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Thursday, October 7, 1999


Star-Bulletin closing after 117 years

Women legislators express appreciation

We, the members of the Women's Legislative Caucus, acknowledge with regret that the Star-Bulletin will cease publication on Oct. 30.

During the past legislative session, our reactivated caucus was successful in passing several bills related to women and families.

We were pleased and grateful for the editorials and articles in your paper supporting our work. They were validation of our participation in some national issues and helped create an awareness of these issues in the local community.

We would especially like to recognize the work of columnist Diane Chang, who has consistently spoken out on women's issues.

To all the members of the Star-Bulletin staff, we offer our thanks for your many years of service. We wish you well in your future endeavors.

Rep. Lei Ahu Isa
Rep. Emily J. Auwae
Rep. Iris I. Catalani
Rep. Bertha C. Kawakami
Rep. Marilyn B. Lee
Rep. Bertha F.K. Leong
Rep. Sylvia J. Luke
Rep. Barbara Marumoto
Rep. Colleen Meyer
Rep. Hermina M. Morita
Rep. Cynthia H. Thielen
Rep. Terry N. Yoshinaga
Sen. Jan Yagi Buen
Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland
Sen. Carol Fukunaga
Sen. Colleen Hanabusa
Sen. Lorraine R. Inouye

Selling papers was first success

My first job was when I was 10 years old selling newspapers on the street.

Thank you, Star-Bulletin, for the education that allowed me to make a decent living and become a contributing member of society.

I have tender memories of my mini success with you. Aloha to a great institution.

Alfred Cordeiro Jr.
Via the Internet

Carrier mourns loss of paper, job

As a carrier for the Star-Bulletin for three years, I am saddened by the news of its coming shutdown. It is a shame that such a good paper is going to die and all the great people who work for it will lose their jobs, including me.

Thank you for putting out such a great paper. I have enjoyed every minute of delivering it.

Ashoka Moore
Via the Internet

Star-Bulletin closing Oct. 30, 1999



"Jesse wants to give this tip
to other surfers: Be careful when
and where you are surfing, be more
aware of what's going on around you,
and make it a point to get out of the
water before the sun
goes down."

Diane Ley

Conveying a message from her 16-year-old Big Island
nephew, who was attacked by a shark while
surfing off the Kona coast


"This is a case
of ballot-box discrimination,
plain and simple."

Theodore Olson

Arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court that limiting
Office of Hawaiian Affairs elections to Hawaiians
is a clear violation of voting rights

'Baywatch Hawaii' is a big disappointment

After watching the first episode of "Baywatch Hawaii," I thought there must be something wrong with me. A TV program couldn't possibly be THAT bad.

Maybe the first episode was a tentative rehearsal, I thought. To be fair, I tuned in for the second episode but it was no different. This has got to be the most vacuous, inane programs ever filmed.

Let's get this monstrosity off the air. If it takes the governor calling out the National Guard and escorting these filmmakers off the island at bayonet point, if the Legislature has to pass a law prohibiting such insults to Hawaii, if the mayor has to send a detachment of Honolulu's finest to escort the entire crew to the airport for immediate deportation, then do it.

J.F. McDaniel

Is pidgin really a foreign language?

All of this talk about pidgin English reminds me of the time I went to Air Force basic training at Lakeland Air Force Base, Texas, 20 years ago.

When all 50 recruits who comprised a flight were assembled to commence basic training, the drill instructor ordered those from Puerto Rico and Hawaii to fall out. We were all scheduled to attend training for ESL -- English as a Second Language.

One fellow recruit who traveled with me from Hawaii was a haole who originally was from Canada. When he followed the drill instructors orders and fell out with the rest of us, he was told to fall back in since he didn't look like he needed ESL.

I went to ESL, requested to take the final exam and was back in formation in 30 minutes.

Damon Senaha
Lt. Cmdr., U.S. Navy
San Diego
Via the Internet

McCain is best choice for GOP nomination

Some suggest the Republican candidate for president has already been selected. George W. Bush Jr. of Texas has raised an immense amount of money. Pat Buchanan sounds like a dangerous fascist who hopefully will bolt to some other party. Dan Quayle has seen the writing on the wall.

But is the ability to raise campaign funds or to use family connections a substitute for character and candor? Should a prime example for the need for campaign finance reform receive the nomination of the most independent and free-thinking party? No, he should not.

Republicans do have a choice. There is a man of proven honor and integrity seeking the presidency. He can look you in the eye and answer your questions as to what he did and when.

I suggest that we choose our president the same way we choose our friends -- based on their integrity, not by how much money they have. I support John McCain for president.

Brian N. Durham
Via the Internet

Headline about Captain Cook was in poor taste

While Saturday's Insight story by Herb Kane about Captain Cook was well done, your headline editor served up a sour note by writing, "Captain Cook has had an unsavory reputation among Hawaiians." Considering that the Hawaiians cooked and ate Cook, the remark was somewhat tasteless.

Paul Pollitt
Via the Internet


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