Letters to the Editor
Tuesday, February 18, 1997

Give teachers
what they deserve

Governor must come up
with money for raises

I am concerned with the seemingly inevitable teachers' strike. While I support the teachers all the way, I am worried about things like seniors graduating in July or August, no real summer school for those who need or are planning for it, advanced placement testing for seniors and many other things dealing with our future.

The governor seems to be deaf about all this. He's basically saying, "I would if I could, but we'd have to do this and this . . . " Then do it, governor!

Isn't education important? The teachers know it is and are sacrificing a few weeks for the future of Hawaii's students.

Hawaii's students are Hawaii's future. Doesn't the governor know that?

Sophia Chang
9th Grade, McKinley High School
(Via the Internet)

Give raises to teachers
who deserve to get them

Commercials by the Hawaii State Teachers Association say that education should be a priority. Education is defined as the act or process of educating.

Does this mean that education is HSTA's top priority?

A strike would nullify the act or process of educating. It seems that the union's No.1 priority is money to increase teachers' salaries.

Since the state supposedly doesn't have enough money to give all teachers the pay raise they voted for, I suggest giving the requested pay raise only to those qualified as top educators. If we give these individuals the raise that they deserve, we can keep them.

Patrick Mew
(Via the Internet)

Cayetano must follow through
with his words

Benphonics: what Ben says. Benfactics: what Ben will do. Is education a top priority on Governor Ben's agenda, or is it just Benphonics?

The governor has stated that teachers should think of others and not of themselves. Teachers have consistently placed students before themselves. Teachers are told to consider the reality of the economy, but money is provided for other interests.

When it comes to education, the governor says that taxes must be raised to satisfy the teachers. This tactic pits the community against educators.

Governor Cayetano, do not disappoint the children, our future, the community whose members have paid highly for quality education, and the teachers who have given their all, time and time again. Please be the real education governor!

Sharolyn Lee-Huntoon

Teachers should get
more money and respect

I have had teachers who gave me a lot of self-confidence when I needed it, and the will to learn even when I was close to failing. The teachers shouldn't have to work more days and get only 4 percent raises.

That is so unfair. Teachers have to work long hours, and have to pay their bills just like everyone else. They don't deserve small pay checks.

They deserve more respect from everyone, including the governor.

Cheryl Nakamura
10th Grade, Castle High
(Via the Internet)

Governor is bluffing
with tax hike warning

So now the governor is claiming that the only way he can give teachers a raise is to hike taxes. What's next? Will he start blaming teachers for the latest crime wave or decline in tourism?

Maybe he can resurrect that catchy slogan from a recent ad campaign against shoplifting. Instead of "shoplifters," the governor can insert the word "teachers." Then his new battle cry could be: "Teachers take everybody's money!"

The truth is that the state's own fact-finding committee has documented that government has the money to give teachers the raise they deserve. How sad that our own leaders choose to play politics instead of leading us with integrity and genuine vision.

And what a tragedy that the innocent losers in this political game are Hawaii's own keiki.

Matt Nakamura

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