Journalists' competition

By Treena Shapiro


The Honolulu Star-Bulletin garnered more awards than any other news organization at the Society of Professional Journalists' Excellence in Journalism awards, taking 12 top prizes and bringing in 33 awards overall.

On Saturday night, the paper took the top print award in public service reporting for Rob Perez's "What Price Paradise," which judges said, "touches a pocketbook issue that affects every citizen in Hawaii." "What Price Paradise" also won the top awards for business reporting and illustration.

In the daily newspaper and open print categories, the Honolulu Advertiser won seven top awards. Maui News won two top awards and Hawaii Herald, Hawaii Tribune-Herald and Honolulu Magazine won one apiece.

Honolulu Magazine also took seven of eight top awards in the magazine category, including a general news/enterprise reporting award to Editor John Heckathorn for "Who's Killing the Star-Bulletin." Spirit of Aloha won the other award.

Pacific Business News and Lahaina News each won three top awards in the nondaily category. The Honolulu Weekly took one.

In the broadcast division, the CBS affiliate KGMB-TV took first-place in seven awards, including the public service award. ABC's KITV followed with two top awards.

Heidi Chang of Hawaii Public Radio won all four honors in the radio category.

The Star-Bulletin's other winning entries were in feature writing (short form), sports reporting, page design (news), arts/entertainment writing, editorial cartoon, illustration, headline writing, feature photography and investigative reporting.

A complete list of winners


Government Reporting: Winner: "Bronster Ouster," Capitol Bureau, Honolulu Advertiser. Finalists: "Bronster Vote," Craig Gima, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Broken Schools, Band-Aid Solutions," Crystal Kua, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Business Reporting: Winner: "What Price Paradise?", Rob Perez, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Finalists: "Star-Bulletin Closes," Rick Daysog, Debra Barayuga, Peter Wagner, Christine Donnelly, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Hawaiian's Renaissance," Michele Kayal, Honolulu Advertiser.

Spot News Reporting: Winner: "Sacred Falls," Lori Tighe, Gordon Y.K. Pang, Gregg K. Kakesako, Jaymes K. Song, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

General News/Enterprise Reporting: Winner: "Big Island, Big Dreams," Hunter Bishop, Hawaii Tribune-Herald. Finalists: "Dana Ireland," Crystal Kua, Cynthia Oi, Rod Thompson, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Hawaii's Brain Drain," Lavonne Leong, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Feature Writing/Short Form: Winners: "Shark Survivor," Tim Ryan, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Feature Writing/Long Form: Winner: "Search for Identity," Vicki Viotti, Honolulu Advertiser.

Sports Reporting: Winner: "Conference of Confusion," Paul Arnett, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Finalists: "His Business Was Football," Ferd Lewis, Honolulu Advertiser; "Kamehameha Twins," Cindy Luis, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Page Design/News: Winner: "Dana Ireland," Michael Rovner, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Finalists: "The Last Harvest," Lee Imada, Eugene Tanner, Terrie Eliker, The Maui News; "Seven Victims, An Island of Sorrow," Honolulu Advertiser.

Page Design/Feature: Winner: "Sizing Up the Competition," Stephen Downes, Honolulu Advertiser. Finalists: "Tora, Tora, Tora," Lucy Young-Oda, Bryant Fukutomi, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Warriors, Again," Michael Rovner, Curt Brandao, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.


Government Reporting: Winner: "Businesses Allege Retribution," Malia Zimmerman, Gina Mangieri, Pacific Business News.

Business Reporting: Winner: "How ADA Impacts Businesses," John Duchemin, Gina Mangieri, Pacific Business News.

General News/Enterprise Reporting: Winner: "Kamehameha III School Playground Problem," Mark Vieth, Lahaina News.

Feature Writing/Short Form: Winner: "Eddie Kamae Exploring Lahaina's Soul," Mark Vieth, Lahaina News.

Feature Writing/Long Form: Winner: "Sam Lono's Legacy," Ian Bauer, Honolulu Weekly. Finalist: "One Man USO: The Earl Finch Story," Mark Santoki, Hawaii Herald.

