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Wednesday, November 10, 1999

Maru, Taka post
easy wins at Kyushu

FUKUOKA, Nov. 10 (Kyodo) -- Yokozuna Musashimaru and Takanohana cruised to their third victories while komusubi Tosanoumi and rank-and-filer Toki remained undefeated Wednesday, the fourth day of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament.

Fighting in the day's final bout at Fukuoka Kokusai Center, a rejuvenated Takanohana posted his third straight victory after losing on the opening day with a convincing win over pesky No. 2 maegashira Kotonishiki (2-2).

Takanohana wasted little time in securing a grip of Kotonishiki's belt with his left arm and then used a patented arm throw to dispose of the Sadogatake stable wrestler shortly after the face-off.

Musashimaru, meanwhile, racked up his easiest win of the 15-day tourney thus far when he forced Tamakasuga (1-3) back to the edge with several arm thrusts and then propelled the top-ranked maegashira into the first row of seats with a final shove.

In a battle of komusubi, Tosanoumi maintained his perfect 4-0 record when he fought off a spirited initial attack by Musoyama (2-2) and then buried his head in the chest of his opponent to bulldoze him out of the ring.

Fifth-ranked maegashira Toki kept pace with Tosanoumi as he slapped Aogiyama down after a series of trademark arm thrusts to send the No. 4 maegashira to his third loss.

Ozeki Dejima remained one win off the pace at 3-1 when he absorbed several arm thrusts from a determined Asanosho and then shoved the No. 3 maegashira out to his third loss.

Fellow ozeki Chiyotaikai overpowered winless No. 2 maegashira Takatoriki and then sent his opponent tumbling out of the ring to pick up his third straight victory.

Mongolian-born grappler Kyokushuzan was no match for ozeki Takanonami, who got both arms around the struggling No. 3 maegashira and bumped him out with his chest to improve to 3-1. Kyokushuzan suffered his fourth straight loss.

Results of main bouts on 4th day
of Kyushu sumo tourney

FUKUOKA, Nov. 10 (Kyodo) -- Results of makuuchi division bouts Wednesday, the fourth day of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament at Fukuoka Kokusai Center:

Won Technique Lost

Takanowaka 3-1 hatakikomi Daizen 2-2
Tokitsuumi 2-2 shitatenage Ohinode 3-1
Tochinonada 3-1 yorikiri Ganyu 0-4
Kaiho 3-1 uwatenage Hamanoshima 1-3
Otsukasa 3-1 uwatedashinage Shikishima 2-2
Kyokutenho 1-3 tsukiotoshi Asanowaka 0-4
Wakanosato 2-2 shitatenage Chiyotenzan 1-3
Minatofuji 3-1 katasukashi Wakanoyama 2-2
Higonoumi 3-1 yorikiri Kotoryu 1-3
Kotonowaka 3-1 yorikiri Terao 1-3
Toki 4-0 hatakikomi Aogiyama 1-3
Tosanoumi 4-0 yorikiri Musoyama 2-2
Kaio 2-2 oshitaoshi Miyabiyama 0-4
Tochiazuma 3-1 yorikiri Akinoshima 2-2
Takanonami 3-1 yorikiri Kyokushuzan 0-4
Dejima 3-1 oshidashi Asanosho 1-3
Chiyotaikai 3-1 oshidashi Takatoriki 0-4
Musashimaru 3-1 oshidashi Tamakasuga 1-3
Takanohana 3-1 uwatenage Kotonishiki 2-2

Thursday's bouts

Tokitsuumi 1 - 1 Daizen
Tochinonada 0 - 0 Otsukasa
Kaiho 2 - 1 Ohinode
Ganyu 6 - 4 Shikishima
Kyokutenho 1 - 4 Hamanoshima
Takanowaka 0 - 0 Higonoumi
Minatofuji 7 - 5 Asanowaka
Wakanoyama 0 - 0 Wakanosato
Kotonowaka 2 - 0 Chiyotenzan
Kotoryu 5 - 6 Aogiyama
Terao 3 - 2 Toki
Musoyama 20 - 8 Takatoriki
Asanosho 2 - 5 Tosanoumi
Miyabiyama 1 - 3 Akinoshima
Chiyotaikai 3 - 5 Tochiazuma
Takanonami 19 - 19 Kotonishiki
Tamakasuga 4 - 5 Dejima
Kyokushuzan 0 - 7 Takanohana
Musashimaru 19 - 14 Kaio

Tosanoumi, Toki
remain undefeated

FUKUOKA, Japan (AP) -- Komusubi (junior champion second class) Tosanoumi scored his fourth straight victory against no defeats and shared the lead with lower-ranked Toki on Wednesday, the fourth day of the 15-day Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament.

One victory behind the co-leaders at 3-1 are yokozunas (grand champions) Musashimaru and Takanohana and all three ozekis (champions) -- Chiyotaikai, Dejima and Takanonami -- along with eight other lower-ranked wrestlers.

