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Tuesday, June 13, 2000

Tarot cards

Future's in the cards

Tarot is an option for
many seeking an answer to
what the future holds

Bullet In The Cards
Bullet Writer faces fear of unknown
Bullet Signs point to better relations

By Nancy Arcayna
Special to the Star-Bulletin


HOLLYWOOD depictions of fortunetellers often show them sitting behind draped tables in dimly lit rooms gazing into crystal balls. Things have changed a bit, but the unknown still captivates many.

"We are like inexpensive psychologists for some people," says clairvoyant Salomé, who has been a spiritual consultant for 30 years. "People ask all sorts of questions. Questions range from "Will I get that promotion?" to "Is my lover being faithful?"

What most people don't realize is, for the most part, they already know the answers, but are not ready to face the truth. It's the reader's duty merely to guide clients toward that truth.

Reneau Kennedy, a clinical psychologist, believes people seek readings for comfort and reassurance. "People are looking for something beyond themselves for direction."

Getting psychic readings does not make people weak or irresponsible, says Kennedy.

"They are consulting a psychological road map for guidance. It's human nature to turn to others for guidance whether it is a priest, shaman or a psychologist."

We all have different ways of finding answers, she says. "Some cultures shake up bones, some read tea leaves and others use cards like tarot."

Robert Anderson, a psychologist with the American School of Professional Psychology added, people need to feel a connection with the universe. "They may be hoping by using this technique, they might find out something about themselves that is not obvious."

Tarot card reading is one of Salomé's tools. The picture cards are used to answer questions about relationships, career goals, life challenges and finances.

By Craig T. Kojima, Star-Bulletin
Using crystal ball and tarot cards, Salomé has been
giving people peace of mind for 30 years.

"My place is to bring the truth to people about what's happening in their own lives," Salomé said. "I never give clear-cut answers," she explains.

"I only open windows of opportunity where a person can review their options and make the right decision. Everyone needs to use free will to determine their own destiny."

Gavin Furukawa of Sedona has been doing readings for 21 years. Most people come in because they are stressed by relationships or work and are in need of an outsider's insight.

"It's like getting a check-up," he says. Many people come at regular intervals such as on their birthdays. New Year's is especially busy since people want an overview of upcoming events.

Jan Schmidt, a holistic practitioner at the Absolute Wellness Center, says people should be open-minded when receiving readings. "Our belief systems create our reality," she says.

For instance, if a doctor were to tell you that you only have six months to live, you could take his word for it, or stay open to the possibility that you will survive, she explains.

The deck of 78 cards is rich in symbolism, color, astrology, mysticism and philosophy. "It's actually a pictorial Bible book. Each card is associated with Holy Scriptures," says Salomé.

The cards are split into two categories: the major arcana, which apply to the major events in life, and the minor arcana, which refer to the smaller details. Playing cards commonly used in games today evolved from the minor arcana, says Salomé.


In addition to readings, she offers "Tarot Odyssey" classes on Tuesday evenings. Participants learn how to do tarot readings and gain insight into their own lives. The classes also cover a variety of issues that allow individuals to focus on what they desire to achieve, what past lives they have experienced, and to determine their animal guides and "guardian angels."

Classes are available for both beginning and advanced students. Salomé recommends beginners use "The Rider Tarot Deck" or the "Sacred Rose" deck.

The key to unlocking the future is to understand the meaning of the cards and how it represents your state of being, explains Salomé.

Some people also like past-life or inner-child readings. The inner-child cards can release both joyful or painful childhood memories. "Sometimes people cry and are very emotional," she says.

Cards for one woman having difficulty becoming pregnant showed that she would have a son. "She came to visit me with her boy two years later," says Salomé.

Martha, a student in the class, added, "The cards amaze me. Even as a beginner, the cards will provide answers and guidance."

