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Monday, August 16, 1999


Boys Scouts can learn from Girl Scouts

Why can't the Boy Scouts be more like the Girls Scouts? The Girl Scouts have never excluded gay people. They expect all members of their organization to adhere to reasonable standards of behavior and don't have any problems with people who are homosexual. They are admitted into membership and fit in just fine.

The Boy Scouts should adopt the same policy. Why should they do things any differently?

Gary Rimar
Washington, Mich.
Via the Internet

Mink is responsive to her constituents

Recently, I wrote to U.S. Rep. Patsy Mink and the USDA in opposition to the new "Terminator Seed" technology that, through genetic engineering, renders offspring seed sterile and gives too much control to giant agri-businesses like Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland.

I just got back Mink's response -- a letter plus a thick packet of materials on this controversial issue.

Over the past three years, I have written to Mink many times on issues such as family planning, campaign finance reform, arms sales, the environment, education and health-care reform. Each time I have been impressed with the promptness and thoroughness of her response.

It far exceeds what I have received from all other politicians I have corresponded with over the past 15 years.

Derek Bishop
Naalehu, Hawaii

DHS is shirking its responsibilities

People should be enraged that our children are not receiving adequate protection. Child abuse statistics are increasing, and the Department of Human Services -- under the direction of Susan Chandler -- has failed to adequately shield innocent children from abuse.

Public outcry was loud and clear over the one-issue Bronster vote, but there was hardly a whimper when Chandler was reappointed. Despite the numerous calls and faxes to our offices urging us to do the right thing by voting against Chandler's reconfirmation, we were able to muster only six votes.

Child abuse in this state not only continues but has escalated. Children all over Hawaii have died; many more have been permanently scarred by emotional, physical or sexual abuse.

I am continually frustrated and angered that DHS continues to operate in such a manner that puts children in danger every hour of every day.

We must protect our keiki and demand that DHS do its job.

Sen. Whitney T. Anderson
Minority Leader
Hawaii Legislature



"Makana is my Hawaiian name
and it means 'gift,' which is what this
music is. It's been given to me and
I'm giving it to people. I try to
always give 110 percent, whether
they're listening or not."




"There are two departments in
the state that get blamed for everything.
One is budget and finance, and the
other is the attorney general's office.
The governor did tell me not to
micromanage and, believe me,
with 110 lawyers, I don't
intend to micromanage."

Earl Anzai

In a speech to the Filipino Chamber of Commerce

Change in government doesn't come quickly

Richard Borreca's Aug. 4 article, "Governor's warnings seem familiar," disapprovingly recounts Ben Cayetano's efforts to control government spending. The governor, Borreca complains, has urged rethinking government functions and spending in 1995, 1998 and earlier this year.

That's because altering the course of government does not happen overnight. How do you change the thinking and culture of Hawaii residents (including state workers) who, for more than 30 years since statehood, experienced rapid economic growth that allowed equally rapid increases in public spending?

How do you convince them that times have changed and Hawaii must change, too? It takes persistence and dedication and, yes, repeating yourself, to make a difference.

Yes, Mr. Borreca, Hawaii has faced and continues to face a difficult fiscal period.

Governor Cayetano has repeatedly urged spending restraint, supported tax reforms that promise long-term gain but short-term pain, and taken steps to soften the effects of those decisions, whenever possible.

Most people would not have a problem with this. In fact, most would call it leadership.

Lt. Gov. Mazie K. Hirono

Budget surplus mustn't be returned to taxpayers

The federal government is projecting a trillion-dollar-plus budget surplus in the next decade. The media and public are buying it. Yet this is only a projection.

Members of Congress, especially Republicans, want to give everyone an income tax cut and abolish the inheritance tax. This is unfair! Why should some of the world's richest people reap these benefits? Cutting the income taxes of the middle and low income groups is fine, but not those of the super rich.

Assuming that the budget surplus is on target, it should be used to shore up Social Security and Medicare, and reduce the huge federal debt.

How Tim Chang

Gun opponents seek total confiscation

The purpose of owning and maintaining guns is so that, sport shooting aside, one will never have to use them, but will survive if he or she does.

Owners of firearms have no trust or confidence that all gun-control proponents want to do is impose "reasonable restrictions" for the procurement and manufacture of firearms.

We know this is merely incrementalism toward the eventual goal of total confiscation of firearms. The fact that almost 20,000 current gun laws on the books have been poorly enforced is proof.

Bruce Wong

Freud was wrong about self-examination

According to your Aug. 7 Insight story, Dr. Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis directs people to look inward. But there is a problem with that.

As a believer, I know that I cannot see God if all I see is me. I need to look beyond myself to other people, to nature, to the universe.

Alvin Nakamura


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