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By June Watanabe

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

Traffic lights
considered at on-ramps

Question: Why doesn't the city put stoplights at certain freeway on-ramps, like they do in California? One example is when cars enter the freeway on the Lunalilo on-ramp, where there's also an off-ramp. Another example is the Punahou off- and on-ramp. I think traffic would flow easier.

Answer: It's the state that would decide such matters, and it turns out that the Department of Transportation is considering installing "ramp metering traffic control signals" at certain freeway entrances.

But, first, it plans to conduct a study on the feasibility of installing ramp meters on the H-1, H-2 and Moanalua freeways, said transportation spokeswoman Marilyn Kali.

The study would be part of the Akamai Highway Information program, which seeks "to increase the operational efficiency of our freeways," she said.

Kali also noted there are federal guidelines regarding freeway ramp controls, such as doing an engineering analysis of the physical and traffic conditions of the highway; determining freeway capacity and demand/capacity for each freeway section; and giving consideration to public acceptance and enforcement requirements of ramp controls, as well as alternate means of increasing the capacity, reducing the demand or improving the characteristics of the freeway.

Q: Why was the city Refuse Division allowed to post notices about automated trash pickup on mailboxes throughout the St. Louis neighborhood? I thought it was against federal law to attach anything to mailboxes. Our mailman had to take the notice off before putting in our mail.

A: The city contacted the U.S. Postal Service to ask about attaching notices to mailboxes and was told it was OK to do so, but only to the post, said postal spokeswoman Felice Broglio.

The city was told that nothing should be placed inside the box or hanging on the box itself, without postage, she said.

"We did find out there were some irregularities probably due to some miscommunication" with people posting the notices, she said. If there is no post, the notices were to be hung on doorknobs.

City refuse collection administrator David Shiraishi acknowledged that problems with posted notices occurred in "a couple of areas. We've reminded supervisors to be careful about that."

Generally, if mail carriers find materials on or in the mailbox without postage, they will take them to the station, where it will be assessed postage, Broglio said.


To whoever stole the 2-foot-by-3-foot marble memorial plaque from the grounds of St. Augustine Church in Waikiki. How low and disgraceful can you be? It was put there by the Knights of Columbus in memory of unborn children. Maybe you'll find it in your heart to return it. -- Joe Wuscher/Knights of Columbus


To the man who came to our restaurant June 6, blamed us for losing a reservation he never made, demanded a good table anyway, made sexist, disparaging remarks about the hostess after she was nice enough to accommodate him and left a lousy tip despite the excellent service he received -- all in front of his two guests, who looked embarrassed beyond words. Live aloha and learn some manners! Just because we are there to serve you doesn't mean you can treat us like dirt. Courtesy and respect should go both ways. -- Disgusted waiter

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