Sports Reporting: Winner: "Ailing Lahaina Tennis Legend," Walter Chihara, Lahaina News.

Page Design/News: Winner: "Pacific Business Index," John Duchemin, Gina Mangieri, Pacific Business News.


Business Reporting: Winner: "How to Save Hawaii," Mike Markrich, Honolulu Magazine. Finalists: "Father Knows Best," Craig DeSilva, Hawaii Business; "Survival Skills," Craig DeSilva, Hawaii Business.

General News/Enterprise Reporting: Winner: "Who's Killing the Star-Bulletin," John Heckathorn, Honolulu. Finalists: "Upside Down and Out," A. Kam Napier, Honolulu Magazine; "Death of a Daily," Lucy Jokiel, Island Business.

Feature Writing/Short Form: Winner: "Black Unlike Me," Jana Wolff, Honolulu Magazine. Finalists: "Date Line Politics," Aimee Harris, Honolulu Magazine; "Keanae Requiem," Mauka Gene Simpson, Honolulu Magazine.

Feature Writing/Long Form: (TIE) Co-winner: "When Jerome Died," Jessica Ferracane, Honolulu Magazine. Co-winner: "Hawaii A.D. 1000," Scott Whitney, Honolulu Magazine. Finalists: "Letter from Hilo,": Les Peetz, Honolulu Magazine; "Smart Women, Tough Choices," Melissa Ching Benjamin, Honolulu Magazine.

Sports Reporting: Winner: "Stars on the Water," Katherine Nichols, Honolulu Magazine. Finalist: "Tin Woman," Katherine Nichols, Honolulu Magazine.

Page Design: Winner: "The Secret Hollowing of Red Hill," Darrell Ishii, Spirit of Aloha. Finalists: "Volcano Chasers!", Darrell Ishii, Spirit of Aloha; "The Murder Nobody Wants to Talk About," Michel V.M. Le.

Magazine Cover Design: Winner: "Murder, Mischief & Mayhem," Michel V.M. Le, Honolulu Magazine. Finalists: "Stars on the Water," Michel V.M. Le, Honolulu Magazine; "High-Tech Future," Sunny Pauole, Island Business.


Column Writing: Winner: Dalton Tanonaka, Hawaii Herald. Finalists: "Off Deadline," Valerie Monson, The Maui News; "Volcanic Ash," David Shapiro, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Sports Column Writing: Winner: Ferd Lewis, Honolulu Advertiser. Finalists: "Keeping Score," Cindy Luis, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Between the Lines," Robert Collias, The Maui News.

Arts/Entertainment Writing: Winner: "A Musical Laboratory," Tim Ryan, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Finalists: "Jumping Flea," Ben DiPietro, Associated Press; "Merrie Master -- George Naope," Cynthia Oi, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Editorial Opinion: Winner: "Fire the Torpedoes," A. Kam Napier, Honolulu Magazine. Finalists: "Bishop Estate," Carl Zimmerman, Lee Catterall, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Watch What You Wish For," John Heckathorn, Honolulu Magazine.

Editorial Cartoon: Winner: "Workplace Violence," Corky Trinidad, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Finalist: "Chinese Takeout," Dick Adair, Honolulu Advertiser.

Illustration: Winner: "Heather," David Swann, Dennis Oda, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Finalists: "Warriors, Again," Dean Sensui, Dennis Oda, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Upside Down and Out," Dennis Calero, Honolulu Magazine.

