The Goddess Speaks

By Debbie Jenae

Tuesday, December 14, 1999

Y2K is time
to celebrate

THE year 2000 is almost here and many are nervous. They fear the worst and see the Y2K computer bug as another sign of catastrophe. Pre-millennial jitters? Perhaps, yet one thing is certain. If we focus our energy on the worst, there's not much left for the best.

An upside to the technical challenge of Y2K is the amount of attention it's gotten, creating a global partnership addressing common issues. Think about some of the challenges we have faced -- triumphantly -- in recent decades.

We've walked on the moon, brought down the Berlin Wall, found the Titanic, peered into distant galaxies, cured the incurable, and put an unbelievable amount of information on a tiny computer chip. We've done the impossible! We deserve more trust.

There's a stream of negativity out there that, if we're not careful, will drag us off into a field of hopelessness. When we feed the fear and fear the worst, we turn away from the goodness we seek. Truth is, that goodness -- kind acts, thoughtful words and deeds, expressions of love -- is everywhere, all the time. We can choose to see it, receive it and share it.

It's like dropping a pebble in a pool. When someone is hurt, the effects reach out to those nearby and from them into the community. It harms everyone.

The same pebble effect occurs with a positive act. If more people focus their awareness on what's good in the world, negative statistics will decrease. The environment changes. People feel safer, are kinder to each other.

That kindness, which may have started from you, comes back to you. A circle of life. Energy in motion. The new year, the new century, the new millennium can be about encouraging, nurturing and celebrating all that's right in the world!

Appreciate others' spirit and potential. Look around and know we are surrounded by some amazing people, doing some amazing things.

Believe in solutions, for belief is what helps us find them. Imagine the wealth of opportunities just around the corner.

I guess I'm positive because I've been to the "dark side." I've lived in environments filled with fear, cynicism and negativity. Being fear-full only creates more fear. I've learned that the way to get through difficult times is to believe that you have the strength to do so.

Expecting things to turn out badly doesn't save us from bad things. But always expecting the worst will ensure something is found to validate that expectation.

Do I get discouraged? Sure. And I've learned to allow myself to feel sad when things don't go the way I want -- for a little while. But then I look at the situation and glean something positive from it. There's always an answer. Not always at the time of the "crisis," but always upon reflection.

Next time you feel bombarded with bad news, stop the flow and refocus. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think of one of the most wonderful times in your life. Feel the joy of that moment wash over you. Feel the smile that lifts the corners of your mouth while the memory lifts your heart. Then notice the shift, an expansion, a lightness of being. All it took was a choice, a thought and a minute.

Let's believe we're on our way to the best millennium ever and we'll be more likely to make choices to create that experience. Imagine what we can do with another 1,000 years!

Debbie Jenae is a Honolulu handwriting analyst,
columnist, consultant and speaker.

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