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Thursday, November 18, 1999

H A W A I I _P R E P _ S P O R T S

By George F. Lee, Star-Bulletin
St. Louis quarterback Timmy Chang set ILH
records for yards (2,693) and TDs (38).

There’s St. Louis
... and there’s the rest

The task for the other seven teams
in the state football tournament is
figuring out how to knock off
the powerful Crusaders

By Randy Cadiente


If Waianae coach Leo Taaca hasn't already come up with a game plan to beat St. Louis in tomorrow night's featured game of the Chevron State Football Championships at Aloha Stadium, maybe he should ask Kamehameha's Kanani Souza how he did it.

Souza accomplished the unthinkable when his Warriors stunned the Saints, 30-6, in the last game of the Interscholastic League of Honolulu regular season on Nov. 6.

"Well, I think it was a combination of things," Souza said.

"Our kids made the plays at the critical times, we played our best game (of the season) and I think they were a little off.

"But we didn't do anything different," added Souza. "We did everything better."

Better is what Waianae has to be if it has any thoughts of getting by the Crusaders in the first round of the state playoffs. In their last meeting in 1997, St. Louis dominated the Seariders, 28-0, to win the Prep Bowl. A year before that, also in the Prep Bowl, it was St. Louis 7, Waianae 0. And it was no different in 1992 when the Saints won, 35-7.

As a matter of fact, in the eight games the Seariders have gone up against the Crusaders -- all in the Prep Bowl -- Waianae has won only once. That victory (6-0) came in the inaugural Prep Bowl in 1973.

"How am I going to defend 'em?" Taaca asked himself. "Pray a lot."

A victory would get the Seariders a semifinal date with the winner of the Kailua-Waimea matchup, which will be played tomorrow night at Vidinha Stadium on Kauai. Another win and Waianae would find itself in the finals.

"Prior to the Farrington game (on Nov. 12), they (St. Louis) weren't even in our plans," Taaca said.

"But we decided if we're going to be contenders, let's play them now."

In other first-round matchups tomorrow night, Kahuku faces Big Island Interscholastic Federation champion Konawaena at Aloha Stadium at 5 p.m., and Maui Interscholastic League champ Baldwin hosts Farrington at War Memorial Stadium. The semifinals are set for Fri., Nov. 26 and the finals on Sat., Dec. 4. Both games will be at Aloha Stadium.

The key to stopping St. Louis may be in the Seariders' offense.

Taaca said that even though the Saints can score in bunches, it is their defense that gets overshadowed by the numbers.

"Their overall quickness (on defense) is a big concern for us," said Taaca, who has been with the Seariders' program since that 6-0 win over St. Louis in 1973. "A lot of times they (the offense) get credit for all the scoring but it's their defense that does it for them."

The defense, led by linebackers Ikaika Curnan, Joe Lobendahn and Toy Thornton-Murray, have been stingy, yielding an average of 177.4 yards a game. In addition, the Saints have given up an average of 11 points a game. Only Pac-Five (28), Punahou (12) and Kamehameha (30) were able to break into double figures against them.

The Saints' offense, in turn, has put up some astonishing numbers.

Led by senior quarterback Timmy Chang, St. Louis has outscored its opponents, 516-110. That includes an 89-7 romp of Pac-Five and an 82-0 whitewash of Damien. Chang has completing 163 of 270 passes for 2,693 yards and 38 touchdowns -- both ILH records. Seniors Gerald Welch and Isaac Rodrigues have been on the receiving end of the majority of Chang's tosses. Welch has caught 62 passes for 898 yards and 14 TDs while Rodrigues has 46 receptions for 1,016 yards and 12 scores.

And if they Saints don't beat you through the air, they'll march all over you.

Pesefea Fiaseu, a 5-foot-10, 195-pound junior, rumbled for 1,135 yards on 106 carries and 18 touchdowns. St. Louis, as a team, led the league in rushing (3,111 yards) and average yards per game (510.8)

All this, however, makes no difference to Cal Lee, the Saints' top man.

"Any day, any team can beat the other team," said Lee, whose team avenged the 30-6 loss to Kamehameha with a 43-7 victory over the Warriors in the ILH title game last Friday. "(So) we can't take them (Waianae) lightly at all."

Waianae has proven to be a formidable opponent. But St. Louis is another story.

"To beat St. Louis, you have to be sound," Taaca said. "Kam did it with a sound ground game. I didn't see the game (when St. Louis beat Kamehameha for the ILH title) but our defense has to be at their utmost.

"For us to do well against St. Louis, we have to step it up two notches and play way above our heads."




Bullet At Aloha Stadium: Konawaena vs. Kahuku, 5 p.m.; St. Louis vs. Waianae, 8 p.m.,
Bullet At Vidinha Stadium, Kauai: Kailua vs. Waimea, 7:30 p.m.
Bullet At War Memorial Stadium, Maui: Farrington vs. Baldwin, 7:30 p.m.


