Thursday, September 9, 1999

On scale of 1 to 10, today is a 9-9-99

Parents are happy because
babies born today
gain good luck

By Jaymes K. Song


Today is a "Jiu-Jiu" kind of day.

"Jiu-Jiu" means the lucky number "nine" and "forever" in Mandarin Chinese, said Hiroshi Kobayashi today, general manager of 99 Ranch Market in Salt Lake.

And today is Sept. 9, 1999 -- or 9-9-99.

Kobayashi's supermarket was named "99" Ranch Market because it was a lucky number, he said.

The number nine is significant for Chinese because of the concept of Yin and Yang, said Y.C. Li, a Chinese language professor at the University of Hawaii. Yin and Yang are two forces which have to be in balance -- yin is considered to be feminine and yang is masculine. Odd numbers are considered to be yang numbers and nine is the highest odd number.

"It's supposed to be a lucky day," Li said. The day is called "Jiu Jiu Chong Yang" in Mandarin, which means double yang day. It's traditionally celebrated by families with a hike to a mountain peak.

But while today is 9/9/99 according to the Western calendar, the traditional Chinese calendar goes according to lunar months and today is not officially the day of celebration.

But don't tell Dudley and Michelle Towne today isn't lucky.

Photo by John P. Goodrich Jr.
Dudley Towne and his wife, Michelle, hold
their newborn son Zachary, born today.

Michelle gave birth to son Zachary shortly after 9 this morning at Tripler Hospital. He was almost nine pounds -- 8 pounds, 6 ounces.

"We were pretty close," Dudley Towne said.

He was also full term -- nine months.

"It's just a bunch of nines," he said. "I'd should enter a lottery today with lots of nines."

Massage therapist Lynn Nakahara, 35, also feels lucky.

She gave birth this morning to her daughter Reimi at Queen's Hospital. Reimi, who was due on Sept. 28, is her third child.

"I thought it was pretty neat to give birth today," she said.

She could have delivered yesterday when she was admitted to Queen's, but she told doctors to hold off.

Nakahara said she tried waiting until 9 a.m. today, but ended up giving birth at 1:16 a.m. to Reimi, who weighs 6 pounds 8 ounces.

"I couldn't wait, I tried to hold off," she said. "But I kinda got my wish."

"Nine is the all," said local numerologist Dean Foster. "All numbers are included in the number nine, which brings out everything to the surface -- especially emotions."

"It intensifies, dramatizes and crystalizes people's emotions," he added. "It's like a surge of emotion."

Foster said that because of nine being the day, month and year, it is the most biggest and intense combination you can have.

According to astrologer and psychic Susan Aiu, there is a "new moon" today positioned at "16 Virgo."

The new moon will generally make people feel worn out or tired, Aiu said. And Virgo is a very "analyzing" sign which means it will be good day for people financially or those in business.

No computer or Y2K problems were reported this morning.

Hawaiian Electric Co. said it took advantage of the date and conducted Y2K drills.

HECO spokesman Fred Kobashikawa said there were three days most power plants were looking at -- April 9 (the 99th day of the year), Aug. 22 (a day when the Global Positioning Systems rollover in space) and today.

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