Wrestling at Fukuoka Kokusai Center on Japan's southernmost main island of Kyushu, Tosanoumi, who already defeated all three ozekis in this tournament, charged equally ranked Musoyama with hand thrusts, grabbed his foe's belt and drove him out, leaving Musoyama at 2-2.

No. 5 maegashira Toki also picked up his fourth straight victory by slapping down No. 4 maegashira Aogiyama. Aogiyama is 1-3.

In the day's final bout, Takanohana drove No. 2 maegashira Kotonishiki to the ring's edge and threw him down, handing Kotonishiki his second defeat against two victories.

Hawaii-born Musashimaru, whose real name is Fiamalu Penitani, charged No. 1 maegashira Tamakasuga with hand thrusts against his foe's throat and thrust him out, leaving Tamakasuga at 1-3.

In other major bouts, ozeki Chiyotaikai charged winless No. 2 maegashira Takatorki with hand thrusts and sent him out from behind.

Ozeki Dejima bulldozed out No. 3 maegashira Asanosho who tried to pull him down in the initial charge, leaving Asanosho at 1-3.

Third ozeki Takanonami forced out No. 3 maegashira Kyokushuzan, or Mongolian Batbayar Davaa, after fighting off the Mongolian's arm throw attempt.

No. 8 maegashira Kyokutenho, or Mongolian Tsevegnyam Nyamjav, held on the initial charge of hand thrusts by No. 9 maegashira Asanowaka and thrust him down for his first victory against three defeats. Asanowaka is 0-4.

In the 26-member juryo division, just below the senior makuuchi division, No. 13-ranked Sentoryu (2-2), or American Henry Armstrong Miller, was thrown down by No. 10-ranked Mainoumi (3-1).

No. 8-ranked Hoshitango (1-3), or Argentine Imach Marcelo Salomon, was forced out by No. 6-ranked Tomonohana (3-1).

In makushita, the top junior division, No. 59-ranked Kyokutenzan (0-2), or Mongolian Enkhbat Batmunkha, was forced out by No. 60-ranked Narahikari.

In sandanme, the second highest junior division, No. 11-ranked Azumaoh (0-2), or Brazilian Yasuto Morita, was pushed out by No. 13-ranked Asahayate.

In jonidan, the third highest junior division, No. 94-ranked Kotonomori (1-1), or Brazilian Mario Fuchiue, tossed down No. 93-ranked Sawada.

In jonokuchi, the lowest junior division, No. 44-ranked Daibanjaku (1-1), or Mongolian Batsukh Khaidavmunkh, forced out No. 46-ranked Suita.

Wrestlers in junior divisions have only seven bouts during the 15-day tournament.

Results of main sumo bouts

FUKUOKA, Japan (AP) -- Results of main bouts Wednesday, the fourth day of the 15-day Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament at Fukuoka Kokusai Center:

Winners Losers

Takanowaka (3-1) Daizen (2-2)
Tokitsuumi (2-2) Ohinode (3-1)
Tochinonada (3-1) Ganyu (0-4)
Kaiho (3-1) Hamanoshima (1-3)
Yotsukasa (3-1) Shikishima (2-2)
Kyokutenho (1-3) Asanowaka (0-4)
Wakanosato (2-2) Chiyotenzan (1-3)
Minatofuji (3-1) Wakanoyama (2-2)
Higonoumi (3-1) Kotoryu (1-3)
Kotonowaka (3-1) Terao (1-3)
Toki (4-0) Aogiyama (1-3)
Tosanoumi (4-0) Musoyama (2-2)
Kaio (2-2) Miyabiyama (0-4)
Tochiazuma (3-1) Akinoshima (2-2)
Takanonami (3-1) Kyokushuzan (0-4)
Dejima (3-1) Asanosho (1-3)
Chiyotaikai (3-1) Takatoriki (0-4)
Musashimaru (3-1) Tamakasuga (1-3)
Takanohana (3-1) Kotonishiki (2-2)

Juryo Division

Mainoumi (3-1) Sentoryu (2-2)
Tomonohana (3-1) Hoshitango (1-3)

Junior Divisions:


Narahikari Kyokutenzan (0-2)


Asahayate Azumaoh (0-2)


Kotonomori (1-1) Sawada


Daibanjaku (1-1) Suita

(Junior division wrestlers have only seven bouts during the tournament. Records of foreign wrestlers' opponents were not available.)

Thursday's main bouts:

Tokitsuumi Daizen
Tochinonada Otsukasa
Kaiho Ohinode
Ganyu Shikishima
Kyokutenho Hamanoshima
Takanowaka Higonoumi
Minatofuji Asanowaka
Wakanoyama Wakanosato
Kotonowaka Chiyotenzan
Kotoryu Aogiyama
Terao Toki
Musoyama Takatoriki
Asanosho Tosanoumi
Miyabiyama Akinoshima
Chiyotaikai Tochiazuma
Takanonami Kotonishiki
Tamakasuga Dejima
Kyokushuzan Takanohana
Musashimaru Kaio

Results in Scoreboard

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