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Tuesday, October 26, 1999


Star-Bulletin closing after 117 years

Always more to the story...

Mayer's revelations told the inside story

I'd like to thank Phil Mayer for filling us in on what really happened to the Star-Bulletin (Insight, Oct. 2). Many people are philosophical and say, "Lots of cities have one newspaper." But no one can say that any other state has only one newspaper.

Here is the crux: One party, one informant, will mire Hawaii even deeper in its problems. But, of course, that is the plot. There seems to be no peripheral publishers either capable or willing to fill the vacuum.

When I switched over to the Star-Bulletin from the Advertiser, I couldn't figure out why the Hawaii Newspaper Agency was so insistent that I should not do this. HNA offered me all sorts of ploys to get me back into the Advertiser fold.

Frankly, after I found Star-Bulletin humor columnist Charles Memminger, there was no way I'd revert. I prefer a kinder, gentler paper with more objectivity.

Elynore Hambleton
Via the Internet

So much to miss if newspaper closes

I've been reading the Star-Bulletin for many decades and have written scores of letters to the editor for many years. I was surprised and sad, like tens of thousands of its subscribers, by the unexpected news that it is destined to close.

The Oct. 2 article, "I Accuse," by former Star-Bulletin employee Phil Mayer was superb. This must-read story detailed the background that Gannett Co. played in the closing of the Star-Bulletin.

Hopefully, the courts will rule in favor of the continuation of the Star-Bulletin. If not, I'll miss the columns by A.A. Smyser and Burl Burlingame, Diane Chang's refreshing and unique comments on a variety of subjects, and the superb editorial cartoons of Corky Trinidad.

How Tim Chang

An offer that can't be refused...

If one haughty business adopts questionable procedures to eliminate a competitor for its supposed lack of performance, i.e. circulation, regardless of the obvious resultant discord of its loyal reading public, one would think that we were numbskulls.

Especially when, soon after the awesome announcement, I get an offer over the phone for six months' delivery of the Advertiser for $1 a month.

Shame on me, I fell for it, knowing that I preferred the Star-Bulletin.

I've been sending letters to the Advertiser for years, and failed to have one published. I don't expect a change after this.

John Werrill

Star-Bulletin closing Oct. 30, 1999
Kay issues preliminary injunction
Text of preliminary injunction
Text of refusal to lift injunction



"As far as the community
is concerned, we have peace
on the waterfront."

Tim Ho

On a tentative agreement hammered out between
management and union representatives
that averted a dock strike


"There are millions of men from
around the world who would love
to have their genes combined with
the most beautiful and genetically
advanced women. Many men have
substantial financial resources, yet
are unable to find the genetic
combinations that would impart
beauty to their offspring."

Ron Harris

On the premise of his Web site, where the eggs
of eight models are being auctioned off to
those wishing for good-looking children

Asking for living wage is not a crime

I take exception to the Oct. 21 letters to the editor written by Art Todd and Helen Carroll. I guess they did not do their homework regarding Matson Navigation parent company Alexander & Baldwin Inc., whose third-quarter profits went up a whopping 34 percent.

The dockworkers are merely asking for "equal pay for equal work" with their West Coast counterparts. When a study was done of executive compensation, it was found that top management was compensated 400 times more than the average regular worker.

Thus, maybe the real culprits here are not those who merely are trying to "work for a living."

George M. Waialeale

Dockworkers' salaries are too high

What justifies the exorbitant pay of dockworkers? They must have extraordinary abilities.

The $150,000 per year for the foremen and linemen who tie up the ships -- they must manually pull the ships into port.

The crane operators making $120,000 annually must be telekinetically lifting the containers by mind power whenever the cranes break down.

The unskilled workers making $60,000-$85,000 per year, double the pay of our teachers, must have hidden talents and qualifications we can't even imagine.

Or are they ordinary folks in a monopoly situation?

Management has conceded to union demands in the past, and will continue to do the same in the future. All of these increased costs are passed onto the people of Hawaii.

Given that this small group of workers can hold us hostage, why isn't the state regulating this industry? Dockworkers should be considered similar to air traffic controllers, and should be prohibited from striking.

Brian M. Kim

All its campuses make UH great

I agree with J.W.A. Buyers' Sept. 16 letter to the editor that University of Hawaii-Hilo did a good job of providing educational opportunities for promising individuals, as well as helping business on the Big Island.

But let's not put aside the accomplishments of UH-Manoa's team of scientists, as they dazzled the world with their scientific capability in the fields of genetic engineering and agriculture.

Despite the state's economic woes, UH as a whole did a great job. As with any business or sport, it's the team that make great things happen, not just one individual.

Ryan Tin Loy


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