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Friday, January 1, 1999

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Reaching for
stars in ’99

At Stonehenge with Michelle
Pfeiffer, chartering the Concorde,
readers ambitious about
next new year



The countdown to year 2000 begins today. We are projecting into the future. It is the end of one era, the cusp of the new. Our multicultural society is saying adios to 1999, ohayo year 2000. We asked readers to tell us how they would spend the eve of Dec. 31, 1999 if money were no object, and wrinkles in reality made all possible.

Some would forsake their friends and family for a chance to mingle with celebrities. Others intend to cherish the spirit of giving. Here are some of your responses:

With movie stars

bullet Debora R. Black: "With David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson -- drinking champagne while listening to classical music and gazing down at the beautiful earth from the new space station.

bullet Daniel Hiraga, Honolulu: "I'd go and find Cameron Diaz and marry her! Then we would fly to Hawaii for our honeymoon!"

bullet Rico Leffanta, Waikiki: "Watching starlight reflect in Michelle Pfeiffer's eyes as we lay on the grass in the middle of Stonehenge sipping champagne."

bullet Yvonne K. Pascua, Pearl City: "I'd like to greet the year 2000 with the Backstreet Boys in New York watching the Ball drop. I'm their biggest fan. If this came true I'd be the happiest person alive."

With family

bullet Lillian Adams, Honolulu: "At a big party -- with all my family and friends -- knowing that, for once, there isn't any fighting going on anywhere in the world!"

bullet Anonymous: "Off Island!!! With pets who aren't happy about the fireworks. Me, too."

bullet Paul Bacon, Kailua: "Charter a Concorde jet, take my family and friends around the world, stopping at five major cities in time to catch New Years arrival in each location. Now that's a party!"

bullet Tracy Borges: "Renew my wedding vows to my husband in our church (St. Elizabeth) and have the reception we never had with our family and friends."

bullet Ellen Fong: "Fly all my family and friends to Hawaii and throw a HUGE, fabulous party at David Schutter's home in Kahala with the entertainment of Makaha Sons ... to start."

bullet John C. Ramos, Honolulu: "In great health, so my wife and I can enjoy our 33rd anniversary."

bullet Cherisse Villanueva, Honolulu: "I would like to be with my family celebrating the new millennium. I would love to pop more firecrackers than usual."

A place for us

bullet Mary Berdon, Aiea: "I'm on a hilltop ... the lights flicker dimly, almost dark (gasp!) then suddenly flow vividly! We beat the Y2K glitch! Allelujah! Our prayers were answered!" AND "I'm in my Sunday best, Dom Perignon in hand, laughing and singing -- at Bill Gates residence (I'm his special guest)."

bullet Kelly Goodick, Honolulu: "I'd be in Hamilton, New Zealand, running The Millennium Marathon. What a great way to experience the first sunrise of the next 1,000 years!"

bullet John Tell, Honolulu: "I'd like to greet the year 2000 with "first night" restored to statewide celebration at a variety of venues around town.

"Starbucks and MADD could still sponsor in co-operation with Lion Coffee, Hard Rock Cafe and sale of buttons to individuals ... and all come together to bring in FIRST DAWN."

bullet Freida Hulse, Honolulu: "I want to be 30 stories above Times Square. There used to be a restaurant called Nirvana there, and if it still exists, I want to be in Nirvana.

"If that's not possible, my second choice would be to have a view of Manhattan's fireworks from across the water in Brooklyn."

Some celebs say

bullet Emme Tomimbang: "I'm striving for G.U.T.S.: Give away, use, trade, or sell, the things I really don't need. My goal BY the millennium is to get rid of clutter and learn to keep things simple and have a more organized life. But I plan to ring in the millennium in Hawaii."

bullet Jimmy Borges: "Well, I'll be on Lanai performing at Koele Lodge where I can play golf. But during the millennium I plan to take my wife to Europe and spend at least a month and also spend three weeks in New York.

"I'll be 65 during the millennium so everything kicks in for me: my Medicare and pensions."

bullet Jim Nabors: (From his home in White Fish, Montana): "I'm going to be in my front yard at Diamond Head with a bunch of my closest friends who are flying in from all over. I can't think of a better place to be. As for goals, I'm going to work on my health because I've learned that you don't have anything without good health.

bullet Tom Moffatt: "I plan on putting on the greatest show ever in Hawaii but right now I don't know who or where or what except that it will be a very special New Year's Eve show."

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