She wouldn't give her last name because she doesn't want her friends to know that she does readings. Once they find out, she said, "They become dependent on it. That is not what it is all about. You need to live your life."

"People are afraid of tarot because they don't understand the cards or are conditioned to believe they're bad," says Salomé.

People are especially afraid of the death, devil and tower cards as each presents a picture suggesting a horrible fate. Rather than signaling doom, they represent life changes, says Salomé.

"One has to be careful what one brings into one's consciousness," cautions Emily, a longtime student of tarot who also did not want her last name used. "I would not let just anyone give me a reading."

In The Cards

The Four Suits

These are the cards of the minor arcana and represent the choices you make.

Wands: A representation of ambition, growth, development and new beginnings. These cards express our enthusiasm for life.

Cups: These cards indicate matters of the heart. It is here where we find our feelings, joy and our creativity expressed.

Swords: These represent our mental ability and sense of logic. They can also represent strife or aggressive behavior.

Pentacles: These cards represent the material world of money and possessions. Depending on their placement, the pentacles can indicate material gain and abundance or difficulty managing finances.

Interpreting the cards

These cards, chosen from the major arcana, have various meanings depending on where they fall during a reading. Here are simplified interpretations:

The Fool: He represents the common man. He stands for the innocence of a new beginning and the start of one's journey. In a reading, this card may indicate that one has reached a crossroad and needs to make a decision.

The Empress: She is considered a great mother image, signifying inspiration, creativity and abundance. If one receives this card, it may mean a child will be born or one may be inspired to create a musical composition or painting. The empress also signals good things to come.

The Hanged Man: He symbolizes a surrender of the ego. The Hanged Man slows things down while one makes decisions to move ahead. He helps to let go of the old and make way for the new. The card is an expression of a suspended action. One is in limbo waiting to see what will happen next. One may also be seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Tower: This card is an expression of a radical and unexpected change. Sometimes it's a change for the better and sometimes it can be more difficult. This card is a reminder that we cannot plan for everything.

The Magician: This card is an illustration of how we create our own private world through our will, thoughts and desires. The magician represents the tools and creativity that help people attain their full potential. When it appears in the spread, one may be focusing on making something new happen whether it is in the realm of love, money or family.

Looking ahead

Bullet What:Tarot classes
Bullet When: 6:30 to 8 p.m. Tuesdays
Bullet Where: Serendipity Metaphysical Books 'n Gifts
Bullet Call: 949-4711 to register
Bullet Cost: $25

Note: Psychic readers and healers are available daily by appointment. Store hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays; and 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays. Walk-ins are also accepted. Rate: $1 per minute.

Writer faces fear
of unknown

By Nancy Arcayna
Special to the Star-Bulletin


Chaotic and eventful are words that would best describe my life.

So, of course the first card I drew had to be the tower, a card also known as a harbinger of destruction. On the card, lightning bolts are hitting the tower and it is on fire while humans plunge headfirst toward the ground, seemingly indicating a steep crash.

Great, a sudden life-altering experience.

Salomé's reading proved to be positive and motivating. Although the information provided was general in nature, I could easily relate it to events in my own life.

She told me that my struggles were behind me. The wheel-of-fortune card revealed that I had met some sort of halfway mark. My troubles were in the past and new opportunities would be heading my way. I attributed this to my leaving my last job, which provided me with an overwhelming amount of stress and agony and no opportunity for growth.

She started talking about people I knew, asking questions about sick loved ones and whether cancers would be healed. She must have sensed that the whole time I wanted to ask about my mom's illness but feared tempting fate and the possibility of a negative response.

Finally, I got the courage to ask. Salomé told me that she saw my mom being just fine. She had me choose three angel cards for my mother that turned out to be patience, love and fulfillment. She interpreted this to mean that my mother needed to be patient and receive love to get well and find fulfillment. The answers brought me peace but still, the situation was somehow eerie.

Even eerier, a free on-line tarot reading at, turned up similar results.

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