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Wednesday, October 13, 1999


Star-Bulletin closing after 117 years

Parting thoughts on the Star-Bulletin

The Star-Bulletin is making plans for its final day of publication Oct. 30. As a tribute to our readers and letters writers the Insight section that Saturday will be devoted to letters to the editor.

If you have special memories of reading the paper, delivering it as a kid or perhaps even working in the Star-Bulletin news room or the production or advertising departments, please jot down your thoughts and we will be happy to consider them for publication in our last issue.

Please submit letters according to the directions in the "Letters guide" below and mark them to the attention of "Last Word -- Letters to the Editor." Mahalo.

-- Mary Poole
Letters editor

Write a Letter to the Editor

Letters guide

We welcome all letters on subjects of public interest. Letters of more than 200 words are used only when they are deemed of special merit. The Star-Bulletin reserves the right to edit any letter for clarity and length. E-mail letters sent as attachments will not be published. Letters must be signed, with a daytime telephone number.

Star-Bulletin closing Oct. 30, 1999



Conventions alone won't save economy

The state of Hawaii should not rely solely on the occasional convention to come to town to aid its economy. In recent days, the sweetly obsequious use of American Dental Association-friendly signs in the windows of Honolulu businesses gave me a toothache. If the members of the ADA decided to camp out at the beach, bring home lunches and leave without souvenirs, we'd all pretty much be down in the mouth.

Braddoc DeCaires
Via the Internet

Cutting welfare boosts need for other services

Maybe cutting families off welfare has "worked" as your Oct. 11 editorial says, but what I have seen, even for families that have been restored, is an increase in Child Protective Services reports.

All these families have children, and when there is no money for food, medical care, housing, it translates as neglect and a CPS report. We can blame the parents, but other than a feeling of self-righteousness, what does that accomplish?

CPS, foster care, etc., are expensive alternatives to welfare. Sounds like another case of penny wise, pound foolish.

Marilyn Harris
Pearl City
Via the Internet

One letter apparently goes a long way

Never underestimate the power of letters to the editor. One small letter accomplished more than an expensive court action by the governor to lower gas prices in Hawaii.

My recent letter to the Star-Bulletin revealed that ARCO had not reduced its gas prices as it had promised upon entering the scene in Hawaii several months ago.

A few days after the Star-Bulletin published the letter, ARCO dropped its price at its headquarters' station from $1.41 a gallon to $1.29, well over 10 cents a gallon...the lowest in the state by far. My congratulations to the Star-Bulletin for showing how important this segment of the paper is.

W.W. Robinson
Via the Internet



"It's another indication of how
arrogant, greedy and insensitive this
whole bunch is. Their claim that they
are supporting Princess Pauahi's
will is laughable."

Samuel King
On an analysis commissioned by the estate's trustees in 1995 on whether to move its headquarters to South Dakota


"I don't think liquor should be
anywhere near kids. But I don't think
a neon sign in the window is going
to tell a kid to go inside
and get a beer."

Gary Dickman
On a City Council bill that would limit
alcoholic beverage advertisements

Bus users should gripe about work slowdown

Three times last week, I was victimized by bus slowdowns by several Teamsters union bus drivers. My regular driver took vacation. I suspect she knew in advance that potential problems were in the works.

One driver deliberately drove under the speed limit to the point of acting like a Sunday afternoon sightseeing tour. His approach and departure at each bus stop were unnecessarily long and drawn out. We were 40 minutes late getting downtown from Kailua. I was an hour late for work.

Last Friday two bus drivers were playing games. In particular, a Route 1 King Street bus driver was pressing the gas petal hard enough to move the bus forward and then he would let the bus coast to an near stop before hitting the gas petal. At every crosswalk, he deliberately slowed to almost stopping.

The Teamsters union intent may have been safety first but it's obvious it choose to ignore the outrageous behavior of its membership. As a city employee, I feel these drivers are a disgrace and an insult to public workers everywhere.

If you are tired of being a victim, call the Hawaii Teamsters Local 996 at 847-6633. Don't let them get away with this.

Debbie Stelmach
Via the Internet

Low pay hurts workers and damages economy

Why does Hawaii insist on paying its workers 30 percent to 50 percent less for jobs that require the same level of experience and education as on the mainland? Does this not slow Hawaii's economy and extend our 10-year-old recession?

Is it not clear to all that the cost of living is much higher in Hawaii than in most mainland areas? Why does Hawaii shoot itself in the foot this way? Why must so many folks work two, three and four jobs to make ends meet? This does NOTHING for the spirit of aloha and ohana.

Can we hear from economists, compensation analysts, labor leaders, government officials and business managers and owners on this? Is this pay unfairness a "plantation mentality" problem or something else?

Phillip St. James
Via the Internet

Beatty is as qualified to run as others in field

Why is it that the national media portray a presidential bid by Warren Beatty as that of an actor with no political experience? Why does that same media not give similar attention to the political inexperience of people like Buchanan, Trump, Forbes, Bauer, Perot and Robertson?

Warren Beatty has been active on the scene of national politics since the Eisenhower administration. He is a very successful businessman -- not just a frivolous actor. His insight into our political system is worthy of note.

Ken Armstrong


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