St. Louis

Bullet Coach: Cal Lee
Bullet Record: 10-1
Bullet Players to watch: Lyle Maiva (DL, 6-2, 300, Jr.), Toy Thornton-Murray (LB, 6-0, 215, Sr.), Pesefea Fiasea (RB, 5-10, 195, Jr.), Timmy Chang (QB, 6-2, 185, Sr.), Gerald Welch (SB, 5-9, 190, Sr.), Isaac Rodrigues (WR, 5-8, 170, Sr.), Ikaika Curnan (LB, 5-11, 210, Jr.), Joe Lobendahn (LB, 6-0, 205, Jr.), Enoch McKeague (DB, 5-8, 180, Jr.), Terrana Fiaseau (DB, 5-7, 170, Sr.), Una Latu (DB, 5-9, 165, Sr.).
Bullet Strengths: "Our passing and running game," said Lee.


Bullet Coach: Leo Taaca
Bullet Record: 8-3
Bullet Players to watch: Lono Manners (RB, 5-10, 185, Jr.), Sam Keaulii (QB, 6-3, 190, Sr.), Peter Sarono (RB, 5-7, 175, Jr.), Chad Blue (FL, 5-7, 155, Sr.), Tristan Aldeguer (OL, 5-10, 240, Sr.), Sautia Mailo (OL, 6-3, 295, Jr.), Kamu Westbrook (DL, 6-0, 240, Sr.), Lia Atuatasi (DL, 5-10, 250, Jr.), Brandon Maneafaiga (LB, 5-8, 165, Sr.).
Bullet Strengths: "We run the ball," said Taaca.


Bullet Coach: Jon Kobayashi
Bullet Record: 5-0-1
Bullet Players to watch: Benson Broyles (OL, 6-0, 260, Sr.), Rocky Ariguetero (QB, 5-9, 155, Sr.), Jessie Sablan (RB, 5-8, 170, Jr.), Brandon Perreira (LB, 5-5, 150, Jr.), David Hanashiro (NG), 5-6, 160, Sr.), Colby Octavio (P/K, 5-6, 145, Sr.)
Bullet Strengths: "I think we're a pretty decent running team. We like to run to the seams," said Kobayashi.


Bullet Coach: Darren Johnson
Bullet Record: 8-3
Bullet Players to watch: Jon Kepa (WR, 5-10, 175, Sr.), Rocky Alo (RB, 6-0, 210, Sr.), Taleki Mailau (QB, 5-9, 165, So.), Bruddah Choy-Foo (DB, 6-1, 185, Sr.), , Keone Brown (RB, 5-10, 200, Sr.), Keoki Fraser (OL, 6-3, 300, Sr.), Mike Cathcart (DB, 5-10, 170, Jr.), Ammon Kaleo (DL, 6-1, 255, Jr.), Roger Majit-Gordon (LB, 5-10, 185 Sr.), Ryan Exstrom (WR, 6-1, 170, Sr.), Justin Kaihenui (WR, 5-11, 170, Sr.), Luke Okihiro (LB, 5-9, 205, Sr.), Demitrus Se'ei (DL, 5-10, 245, Jr.), Lopaka Burgess (LB, 5-9, 215, Sr.), Lokahi Travis (OL, 6-2, 270, 11), Fea Tolua (Dl, 6-4, 230, So.), David Wise (DL, 6-0, 240, Sr.).
Bullet Strengths: "I would say it's our overall team speed. Problem is, that's Waimea's, too," said Johnson.


Bullet Coach: Siuaki Livai
Bullet Record: 10-1
Bullet Players to watch: Kala Latuselu (RB, 5-11, 200, Sr.), Orlando Wong (QB, 6-1, 180, Sr.), Chris Kemoeatu (OL, 6-4, 300, Jr.), Lincoln Manutai (LB, 5-11, 195, Sr.), David Ili-Deal (DE, 6-0, 195, Sr.), Douglas Nawahine (LB, 5-8, 200, Sr.), Leonard Peters (DB, 6-1, 165, Sr.), Jacob Malufau (DB, 5-11, 168, Sr.)
Bullet Strengths: The running of Kala Latuselu and the overall ability of Orlando Wong, who also can play wide receiver.


Bullet Coach: Roy Aukai
Bullet Record: 10-0
Bullet Players to watch: Kaimana Lee (QB, 6-2, 200, Sr.), Steven Mahelona (RB, 5-10, 205, Sr.), Jimmy Riveira (WR, 5-6, 145, Sr.), Kyle Ikeda (OL, 5-11, 225, Sr.), Kauka Lindsey (DL, 6-2, 235, Sr.), Darryl Grace (DL, 6-4, 225, Jr.), Eddie Torres (DB, 6-1, 175, Sr.), Jesse Mahelona (DL, 5-11, 240, Jr.), Shane Wong-Yuen (LB, 5-8, 170, Jr.).
Bullet Strengths: "It's hard to say. We're balanced on both sides of the ball," said Aukai.


