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Celebration 2000 - Your guide to the party of the century

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BISHOP ESTATE: Lokelani Lindsey steps down; Still work to be done; Critics see hope ahead; Peters theft charge dismissed; SAT scores: Board heartened; Kaiser nurses returning; LeMahieu teacher plan shelved; Tax growth underestimated; Kauai Navy missile tests; Newswatch; Kokua Line; Weather; Island Images; Obituaries

Happy Hawaiian trails to you; 'Na Mea' preserves treasures; Shimabukuro, Colon stay 'Pure'; Stuffs; Hawaii; Honolulu Lite; Island Mele; In The Garden; Holiday Events; Millennium Events; Books: Read All About It; Gardening

Final Four: Fives will be wild; Attendance a surprise; Kemfort in cast for Oahu Bowl; Points East; Hawaii Beat; Scoreboard; Hawaii Sports Broadcasts; Bullboard

Tech firm wants expats back; Auctioneer makes DaBid for customers; Oceanic rate hike; Business Briefs; Air Fares; Hawaii Stocks; Live Stock Quotes; Closing Market Report; Dilbert!; Meetings

Rapid-reaction force for Western Europe; Hawaiian sovereignty; View Point; Changing Hawaii; Letters to the Editor