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Friday, July 30, 1999


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THIS listing of new books about Hawaii or by Hawaii writers is published on the last Friday of each month.

Bullet "Kona Legends," Eliza D. Maguire, $7.95, 55 pages, Petroglyph Press Ltd. Paperback

A variety of simple Hawaiian legends translated by Maguire from the stories she was told by the "plain every day folks" of Kona on her father's ranch.

Bullet "The Life and Times of John Young: Confidant and Advisor to Kamehameha the Great," Emmett Cahill, $9.99, 192 pages, Island Heritage Publishing Paperback

John Young's life is displayed in an interesting and informative way, tracing his arrival to the islands, accomplishments as advisor to Kamehameha the Great, and his family life as a husband and father.

Bullet "Song of the Exile," Kiana Davenport, $24.95, 360 pages, The Ballantine Publishing Group Hardcover

Keo, a native Hawaiian jazz musician, falls in love with a fiercely independent beauty of Hawaiian and Korean descent. When the two are separated during World War II, Keo mounts a desperate campaign to find his lost love.

The book covers a variety of complex issues, covering the turbulent years of the war through Hawaii's controversial path to statehood, it examines racism and the toll that war takes on the human spirit.

Local Best Sellers


1. "Limu The Blue Turtle," Kimo Armitage, Island Heritage (4)
2. "Goodnight Gecko," Gil McBarnet, Ruwanga Trading (2)
3. "Baby Honu's Adventure," Tammy Yee, Island Heritage (6)
4. "ABCs of Hawaii," Sharon Asta and Jeanne Donovan, Island Heritage (9)
5. "Shapes of Aloha," Karen E. Socher, Island Heritage (3)
6. "Big Island Activity Book." Shirley Hasenyager, Bess Press
7. "Popoki the Hawaiian Cat," Diana C. Gleasner, Bill Gleasner Press
8. "Brave Little Turtle," Gil McBarnet, Ruwanga Trading
9. "The Three Little Puaa," Sherry Forkum, Island Heritage
10. "Iki, The Littlest Opihi," Tammy Yee, Island Heritage


1. "Discover Hawaii" series, (4 books): Katherine Orr, Island Heritage (1)
2. "Scenic Hawaii Series," Island Heritage staff, Island Heritage (3)
3. "Hawaiian Style Cooking," Rhonda Lizama, Kahaunani Kauai
4. "Viewbook Oahu Series," Douglas Peebles, Naturally Native (7)
5. "Hawaii the Big Island," Glen Grant, Mutual Publishing
6. "Capturing Series," Michael Stewart, David Boynton, Ray Mains and Doug Peebles, Mutual Publishing (6)
7. "From the Skies" series, Grant, Stevens, Cook, Mutual Publishing (2)
8. "Viewbook Kauai," Douglas Peebles, Naturally Native
9. (tie) "Hawaii Blossoms, Dorothy and Bob Hargreaves, Island Heritage
9. (tie)"50th Anniversary Maui Cookbook," various contributors, MAFCE (9)


1. "Obake Files," Glen Grant, Mutual Publishing (3)
2. "Oahu's Hidden History," William Dorrance, Mutual Publishing (6)
3. "Hawaiian Names English Names," Eileen Root, Press Pacifica
4. "Hawaii the Big Island Revealed," Andrew Doughty and Harriet Friedman, Wizard Publications (1)
5. "All About Hawaiian," Albert Schutz, University of Hawaii Press (7)
6. "Shoal of Time: A History of the Hawaiian Islands," Gavan Daws, University of Hawaii Press (8)
7. "Hawaii's Best Spooky Tales," series (3 books), Rick Carroll, Bess Press (4)
8. "Hawaiian Journey," Joseph Mullins, Mutual Publishing (2)
9. "Shore Fishes of Hawaii," John E. Randall, University of Hawaii Press
10. "Na Moolelo Hawaii o ka Wa Kahiko, Stories of Old Hawaii," Roy Alameida, Bess Press


1. "Myths and Legends of Hawaii," W.D. Westervelt, Mutual Publishing (4)
2. "Hawaiian Reader Vol. II," edited by A. Grove Day and Carl Stroven, Mutual Publishing
3. "Japanese Eyes ... American Heart," various, University of Hawaii Press
4. "Legends and Myths of Hawaii," David Kalakaua, Mutual Publishing
5. "Hawaii's Story," Lydia Liliuokalani, Mutual Publishing
6. "Kaiulani: Crown Princess of Hawaii," Nancy & Jean Francis Webb, Mutual Publishing
7. "Hawaiian Mythology," Martha Beckwith, University of Hawaii Press (6)
8. "Pacific Island Legends," Nancy Bo, Beret Strong & William Flood, Bess Press (1)
9. "The Betrayal of Liliuokalani," Helena G. Allen, Mutual Publishing
10. "Mark Twain in Hawaii," Mark Twain, Mutual Publishing


1. "Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Flowers," Leland Miyano and Douglas Peebles, Mutual Publishing (2)
2. "Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Birds," H. Douglas Pratt, Mutual Publishing (3)
3. "Handy Hawaiian Dictionary," compiled by Henry P. Judd, Mary Kawena Pukui and John F.G. Stokes, Mutual Publishing
4. "Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Underwater Paradise," John P. Hoover, Mutual Publishing (8)
5. "Hawaii's Fishes," John Hoover, Mutual Publishing (7)
6. "Things Hawaiian, A Pocket Guide to the Language," Al Schutz, Island Heritage
7. "Pocket Guide to Hawaii's Trees and Shrubs," H. Douglas Pratt, Mutual Publishing (6)
8. "Hawaii's Birds," Hawaii Audubon Society, Island Heritage (10)
9. "Ultimate Kauai Guidebook, 3rd Edition," A. Doughty and H. Friedman, Wizard Publications
10. "Let's Learn A Little Hawaiian," Ray Helbig, Hawaiian Service Inc. (9)

These are best-selling books in Hawaii during March 1999.
Figures are courtesy of the Hawaii Book Publishers Association and Booklines
distributors, and reflect sales by Hawaii-based publishers. A star denotes
a title has been on the market at least five years; a number in parenthesis
indicates a title's previous ranking.

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