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Monday, December 27, 1999


Democrats have much to do to improve

So Vice President Al Gore wants to bring God back into the liberal Democratic Party. I totally agree. To get the process moving, let me suggest a few things. The Democrats should:

Bullet Reverse their position on abortion and that dreadful procedure known as partial-birth abortion.

Bullet Return the phrase, "So help me God," to the State of Hawaii oath of public office.

Bullet Return prayer and the Bible to the classroom.

Bullet Remove condoms from schools and teach abstinence to young people.

Bullet Stop messing with the military's "don't ask, don't tell" homosexual policy.

Will I vote Democratic if the party manages to accomplish these things? No. My family and I plan to vote for George W. Bush for president and Linda Lingle for governor.

Melvin Partido
Pearl City

Don't blame the SUV -- it's the driver

Finally, the left-wing and the right-wing are addressing the same problem! As expected, though, the left-wing (Michael Powers letter, Dec. 18) blames the vehicle. Meanwhile, the right-wing (me!) blames the driver.

Remember the old wood-sided Ford and Mercury station wagons? Mom drove the kids all over. The windows were clear, there were no cell phones and the kids behaved.

I drive very, very defensively when following any SUV in my 1962 Triumph TR-4 Roadster. That's because SUV windows are black, mom is on the cell phone and the kids are misbehaving.

Michael, it is time to refocus your anger from the vehicle to the driver.

P.S. Don't believe everything the Sierra Club says.

Jay Bauckham

Big Island needs more Circuit Court judges

It is apparent to me that the case loads of the three Circuit Court judges on the Big Island are too large to be administered expediently.

My opinion is based on the delay of cases largely because of the lengthy trials of Frank Pauline Jr. and the civil lawsuit of Big Island police officers. These two cases tied up one judge for almost five months; other trials pending for one or more years were continued.

I have also learned that one trial scheduled to be held in Hilo was transferred over to the west side of the island because of the too-heavy case load in Hilo.

The judges are doing everything possible to dispose of their cases in an expeditious and judicious manner, but their loads will not permit that.

Justice delayed is justice denied. The only solution: add another judge to the Big Island Circuit Court.

John Ireland
Springfield, Va.

"That tells me almost two-
thirds of the people don't know
we've presented a
plan on transit."

Mayor Jeremy Harris
On a poll indicating that 36 percent of the public
believe he has presented a clear transit plan,
while 62 percent believe he has not


"This is as safe as safe
can possibly get."

John Clark
On the signing of a contract for construction of a facility
for irradiation of papayas and exotic
fruit on the Big Island

LPNs are just as professional as RNs

Your Dec. 21 story said that registered nurses are being "pulled away" from bedside care and that "less-qualified employees" such as licensed practical nurses, nurses' aides and housekeepers will be given the responsibility to care for hospital patients.

Since when were LPNs included as domestic help? After 36 years in nursing, I am now being told that my nursing school cap and pin mean nothing. Yet LPNs are qualified to do many of the nursing procedures that RNs are trained to do.

I've been saying for the past eight years that there would be a big shake-up in nursing. I'm pleased to see the RNs fighting for their rights -- but I pray that LPNs do the same.

The nursing field has tried to demean us, saying we are used in an effort "to save money."

It's about time LPNs are given their rightful place in nursing. We are well trained.

Georgianna Fairfield, LPN

Free publication is ridiculous to complain

I have a lot of trouble understanding why there's such a fuss over the newspaper racks that line Waikiki. It's really a simple issue.

Kalakaua used to be cluttered with newspaper containers of every description. Walking down the avenue was like maneuvering through an obstacle course. You competed with the news racks for sidewalk space.

Consolidating the individual racks into attractive newsstand racks is simply giving pedestrians more room to walk on some of the city's busiest streets.

Yet one of the free publications is protesting being included in the same racks with the other free publications. It's even trying to make it into a "free speech" issue. This is ridiculous.

Does every attempt to make life in Hawaii more convenient have to come up against a protest group?

Please. The city is just trying to get some of the clutter off our streets.

Lois J. Bunin

Councilman is best friend of Red Cross

I served on the paid staff of the American Red Cross, Hawaii State Chapter, for many years. One constant over all those years was the support of City Councilman John Henry Felix.

He has always been a generous financial donor (both the administrative and the nursing/health suites at Red Cross headquarters were funded by him), and he has devoted much personal time and hard work on Red Cross needs throughout the world.

Some people are willing to give money to support a good cause. Fewer are willing to spend their precious time.

Felix has done and continues to do both.

Sue Inouye

Gap widens between rich and poor in Hawaii

America in the year two thousand.
Time to tally the score, see where we stand.
We're number one: first in high tech, first in wealth.
But we're back in the pack,
With an ever-widening gap,
In the fair distribution of wealth and health.

Richard Y. Will

Those who don't own guns are great targets

In response to the Dec. 14 suggestion made by letter writer Jeffrey Herman that the names of gun owners in Hawaii should be made public, I would like to offer up my name as one of them.

May I also suggest that we publish a list of households whose occupants are unwilling to protect their own homes, like Mr. Herman.

It would certainly make it much easier for criminals to know who to victimize and who to stay away from.

Jason T. Belcher

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