Bullet Coach: Joe Balangitao
Bullet Record: 10-0
Bullet Players to watch: Steven Hafoka (QB, 5-7, 160, Sr.), Nolan Wada (RB, 5-10, 160, Sr.), Huli Rivera (WR, 5-11, 175, Sr.), Eddie Ferreira (FB, 5-9, 170, Sr.), Ikaika Blackburn (LB, 5-10, 185, Sr.), Thomas Miyamoto (DE, 6-1, 245, Sr.), Lolohehea Mahe (DT, 6-4, 330, Sr.), A.J. Garbin (DB, 5-9, 170, So.)
Bullet Strengths: "We're a multiple option team. We like to mix it up -- throw and pass," said Balangitao.


Bullet Coach: Harold Tanaka
Bullet Record: 6-4-1
Bullet Players to watch: Ransen Rodrigues (LB, 6-0, 175, Sr.), Augatupu Sagapolutele (DL, 5-10, 220, Sr.), Joshua Noga (DL, 5-10, 250, Sr.), Kenneth Gasilos (WR, 6-0, 160, Sr.).
Bullet Strengths: "I think our passing has evolved and we're able to score quick. That's been a plus for us this season," said Tanaka.

How they got there

Game-by-game results for the eight teams in the first Hawaii High School Athletic Association state football tournament:

Bullet BALDWIN (10-0)
def. King Kekaulike, 20-14
def. Maui, 41-0
def. Kaahumanu Hou, 44-0
def. Lahainaluna, 28-0
def. St. Anthony, 48-0
def. King Kekaulike, 38-6
def. Maui, 40-33
def. St. Anthony, 54-0
def. Kaahumanu Hou, 61-7
def. Lahainaluna, 48-21

Bullet FARRINGTON (6-4-1)
lost to Waianae, 34-19
def. Waipahu, 7-6
def. Kailua, 21-14
def. McKinley, 27-23
def. Castle, 29-15
tied Mililani, 14-14
lost to Kahuku, 0-36
def. Campbell, 12-0
a-def. Kaimuki, 28-7
b-lost to Kahuku, 0-29
d-lost to Waianae, 0-28

Bullet KAHUKU (10-1)
def. Castle, 42-0
def. McKinley, 14-12
def. Campbell, 21-7
def. Leilehua, 25-9
lost to Waianae, 7-43
def. Waipahu, 47-0
def. Farrington, 36-0
def. Kailua, 32-24
a-def. Aiea, 35-14
b-def. Farrington, 29-0
c-def. Kailua, 7-0

Bullet KAILUA (8-3)
def. Leilehua, 27-10
def. Waianae, 34-21
lost to Farrington, 14-21
def. Mililani, 14-0
def. McKinley, 42-7
def. Castle, 41-13
def. Campbell, 27-6
lost to Kahuku, 24-32
a-def. Roosevelt, 26-23 (2OT)
b-def. Waianae, 35-24
c-lost to Kahuku, 0-7

Bullet KONAWAENA (10-0)
def. Kohala, 49-7
def. Kealakehe, 55-7
def. Honokaa, 28-7
def. Hawaii Prep, 28-0
def. Hilo, 35-13
def. Waiakea, 27-0
def. Ka'u, 60-8
def. Waiakea, 23-20
def. Hawaii Prep, 20-0
def. Hilo, 19-14

Bullet ST. LOUIS (10-1)
def. Pac-Five, 84-28
def. Punahou, 41-8
def. Iolani, 48-9
def. Damien, 49-0
def. Kamehameha, 28-9
def. Iolani, 42-7
def. Punahou, 47-12
def. Pac-Five, 89-7
def. Damien, 82-0
lost to Kamehameha, 6-30
e-def. Kamehameha, 43-7

Bullet WAIANAE (8-3)
def. Farrington, 34-19
lost to Kailua, 21-34
def. Castle, 35-0
lost to Waipahu, 27-21
def. Kahuku, 43-7
def. Leilehua, 41-7
def. McKinley, 26-14
def. Mililani, 34-14
a-def. Mililani, 28-0
b-lost to Kailua, 24-35
d-def. Farrington, 28-0

Bullet WAIMEA (5-0-1)
def. Kapaa, 66-7
def. Kauai, 21-0
def. Kapaa, 35-12
def. Kauai, 48-0
def. Kapaa, 55-26
tied Kauai, 0-0

a-OIA quarterfinal
b-OIA semifinal
c-OIA championship
d-OIA third place
e-ILH championship

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