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Tuesday, October 12, 1999


Winter and spring breaks should coincide

Ideally, all public schools should be on one statewide school calendar. Since this is not the case, we should at least preserve our two statewide traditional school breaks -- winter and spring. The vast majority of schools, including the University of Hawaii, have done so.

However, Mililani High School will not be honoring the traditional spring recess of March 27-31, 2000. This spring break is going to be one week ahead of the traditional break.

This will be a great injustice to families. Spring break has always been an opportunity for family gatherings, reunions or trips because it has always been a statewide break. Besides family trips, spring break coincides with many youth sports tournaments, church and scouting activities.

Families are already being torn apart by all the conflicting school calendars. The Board of Education needs to make sure that these two traditional school vacations line up with others across the state.

Phil Soon
Via the Internet

Hawaii needs someone like Jesse Ventura

Your Oct. 4 editorial on Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura was uninformed, one-sided and unfair. His comments were taken out of context and blown out of proportion. He did not "denounce" organized religion or condone the actions of those involved in the Tailhook scandal.

Hawaii would be lucky to have a man like Ventura involved in local politics. He served his country honorably as a Navy SEAL in Vietnam. After less than a year in office, he has inspired record voter turnout, written a balanced budget without slashing needed social programs and increased education spending to its highest levels.

Because of his efforts, Minnesota families received a tax rebate averaging more than $700. His approval rating is through the roof.

By contrast, corruption in Hawaii governments is rampant, costing taxpayers millions every year. Our taxes are unimaginably high and our education system is frightful.

Orrin Johnson
Via the Internet



"I think that night turned
it around for me and for the
Democratic Party in Hawaii. It is
why I have so much aloha
for Ted Kennedy."

Daniel Akaka
On the boost to his 1990 Senate campaign against
Pat Saiki by a rousing speech given on his behalf
by Sen. Ted Kennedy


"I can hear parents cursing
and shouting out epitaphs at
9-year-olds a half-mile
away at my house."

Michael Kliks
Describing some of the concerns about plans to
expand athletic fields and build a 1,000-seat
community sports center at
Manoa District Park

Star-Bulletin closing after 117 years

Commentary provided insider's view of JOA

Phil Mayer's statement about the background of discussions that led to the planned closedown of the Star-Bulletin was both moving and disturbing.

The fact that Mayer worked for the Bulletin gives his account and accusations a sturdy factual platform upon which the public can judge the merits of his views.

His participation in union negotiations and as the Newspaper Guild representative in the discussions that led to the joint agreement provided him with factual insights not available to the greater Honolulu community. That was our loss.

"Money-driven outrage," "capital punishment," "intellectual anthrax"? These are forceful and emotion-provoking words -- words that reveal the depth and conviction of his sense of betrayal by the corporate leaders he accuses.

I believe that his "insider" revelations about the details of the joint agreement demand responsible investigation by the state. Certainly the inclusion of the "outrageous provision that gave complete control of the editorial and opinion pages of the Sunday paper to the Advertiser" makes a mockery of the public's understanding of the agreement.

Mayer's valedictory statement about the press in Honolulu is a searing document that does him honor. Aloha, Phil Mayer.

Stephen T. Murin

Star-Bulletin closing Oct. 30, 1999



Funding for 'trash' art should be withdrawn

The Brooklyn Museum of Art used poor judgment in displaying "The Holy Virgin Mary" embellished in elephant dung. Its title degrading the Virgin Mary is its selling point. Otherwise, it wouldn't draw flies. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani's denunciation added to its attraction.

With all the publicity and being highly controversial, the museum knew it would attract huge crowds. It charged $9.75 a head and is making a heap of money.

This is not a First Amendment issue, but whether it is good "art."

Too often today, artists and writers create art or write books that are deliberately offensive and bizarre in hopes of getting recognition. Museums that depend on taxpayers' money should be very careful in selecting good art and not "trash." Otherwise, their funding should be cut or terminated.

How Tim Chang

Booing reflects badly on Hawaii football fans

When I was young, I don't recall local sports fans booing visiting football teams entering the stadium. Local fans then had pride in their behavior and showed a lot of aloha spirit and class.

Unfortunately, fans now do not have that pride and therefore display unsportsmanlike behavior by booing visiting teams. I understand the advantage of home games, but negative behavior only reflects poorly on those who display it.

Cheer for your team and show respect to your opponent and its fans, and may the best team win.

Willy Ching

Reverse sticker shock on the mainland

I lived in Hawaii from 1988-97. At first, I was shocked at the high cost of living, but I eventually got used to it.

When I moved back to the mainland, though, I got "reverse sticker shock." On going to the Safeway here in Colorado and getting four bags of groceries for $26.86, I was convinced that the checker had forgotten to ring up some items. The same four bags would have cost me at least $100 in Hawaii.

My car insurance dropped from $800 a year (no tickets, no accidents in 40 years of driving) to $285 a year for the same type and age of car. My rent dropped from $525 for a one-room "apartment" in Kaneohe to $275 for a three-bedroom apartment.

I also have to admit, however, that my salary went down, from $32,000 a year to $28,000 annually. But that 28 grand here goes a whole lot farther.

Barbara Masse
LaVeta, Colo.
Via the Internet

What Price Paradise?


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