Kokua Line

Kokua Line

By June Watanabe

Saturday, January 30, 1999

Handling of Bankoh
Visa in Georgia
raises concern

I just received my Bank of Hawaii Visa statement. I understand that Bankoh now has a company in Georgia handling payments. My wife and I have one account, but were given separate account numbers, which they claim is to keep track of who's the spender. However, in our last statement, they did not show a total combined balance, but separated them. So when I paid what I thought was the total balance, I was credited with an over-payment but a balance showed on my wife's account. What is going on? I called the 1-800 number listed to get an answer, but no one called back.

The total combined balance should be shown at the top of your statement, said Bank of Hawaii spokeswoman Linda Chinn.

But, "we've heard enough feedback from customers," she said, to realize that that figure is not that easy to spot. "We're planning to revise the statements to make it easy to locate."

In your case, without more information, she said it's difficult to give an answer. Also, the 1-800 number listed on your statement is where to call for complaints or questions. "It's only as a last resort that anyone should have to call us (Bankoh)," she said.

Chinn said someone would look into why you did not get a response after calling that mainland number.


Why does St. Francis Hospital only provide an hour a day validated parking? At $2 an hour, this equated to approximately $12 a day for parking fees for our family when our mother was hospitalized to have her leg amputated. While they encourage family members to come, the hospital doesn't provide nearly enough parking validations, resulting in substantial parking costs over six months.

The hospital is re-evaluating parking validation policy, said Cynthia Okinaka, St. Francis Medical Center administrator.

"We recognize that parking can cause a hardship to families and we sometimes make special accommodations," she said. We understand that has since happened in your case.


No need for late paychecks

Regarding the person complaining about his paychecks arriving late from Atlanta (Kokua Line, Jan. 16): Ask your employer for direct deposit. I'm a bookkeeper for a small company. We had a problem getting paychecks from the West Coast to the East Coast. A couple of years ago, I urged my company to implement a direct deposit system for paychecks. Our employees couldn't be happier. It doesn't matter if the payroll slip with their tax withholding information is delayed because the money is already in their bank accounts.
-- Gwen Isherwood, transplanted Hawaii resident, San Francisco


Bus riders speak

Regarding the auwe about bus riders who sit on the aisle seat when the window seat is empty. That struck a nerve:

bullet I sit on the aisle seat so that women and people on long trips can sit by the window. Also, when it gets crowded, I like to stand up so I don't get coughed on. -- Senior Citizen

bullet I have arthritis and cannot sit next to the window because the air conditioning blows directly on my neck. Please make the bus warmer! -- No name

bullet We use the aisle seat because the window side has a terrific down draft and it's very cold. Use the word "excuse" and you'll have a seat. -- No name

bullet I sit on the aisle to avoid drafts. The window seat is still available. What is your real problem? -- J.D.

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