Informational Graphic: Winner: "Somebody's Got a Gun," Martha Hernandez, Honolulu Advertiser. Finalists: "A Look Back," Lucy Young-Oda, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Rapa Nui," David Swann, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Headline Writing: Winner: Seth Markow, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

News Photography: Winner: "Officer Hurt on Freeway," Bruce Asato, Honolulu Advertiser. Finalists: "Kosi Trial," Matthew Thayer, The Maui News; "Halo Over Honolulu," Dennis Oda, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Feature Photography: Winner: "Last Leap Before School Starts," Kathryn Bender, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Finalists: "Sunset Sail," George F. Lee, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Testing Out Some Young Wings," Dennis Oda, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Sports Photography: Winner: "Rodeo Has Its Ups and Downs," Matthew Thayer, The Maui News. Finalists: "Pirates' Gold Glove," Eugene Tanner, The Maui News; "Rainbows Wrap Up Season to Remember," Cory Lum, Honolulu Advertiser.

Spot News Photography: Winner: "Quiet Gunman Kills 7," Cory Lum, Honolulu Advertiser.

Finalist: "6 Killed in Landslide," Jeff Widener, Honolulu Advertiser.

Photo Essay: Winner: "Goodbye to Wainee Village," Matthew Thayer, The Maui News. Finalists: "The Last Harvest," Eugene Tanner, The Maui News; "Road to Mandalay," George F. Lee, Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Investigative Reporting: Winner: "Rodrigues/PGMA," Ian Lind, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Finalists: "Kamehameha Schools/Bishop Estate," Rick Daysog, Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "Insane Punishment," Robert Rees, Honolulu Weekly.

Public Service Reporting: Winner: "What Price Paradise," Rob Perez, Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Finalists: "Dana Ireland," Honolulu Star-Bulletin; "White Collar Crime," Lucy Jokiel, Island Business.


Government Reporting: Winner: "Haiku Stairs," Russell Shimooka, Liz Chun, KGMB-TV.

Business Reporting: Winner: "Aloha Wear," Russell Shimooka, KGMB-TV. Finalists: "Mixed Plate: Mail Order 1&2," Pamela Young, KITV; "Big Island Bananas," Bill Beyer, Alan Lu, KGMB.

General News/Enterprise Reporting: Winner: "Star-Bulletin to Close," Bob Loy, Andrew Nunes, KGMB. Finalists: "City Bus Slowdown," Keoki Kerr, KITV; "Founder's Day," Jim Mendoza, Beau Cuizon, KGMB.

Feature Reporting: Winner: "Daring to Dream: Hokulea's Quest," Kim Gennaula, Don Kozono, KGMB. Finalists: "Dying Man's Wish," Diane Ako, Sisto Domingo, KHNL; "Hawaii 5-0 Hips," Diane Ako, KHNL.

Investigative Reporting: Winner: "Toothbrush Investigation," Angela Keen, KGMB. Finalist: "Disabled Lawsuit," Daryl Huff, KITV.

Series reporting: Winner: "Gun Safety Test," Louise Kim McCoy, Bill Beyer, Liz Chun, Matt Fletcher, George Hurd, KGMB. Finalist: "Teen Stop Smoking Challenge," Jill Kuramoto, KITV.

Sports Reporting: No winner. Finalist: "Tiger Like?" Dave Vinton, KGMB.

Feature Videography: Winner: "San Juan Islands," Stuart Ishikawa, KITV.

Special News Program: Winner: "Mixed Plate: Land Where Time Began," Pamela Young, Rick Pike, KITV. Finalist: "Baywatch Hawaii: On Location," Ron Mizutani, Faye Jones, Kyle Funasaki.

Public Service Reporting: Winner: "Bishop Estate: Fulfilling Her Legacy," Sharene Saito Tam, Garett Kamemoto, KGMB 9 News Team, Production Dept., KGMB. Finalists: "Raging Sea," Kim Gennaula, Don Kozono, KGMB; "Disabled Lawsuit," Daryl Huff, KITV.


Feature Reporting: Winner: "Wayfinders," Heidi Chang, Hawaii Public Radio.

Investigative reporting: Winner: "Bishop Estate," Heidi Chang, Hawaii Public Radio.

Series Reporting: Winner: "Hawaiian Language Movement," Heidi Chang, Hawaii Public Radio.

Public Service Reporting: Winner: "USS Missouri Museum," Heidi Chang, Hawaii Public Radio.

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